Saturday, January 09, 2010

And here it comes

It's been a little hectic with all the drama, plus my lack of sleep sebab running about. Bayangkan smalam tak tidur pas berinai ngan kak Vee, had to go to the masjid by 8am. Tak tido dowh!

On top of that, abih tuh, gegas to the office because of the chaos in the stupid church burning! Still pissed about idiots being that dumb to do stuff like that.

For those yang tunggu pics akad nikah Nor Aliah Lee, or otherwise known as Vee, and her handsome hubby, Zekri.. ni pics nya. Sorry it took so long... plus aku cuba nak letak high quality pics sikit kali nih... nak try for 2010 banyakkan pics lebih cantik.

Bila da cantik kena watermark lebih cantik gak kan... so here it is..

Tengah update entry nih, dapat lagik berita one more church was firebombed late last night or early this morning.

The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Petaling Jaya has become the latest victim.

Where is the justice?

Our Prime Minister says they will hand out RM500,000 to help rebuil the Metro Tabernacle which was the hardest hit.

While appreciative - they seem to be missing the point. It's not about the building.

It's about the harmony, the trust and the mutual respect of all in the country. That has been robbed from a lot of us, along with our sense of security.

Everyone, regardless of your religion (unless you're atheist), please do pray for our country. At this moment, prayers are the only thing that can help us.



hi there!
aliah is so cantik!mcm anak dara! a Muslim and a Malaysian,I am disappointed with those stupid ppl yg absolutely don't go bombing other ppl's places!
tak tau if ada kena-mengena dgn current issue tu kan..if it is related..i think this will make other ppl pandang rendah org Islam!!!!
bodoh piang!
saya malu kalau ini ada melibatkan org Islam.
minta maaf ya.Islam adalah agama yg baik.
penganutnya yg buat Islam nampak tak baik.

saya malu dan kesal.
tak kira sapa yg buat pun,anda sume tak layak duduk Malaysia.
Malaysia memerlukan org yg mudah bertoleransi dan kind-hearted.

islam is beautiful. and i thank arwah yasmin ahmad for being one of the people to open my eyes more to that.

it's never the fault of the religion itself...

apapon... yes, tolerancy is important. we are one.