Monday, January 11, 2010

Do you believe in magic?

Want to see a really cool magic trick?

What? You don't believe in magic? Jangan, dik oi... tak caya sangat?

Kalao nak tengok... follow my instructions below.

Pick one of the following cards. Don 't click on it; just keep it in your head.

scroll down when you have your card,

Think about your card for 20 seconds...
I will attempt to read your mind!

Scroll down after 20 Seconds

I have removed Your card!

Keep repeating the process if you think I can't do it more than once.



pretty simple yeah? LOL! shh! don't tell others who don't know. took me less than 30 seconds to figure out.

dah tau daa camne...

ahahaha... bagus! ramai yang bijak!

nk bukak kulit kuaci pon lebih susah uols! hahaha.

but still works la on people.

mula² i kagum gila...tapi bila i i know

mannira, memang benda ni stunning. kalao bebudak mesti oohhh ahhh tak henti.

i know this trick. tapi tetap seronok

haha..nice..set kad atas totally different ngan set bawah..sampai bile2 pon x jumpe..but nicely done!

ahahahaha.. pandai pandai. kan.. simple illusion yang memang wat orang terngangang.