Sunday, January 31, 2010


Baru balik dari layan Konsert Roket. Bukan perhimpunan orang ramai DAP tau. Itu Konsert Roket... konsert Hafiz, Aril dan Akim tuh.

The place belongs to Tiara and had a nice ambience. Tapi konsep malam ni konsert stage atas air gituh.

Isma dan Yazid pon perform, wat opening, tapi aku tak sempat snappy sangat. Anyway ni some pics.

The lesson here is - lain kali kalao malas camna pon, bawak la beg - especially since da tau banyak benda nak bawak (wallet, keys to house and car, rokok, lighter, Nokia N95 8MB, Motorola Rokr E8 and Blackberry 9700 - tuh dia penuh senarai!)

Akibat malas tak bawak digital camera. So snappy je la ngan Onyx aku nih.

Kanak-kanak Ribena lepas show.
Ok lak pic ni - walaopon aku mintak pose gila tetap maintain Apiz nih
Tuh dia... rambut Aril matching baju Apiz. Sampai terkejut kot awok...
Pose manja katanya...
Tu je la sempat aku update ni. Aku nak sambung abih keja. Layan some 90s R&B grooves while looking through some articles I'm sending in as well as habihkan paperwork sikit. Nama jerk cuti... hado?

For those of you yang cuti, letih bawak kavadi ke, nak Hari Wilayah ke... have fun!

PS - This is a bit of new from Bernama. To Rocky - ko da Datuk skang, boss! Jangan kata aku carot ko tua kalao mulai skang aku panggey ko Latuk Locky. Matilah aku!

Six Media Practitioners Conferred Federal Territory Awards

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 1 (Bernama) -- Six media practitioners are among the 240 people bestowed Federal Territory awards and medals in conjunction with Federal Territory Day Sunday.

Director-General of Broadcasting Datuk Ibrahim Yahaya has been conferred the Panglima Mahkota Wilayah (PMW) award which carries the title "Datuk".

Also conferred the PMW award are The Malay Mail Editor-in-Chief Ahirudin Attan, better known as "Rocky", and Harian Metro Group Editor Mustapa Omar.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief (General News Service) of the Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) Zulkefli Salleh and Media Prime Group Managing Editor Shaharudin Abd Latif have been conferred the Johan Mangku Wilayah (JMW) award.

Sistem Televisyen Malaysia Berhad (TV3) Group Editor Mohd Ashraf Abdullah has been bestowed the Kesatria Mahkota Wilayah (KMW) award.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fame 2009

I remember watching Fame when I was in primary school. The TV series that had Debbie Allen in it (one of the best choreographers for me), a certain Janet Jackson (masa tuh hado famous katanya) and Nia Peeples (who didn't make it that big but had a decent album or two).

Then backtracked and watched the movie.

Can't remember much but two very powerful songs from it - Out Here On My Own, and of course the theme song, Fame. Both done spectacularly by Miss Irene Cara who was also in the movie version - and shortly was to deliver another killer song from another soundtrack in Flashdance.. What A Feeling).

So anyways, Was Googling for some latest releases, and saw that the remake of Fame has been released here. Low-key gila. Takde publicity gituh kat sini. Hanjeng! Seb baik aku terperasan.

So ari nih, planning nak take some time out on my own (da lama tak wat nih - biasa gi movie sorang, then treat myself to buying something and a makan... almost a date without any complaints or heartache). Decided I would take in Fame.

What can I say about this version?

Well, the basic premise of the movie, outlining the Auditions, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior Years and Graduation remains the same as far as I remember.

And there's the theme song thrown in somewhere, and Out Here On My Own.

Apart from that, nothing much is the same.

Probably I'm just nostalgic for the original, but this version was presented in a stylized MTV flashy presentation, which was nice and provided some exciting scenes, but robbed Fame of the soul the original had.

The storyline was there, but underdeveloped, as were the characters.

