Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tea time

Having meeting at the moment. A little upset because pagik tadik bangun lambat. Terjaga 7.30am which was both good and bad. Good cause my body is responding to the reprogramming of my test run of my New Year resolution for a healthier lifestyle. Bad sebab mengantuk since I slept at 4.30am after getting back late from watching Avatar.

Didn't get to really work out today. Just a quick 10 minute session. Esok kena cover la nih. Aduh.

But at least since I went back to sleep after I woke up so early and had several hours more to doze off, I feel fresh, and not half dead.. even though my whole body is still aching from the punishing exercises of the last two days.

Finishing meeting in a while. Seb baik suggested to have the meeting in the Hailam Kopitiam with the whole desk. So there are 13 of us, huddled up with our drinks and smokes.

In my quest for healthier lifestyle, no snacking on my side, and layan tea je nak cleanse my system. Ye lah....

Ni nak gi beli barang sat... possibly last minute shopping for Christmas. Kalao tak, besok je la last minute bebetul rush.

Going off after that to preview Duhai Si Pari Pari. Will update soon.