Saturday, January 16, 2010

Facebook is EVIL! *giggles*

Someone nominate Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim for Prime Minister! His amazing surpasses all in office dan kita perlukan seseorang seperti dia. Then again...

Check out what he said. Now excuse me as I purge McDonalds and the Coca Cola from my system as I throw out my Levis and other items from my wardrobe and everything else not made in Malaysia in a zombie-like state.

West equals evil... yeap... Rais knows his information and communication bits of his portfolio alright.

For those of you who engage in this ugly act of glorifying the West, feel free to add me up on my Facebook fan page and Twitter.

Muslims Must Avoid Being Totally Immersed In Facebook, Twitter - Dr Rais

SEREMBAN, Jan 16 (Bernama) -- Malaysians, especially Muslims, must avoid being totally immersed in the internet culture, especially Facebook and Twitter, said Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.

He added that facilities like internet cannot be accepted totally because it is a form of business introduced by the West and we are just users.

"We are not saying that they cannot use Facebook or Twitter but when using such facilities they must upkeep the values taught by Islam, Buddhism or Christianity to maintain our culture," he told reporters after opening a Seminar on the 1Malaysia concept here on Saturday.

He added that Malaysians who used internet services on social networking sites should be careful with what they see and hear.

"We must be strong in our believes and culture because the identity and image of our country depends on us. They are just selling Facebook, Twitter, L-Band and various other services, even through space, as a product but we do not do such business. We accept all this in a state of cultural shock," he said.

He chided some Malaysians who belittled those who were no savvy of the Facebook and Twitter culture.

"We should not be quick to condemn or look down on those who do not use Facebook. Newspapers are still relevant, so is Facebook, but do not be carried away with everything and disregard the old system," he said.

Rais also praised the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM) for its success in tracking down a student from the National Arts Culture and Heritage Academy for posting a public safety threatening comment on Facebook about the recent spate of attacks on churches while discussing the ongoing "Allah" controversy on the popular social networking website.

"Syabas to SKMM for its action in nailing those who used Facebook, Twitter and SMS for the wrong reasons. As a former analyze of the law in the country, I wish to advise the people that they cannot escape from the law for their actions," he said.

Speaking of 1Malaysia, Rais said the Information Department had also conducted a survey on the people's understanding of the 1Malaysia concept and found 62 per cent of Malaysians understood the 1Malaysia concept.

He added that the government would initiate more programmes featuring the 1Malaysia concept, especially for students.



come on?!! for real... ingat org malaysia ni bodoh sgt ke? next they'll b filtering the internet, ban everything non-malaysian

well you get what you vote for.. LOL!

why oh why do we have morons as ministers?? :D

again.. you get what you vote for. LOL!