Speaking of which, casting was horrible - with only Naturi Naughton standing out as Denise Dupree - which even that, she didn't do as good as she should have, probably due to the lame script.

Her version of Out Here On My Own on the piano like Irene Cara, was a reflection of the movie overall. Powerful, and yet soulless and lacking any real depth despite it's amazing visual presentation. More style than substance in other words.

But for those who never saw the original Fame, give it a try. Seriously... it perhaps might (and I say might knowing some people won't get it) offer you a perspective into the performing arts.

Dance, music, acting... I wish our artistes could realize that pride in their craft was important. If this was done locally, I don't know how many of our stars could have performed well enough. Maybe two or three names pop to mind, but that's it.

In other words, artis kita, ramai yang berbakat - tapi ada yang tong kosong jerk... cuba isi ngan ilmu dari feeling kuat lebih jerk. Heh... matilah.... but honestly, I wish more of our talents here realized just how much they have to equip themselves with instead of selling themselves into the slavery of commercialization with their cukup-makan abilities.

Now listening to the original soundtrack (I have the re-released version on CD) for inspiration. Nak abihkan keja sikit.

Everyday is a brand new start, and tomorrow, I have some things I have to begin. More projects need to be completed, so time for me to get my nose on the grindstone again. Been slacking off for the past couple of weeks. Time to whip my ass back into action.

PS - Loving the new cover I bought for my Blackberry.

PPS - Layan the original version and new version of Out Here On My Own and Fame.

PPPS - I loved the ending of Hold Your Dream in the new version, but the original I Sing The Body Electric (which was copied pretty much and enhanced in terms of visuals) was so much more awesome and inspiring. I think the 2009 version was made by some spectacular people - who lacked heart and soul.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Tadik gi Finas jap ada event. Pegi pon lambat, balik pun cepat.

But since it wasn't really on duty, tak kisah sangat ler. The thing is I feel so out of place when you have this whole corporate-esque culture about.

Bukan per... aku da memang dari dulu camnih. I hate the whole formality of any situation, and I think when people stop being, anal, stuffed shirts, that's when creativity actually flows.

But then again, that's just me.

Sempat nak jumpa Vanidah and Rashidi before they went back masa kita baru sampai. Sempat la pot pet sikit, jer.

Sambil tuh - amik pic meka, test power dalam low lighting condition, pakai Blackberry and Nokia. 3.8MP versus 5MP.

The Blackberry 9700 - 3.8MP

Nokia N95 (8MB) - 5 MP
I don't know itf it's a fair fight since my Nokia's lens is pretty scratched.. but hey, it's just just a personal test for me to see which I rely more on when I don't bring my digital cam.

Thanks to Ahmad Syazli Shahe'izy (hamik ko nama penoh!) for playing host to us - katanya... walaopon! Heh.. kira bangga gak aku ada blog reader kat Finas ni. Cuma aku pon tak paham kekadang kenapa orang kata minat baca and all... but still, thanks la guys for following.

It's enough I get a chance nak meroyan seseorang kat blog. To record my thoughts and my crap is a pleasure enough in unleashing, but to have people actually read it? Erm.. interesting. Hah!

Ok la... aku malas post pepanjang. Esok je...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kris Allen and the iPad

So random.. takde kena mengena langsung bab Kris Allen and the iPad.

Anyway, forget any association between the two cause memang entry ni takde draw relation pe pon antara dua. Anyway, when I posted Kris Allen is coming to Malaysia - ramai sexcited abih!

You heard it here first!

Yeap.. so here's the confirmation and details I have been able to obtain so far.

Fans of Kris Allen will notice his schedule down in South East Asia includes Manila on 5 and 6 February, and Singapore on 10 February.

Well, I said this coming Monday right? I was wrong.

Kris Allen will be in Kuala Lumpur for a meet and greet with fans, and possible a showcase on Monday, alright. But on 8 February.

The location is being determined at the moment, and the stopover in Kuala Lumpur is to plug the ongoing American Idol season as well as to promote his self-titled album.

