Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Boo! Are you scared yet?

Spent the whole day aching away. Yes, kept to my regiment that I promised to stick to of half an hour workout - and even increased 'dosage' by ten minutes to a total of 40 minutes today (I can hear some of you laughing - 40 minutes workout.. big deal... right?)

But seriously, for someone so out of shape, this is hard, man!

I mean, masa da start tuh, semangat membara. The horrible part is TRYING to get started. Memacam alasan creeps into your head.

Still worked up a good sweat, which refreshed had me writing like nobody's business (exercise is good for getting the mind - and finger going), but had to put up with an aching body to do it. Damn! You just can't win 'em all. At least parts of my body which feel (and look) bruised and battered - appear to be developing... wait for it... MUSCLES! Matilah!!!

We'll see kalao ada result dalam sebulan dua ek. By then (if I'm still disciplined enough to follow the program I made for myself) mesti ada kesan da visually.

Anyway, malam tadi, ada meeting kat Tropicana City Mall for a meeting. Followed by a movie, a Nuffnang screening of Paranormal Activity.

Being a horror fan (which I'm sure you guys know that's me by now) I'd heard of the movie before. Never got around to downloading it, when it first made waves at Screamfest.

So anyway, I have to say - I was a teensy bit disappointed.

I mean it's not too bad. It takes the devices of a good horror (think dead silence, before loud BOOM!; subtle images like a swinging chandelier; moving shadows) and fuses it with the independent style of moviemaking in the handheld cam approach (think Blair With, Cloverfield, Quarantine etc) to present the story. This of course throws a veil over what would otherwise have been an amateurish attempt.

Still... almost 11 years after The Blair Witch Project, this doesn't break any new ground. Not deserving of the 'scariest movie ever' touted to be. To the general audience perhaps this may still be interesting. Maybe I've been exposed to too many horror films that it was just a so-so affair for me. Plus, watching a movie about things that go bump in the night is hardly scary, when it's someone like me who hears tapping on walls, knocking on windows, and hears and sense strange things everywhere I go (that has a 'presence').

But trust me, despite whatever reservation you may have pasal nak tengok movie ni - ignore it and watch it, because trust me, as simple as this movie is - you will GET SCARED SHITLESS.

A nice popcorn movie for sure and worth paying to watch. In fact, this is one of those movies you will tell your friends about, bring them along the next time after you've watched it - just to feel superior as they sit next to you and scream. Matilah...

Storyline? Simple - chick has demons following her. Live-in boyfriend has a camera who follows them. Didn't get that? Nevermind. Let me just say - it will make sense after you watch it - I love the ending. Some characters are so damn annoying they get what's coming to them.

And for people who say horror movies have no moral of the story - this one does. Don't live together out of wedlock - cause you may end up with some strange demonic force wrecking your lives. Or something like that...


Busy day tomorrow... will update more. Need beauty sleep now. Or more accurately - time to hibernate!



saw it on DVD and after the first 20 minutes, we started hitting the forward button bila time siang. bosan dan tawar. but the nights, wooh.

ending memang mengerikan dan sungguh impactful. dulu for the longest time aku freaked out pasal lepas aku tengok the Exorcism of Emily Rose baru aku terperasaan tetiap malam aku mesti terjaga around 3am.

Ni aku ingat aku dah pulih, tapi now I wake up to weird sounds outside my window lah, bunyi macam plastic bags rustling lah hape la. damn you paranormal activity.

ahahaha... aku biasa je. takyah tengok pilem pon salu diganggu. sampai da bukan gangguan agik da.ahahaha