I will inform you guys of developments as they come in as soon as I get any information on actual location and time. So wait for it.

Until then, book 10hb akan datang nih.

Meanwhile, I've been noticing everyone's been blogging the new iPad. Which is basically an oversized iPhone that doesn't make calls. Blah! Though I wouldn't mind one.

The iPad is not a new idea. In fact, it's been out several years. Don't believe me? This is the ORIGINAL iPad which came out about five or six years ago. And it was targeted at women.

See what I mean?

And after the iPad - what else can you expect? Well there's the iRack. Let's bet on Apple coming up with that as well as the iRan as well. Like below which also came out years ago.

Ok so maybe not. But I hope those videos made your day.

PS - Aku malas nak upload da video dari show Nidji. Masih belajar edit video lebih cantik ngan Mac ni makan masa. Lain kali je la aku rajinkan diri. Until then korang layan la clips dari dak forummer Cari ni ek. Kredit pada (matilah!!!) Ashna.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Poetry in motion

Hari ni memang seronok gila! Walaopon start awal.. tapi got to catch up with friends sambil bekerja.

The day started early sebab sudahpu janji untuk photography and interview session bersama Dayang Nurfaizah dan Marcell. Dah lama gak tak jumpa Marcell ni so it was also a reintroduction to him. Ye la... lain la kalao band Indo aku memang more friendlier.

But once the photography got underway, it was fun all the way.

Celah sesi photography kat Alibi, ada lak kucing ni dok posing merata. Alahai.. comeinya! Nama dia Adam. Aku nak amik pic dia with the hood over his head, sebab baju dia tuh ada hoodie, tapi dia nih energetic gila tak leh dok diam.. so nih jer sempat snap.

Anyway, sat down pastuh abihkan interview. Tujuan sesi nih about Dayang and Marcell nya collaboration bertajuk Sayang - which most of you would have heard (kalao bukan dengar radio yang asik dok promosi Kau Dan Aku tapi susah nak main lagu artis lain).

I love the song! If you guys dengar bebetul, there's almost (but not quite) what sounds like a sample of Michael Jackson's Human Nature ala ala SWV's Right Here. Me likey... smooth 90s groove-esque tanpa actually being left back in time.

Yang pentingnya... borak borak semua, went on to Blackberry lak sebab Marcell nak email aku lagu terbaru dia nak bagi dengar. Terus menjadi antara orang pertama masuk Blackberry Messenger list aku.

Banyak gak dapat borak - tapi sebab immediately pastuh ada one more event, wrapped things up and headed to KL from Damansara where I was. Headed straight to Dragonfly - the old Orange club for Nidji nya pelancaran album, Let's Play. Kalao korang ingat last aku jumpa Nidji masa ke Bali for Soundrenaline where they performed an AWESOME set.

Ni some pics masa press conference.

Pas abih bebudak went through a quick sound check. Meka ni pro gila. Lajus je speed through everything and rectified what they had to.

Pas abih.. gerak gi makan. Sebab a few hours later baru meka akan perform bersama Aizat, 6ixth Sense dan beberapa artis Universal Music yang baru.

Memula ingat nak ke Pavilion melantak. Tapi atas invitation kengkawan Universal, ikut ler bebudak Nidji and their management nak gi makan.


Atas pilihan bebudak Nidji sendiri - nasi ayam Hainan kat Jalan Bukit Bintang tuh. Merasalah meka datang KL kena merasa nasi ayam tuh sebab takde katanya yang camni kat Jakarta.

Tuh dia si Giring dalam letih sempat tuh makan banyak. Pas kita abih, we moved back to the venue to have a drink (ngan some friends and then terserempak ngan Nabila and friend - which kalao korang ada follow Twitter aku nampak la pic) while bebudak Nidji balik hotel jap berehat and freshen up.

A couple of hours later, it was showtime. A few artistes kicked off the line-up of the night. Finally the big names came out. Beginning with 6ixth Sense.. and then Aizat. I think they did three songs each kalao tak silap aku.

And then it was on to the main show. The boys performed six or seven songs in total. Maybe more. I lost count sebab aku dok sibuk headbanging. Suka suka suka!!!! Forget all the other songs (including all time fave Laskar Pelangi). Aku tunggu Sang Mantan je. Fell in love with it masa meka perform it kat Soundrenaline. Memang enjoy gila.

Ended the night, said goodnight to the boys. Sempat tambah contacts list aku kat Blackberry (matilah addict sungguh aku nih).

Pastuh gerak nak gi jumpa kawan-kawan. Banyak gak gosip dapat.

By the way, kalao korang interested to know, Kris Allen - the American Idol will be in town this coming Monday! Woohoo! Yeay yeay! I like him, so definitely will be there. This, I believe is the first announcement of his coming here (almost sure.. but I could be wrong), so whatever it is, nanti aku confirm dates and such ASAP when I get more info.

Now, I just need to call it a night. Esok banyak article nak wat. Work piling up... not a good thing.

Oh by the way, sapa peminat Nidji (sapa bukan kena give them a try), aku akan upload several videos of their performance. Must see!

Until then.. night all.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am connected!

Hari ni tak la sibuk sangat. Tapi still tak larat nak update. Motif? Senang saja.

I've been busy - getting connected to the world!

Matilah propah beriya katanya.

Sebenarnya camni. Aku ni jenis resist changes sometimes. Like when it came to Facebook. Aku mengalah and joined only because I was forced on it by my sister. Skang aku lak lebih lebih online sampai nak bukak fan page tuk pembaca blog ni bagai. Matilah sehari pon tak berlalu di mana I don't log on to my Facebook (merasalah ada menteri kata orang cam aku ni hanyut dengan ciptaan Amerika).

Then there was Twitter. Again, I resisted the best I could. Still.. I crossed over to the dark side. I'm one of the weak ones that minister was talking about. Matilah...

And today, I armed myself more with creations of evil! I am now connected to the world! Shock! Horror!

Kalao dulu aku da tolak Maxis broadband aku yang hado. Skang aku dapat satu agik broadband. Dapat pree setahun agik! Thank you P1 for my W1GGY!

Er.. getting W1GGY with it? Bad word play...
I got it over the weekend tapi tak dapat test sebab takleh pakai on Mac - which is the laptop of choice for travelling with me. Laptop PC dok umah je skang.

Tapi skang, with this, I may be one of those weirdos lugging about both laptops. Er... kalao tak I'll get one of those ultra small laptops. Aduh...

And to cap off being connected insanely for 24 hours round the clock gituh... I have now succumbed to - the Blackberry!

And not just any Blackberry. The sleeker, more awesome, recently launched Blackberry 9700 @ Bold 2 @ Onyx. Merasalah. Aku on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger dan sebagainya 24/7! Matilah aku pasnih tak tidur. Ni pon nak install memacam sampai tengah malam ni melayan!

If that's not enough, since this phone is dedicated for my work matters, layan Blackberry Messenger ngan kengkawan. Ashraf Sinclair antara first person mintak BBM PIN aku. Heh.. mampuih aku melayan chat je pasnih memandangkan free jerk. So kengkawan dalam media, artis, pengurus, PR dan sebagainya yang pakai Blackberry - apa tunggu - mesej kan aku your PIN so we can connect.

Yang bestnya data plan semua office yangs settle kan plus a huge subsidised voice call and SMS billing. Aku suka! Tepuk tangan sambil menari Jingli Nona sat.

So pasnih, rancak la lagik aku dapat blog ketika kerja. Merasalah.

This is a good time for you guys to add me on Twitter and on punya Facebook fan page. The links are at the top

Monday, January 25, 2010


Phew! Back home, had dinner, rested and now nak tidur dah. Seriously tired.

Mana taknya. Slept like five hours in over two days. Thanks to the erm... room I had in Merdeka Palace. Gorgeous. Tapi dok sorang dalam bilik besar gedabak... dan ada 'tamu' lain nih.. memang wajib kena kaco. Tension sikit... tapi takde benda. Just takleh tido.

Nak tido je... mesti ada gangguan.

But still, it's been great in Kuching. Thanks to all my lovely friends who read my blog in Kuching, and generally in Sarawak. met so many of you tak ingat semua nama. But you guys mke me feel so appreciated. Seriously...

And then yang pentingnya dalam nak wat Project Alpha punya rakaman, the team from Kyanite has been great. Walaopon kekadang tension aku nak wat dua keja skali, tapi ok la... seronok. It was a fun experience.

Aku tak banyak amik pics masa kat Kuching. But ni a few I want to share of memories over three days there.

Yang ni masa kat airport tadik nak balik. Aku masuk one counter, and si Aishah masuk another. Yang pentingnya Aishah cam lama gila kena tahan kat counter dia. Aku ingat apa la mamat th dok main kat PC dia.

So I moved in for a closer look.. and this is what I saw.

Amik ko! Patutla dia irritable semacam je. Tengok screen PC dia bebetol. Rupanya dok sibuk main solitaire mamat Immigration nih. Kelas government service. Sempat tuh berhibur.. ok la tuh.

And then there were several shops in Kuching which caught my eye.

There was one tak sempat amik. Nama kedai dia, Go Fun Kee Klang Bah Kut Teh. Bangga aku kampung aku punya nama merata sebab bah kut teh. Kira memang Klang bah kut teh ni memang famous gila. Bab tuh aku tak heran... tapi nama konsep go funky tuh yang aku suka sangat.

Oh and to my Sarawakian friends who wished they had Ikea in Kuching, takpe... ni ada the next best thing. E-kea!

Or how about this Kuching equivalent of Fitness First. Not quite the same as our Klang Valley one kan (or for that matter, anywhere).

Yang pentingnya, walaopon sibuk beberapa hari kat Kuching, sempat nih.. beli my obsession - kek lapis!

If that wasn't enough, drop by Satok last call sebelom nak check out. Aishah wanted to get ikan terubuk masin. Aku tak minat sangat sebab don't like fishies with too many bones.
Orang tua aku pon tak minat sangat so tak beli.

Tuh dia... orang tua aku pesan beli nih... telur ikan terubuk. Not knowing much about food, aku pelik gak. Rupa ikan terubuk camni ke? Aiyo... baru nak tau. Ok la.. beli 250 gram baru RM50. Mahal.. tapi quite cheap considering lebih mahal sini and not erm.. fresh.

The food mystery continued when I saw this. Rupanya jellyfish. Er.. they don't look too appetizing to me. But I guess it's that kind of thing yang depend on taste.

Me? Gimme meat - real meat anyday. Matilah carnivorous!

Tomorrow back to work. For now, I seriously need to catch up on sleep - and last week's episodes of American Idol and Project Runway.

The whole week packed. Rabu paling teruk (esok dapat phone baru.. nanti aku blog kan). But Wednesday ada interview and photography with Dayang Nurfaizah and Marcell, and then petang ada interview ngan Nidji (love those boys... meka memang happy go lucky) before their showcase with Aizat and 6ixth Sense belah malam.

Ok... night guys.

PS - Thanks Noni for this pic of us camwhoring masa kat Merdeka Palace. Hope we get to meet again. And to sesapa kengkawan yang sempat camwhore ngan aku - jangan lupa passing pics ek! Love you guys and gals.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Baru bancuh kopi and layan TV jap in my junior suite ke haper (janji besar) punya bilik kat Merdeka Palace in Kuching.


But can't sleep. Nak keluar lak rasanya, tapi tatau nak ke mana. So dok online je la.

Tadik got in on the last flight from Kuala Lumpur. Left Jojo at KL sebab dia tak ikut sekali, so along with six members of the Project Alpha camera crew. And of course ngan Aishah yag baru tunang just a few hours ago. Kesian dia, terpaksa nak join skali ke audition Akademi Fantasia kat Sarawak nih. Memang dedicated bab keja.

Had the Project Alpha cameras following me everywhere. Ok, now I know while the concept of reality shows appeal to me, and I have no fear of someone shoving a camera in your face every two seconds, it can get pretty disparaging after a while. Heh... but it's still fun.

Ni nak share something.

Was on a nice flight (MAS ye... bukan Air Asia). But sentap... I mean.. just my luck! Aku baru nak dok seat aku je.. this sight greeted me.

Amik ko. My seat was the window seat. Tapi tetiba yang tengah nya seat had its tray down with an A4 paper stuck to it that read BLOCKED!

Turns out someone puked on that seat in the last flight!


Pastu since the flight tak ramai orang, took the seat belakang tu selang dua tiga kerusi. Baru nak dok, perasan nih lak.

Ok.. enquiring minds want to know. Did someone pee on this seat? Period? Drool? Yucks!

Come on, people! Stop oozing, spewing and throwing your juices everywhere! Gross gila. Babs sangat. Seb baik kapalterbang tak penoh dapat gak aku seat yang 'selamat'.

Eh.. ok la. Nak layan kopi, rokok, this documentary.. pastuh nak tido. See you guys at Merdeka Palace tomorrow!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Buat kaum Hawa

What has the topic of the entry got to do with anything?

Sebelum apa-apa, aku nak wat entry ni sepenuhnya dalam Bahasa Malaysia. Kenapa? Kerana aku nak keseluruhan kaum Hawa yang membaca blog aku PLEASE read this sampai habis.

Ini untuk korang. Khas buat korang.

So tolonglah.. baca ni sampai habis. Beberapa minit saja dapat mengubah hidup anda.

So kepada makcik-makcik, kakak-kakak, adik-adik... tolong ek baca.

Sebelum ni aku ada sebut pasal kempen Power Over Cervical Cancer (POCC).

Kenapa korang patut amik tau?

Kerana pengetahuan tentang kanser serviks atau barah pangkal rahim dan cara untuk mencegahnya adalah HAK setiap wanita untuk mempersediakan dan melengkapi diri untuk menghadapi ancaman yang jarang diperbincangkan.

Barah serviks adalah barah kedua yang PALING bahaya.

Dianggarkan 500,000 kes barah serviks dilaporkan setiap tahun dengan lebih 80 peratus daripadanya berlaku di negara membangun.

Di seluruh dunia, lebih daripada 270,000 kematian berlaku setiap tahun akibat barah serviks.

Setiap dua minit, seorang wanita meninggal dunia akibat barah serviks.

Lebih 1,500 wanita di Malaysia disahkan menghidap kanser rahim setiap tahun dan kira-kira dua daripada empat hingga lima wanita mati akibatnya setiap hari.

Jadi apakah yang perlu dilakukan?

Pertamanya. Kesedaran.

Keduanya, pengetahuan.

Ramai malu nak berbincang secara terbuka, terutamanya bila ada kena mengena hal berkaitan 'yang sulit'. Terutamanya dalam masyarakat kita. Sakit 'puan' ni cam taboo sangat nak sebut.

Kanser pangkal rahim boleh dicegah. Tapi anda harus perlengkapkan diri anda dengan pengetahuan, dan kemudiannya bertindak untuk melindungi diri sendiri daripada kanser serviks.

Selamatkan nyawa anda bermula dengan langkah senang ini.

Amik ujian risiko DISINI.

Kempen POCC dilancarkan pada 16 Julai, 2009 lalu untuk menibulkan kesedaran mebgenai barah rahim dan mengajar mengenai kepentingan melindungi diri dengan vaksinasi dan imbasan biasa.

Jadi tunggu apa lagi... tolongla. Bantu diri anda sendiri hanya dengan lakukan ujian risiko mudah ini. Mintalah semua kenalan kaum Hawa, kaum keluarga dan sesiapa saja yang anda kenal untuk jalani ujian ini. Hanya beberapa minit, bukan saja anda dapat membantu diri anda sendiri. Untuk setiap borang ujian mudah yang dilengkapkan, RM1 kan didermakan kepada Persatuan Kanser Kebangsaan Malaysia (NCSM).

So please, please take the test now. For yourself.

Kalao anda tahan baca sampai tahap ni, aku berterima kasih sangat lah. It means so much to me.

Petang tadi, masa pengumuman rakan blog kepada kempen POCC, aku bangga sangat menjadi salah satu wakil. I am so proud to help try bring this cause to all the lovely ladies who read this blog.

So, let's make this a success. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, or through your own blog, start talking about this, so we can raise awareness for all women out there.

Fuh! Lega dapat abih merapu. Pada sapa yang minat.. ni ada pics sikit dari acara petang tadi.

And remember, amik ujian risiko disini ye dengan hanya - TEKAN SINI - atau layari laman Power Over Cervical Cancer untuk lebih info.

Siap ada sesi make-up percuma time acara petang tadi
Rina Omar jadi host tuk the event
Penyampaian cek kepada NCSM untuk jumlah mereka yang sudah mengambil ujian risiko setakat ini.
Perkenalan duta blog kempen POCC - amik ko! Tema pink!
Pinning the POCC badge
With all the beautiful people, duta-duta POCC.

The blog reps. Niki, Serena, Joyce dan aku.
Cam iklan lain lak. Abaikan moka ting tong dan tolong paham mesej aku nak sampaikan

Friday, January 22, 2010

Going loco

Just got back. Letih sangat.

One meeting, and two press conferences, and the horrible jam thanks to the typical Friday traffic and rain, which as usual kalao keadaan camtuh jerk apa lagik.. havoc la. Chaotic as usual. Ngantuk sangat bak keta tadik.

The first press conference for the day... pengumuman Konsert Satu Suara - Aizat dan Faizal Tahir yang menampilkan Datuk Siti Nurhaliza. Organized by Siti Nurhaliza Productions (SNP) kat Istana Budaya.

Tiet da mula dijual, so apa agik. Sebab tiga malam jerk, I think you guys better get cracking on buying them sebelom habis.

To buy online, and check seating for the concert, CLICK HERE. It's going to be historic for sure. First time bebetol rock invades Istana Budaya. About bloody time to, if you ask me. Pasni Amy Search lak... so the floodgates will hopefully be opened soon.

As masa hari tuh ketika press conference Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian - topic hari ni gak pasal benda yang di amik pic dok tinggi nun diatas bumbung kat stadium ketika Anugerah Juara Lagu.

But one thing for sure - NO ONE thinks it's the dancers anymore. Heh.. not even Faizal himself.

Aku tanak komen pe pe. Pasti ada 'kemunculan' lagik lain kali.. so sapa tak caya tengok sendiri la kang.

Meanwhile, here are the pics from just now. Seperti biasa... all pics belong to me, so jangan nak pepandai amik letak memana blog, forum, website ke haper tanpa izin aku. And if you do want to use it, use it as it is, jangan pepandai nak cilok buang watermark aku. Make sure you CREDIT and LINK as well.

Tokei funfair kali ni - the woman behind the show
Faizal going loco with his tongkat
No pictures - feeling getting papped!
Which way is up?
Macam pengacara Tekaria da (retro sangat mic tuh)
Boss woman - Siti
This must be what they mean by picture within a picture
The producer la nih kiranya

The talents

Thank you for coming
Set to rock Istana Budaya

Nak get to packing. Going to Sarawak tomorrow. Dah lama tak gi ke Kuching.. so it's going to be fun.

Ingat, sapa kengkawan pembaca blog yang akan berada di sana tuk ujibakat, I'll see you guys on Sunday!