Saturday, December 05, 2009

Skrin ke Scream???

So back to Anugerah Skrin semalam. Didn't like the awards going the wrong way (for me) in the films category, but I thought the TV categories were alright.

Tapi sebenarnya skema la results. Korang tiap tahun tengok, apa pon anugerah kat Malaysia ni, ko tengok first few results, dah leh judge da mentality juri yang mengadili.

It's never by the quality individual - if ever. Most of the time these simple rules exist - otai ni ada dalam movie ni ke tak (kalao ada - sapu!), or ada tak filem ni terapkan this nationalistic approach to culture etc (kalao ada - sapu!)

I don't care what people say - but films are works of art, and should never be fully judged based on such criteria. Technicality in execution and reach in delivery of the embodied message should. A good story is one that cuts across all the barriers and is universally significant without exclusivity in pride. In other words - just cause a film was made by so and so about so and so, patut kah menang? Whatever...

These films disappear in the ANALS of history (yeap, I meant it that way) never to be remembered even the following year.

But away from the results, aku nak puji sikit. Jarang kan aku nak puji. Aku suka set, dan production values of Anugerah Skrin this time around. Walaopon...

Initially when they had the Arabian Nights theme, I puked. Geli siot. Harus tacky gila.

But TV3 did well in the sets and all, and I commend them for that.

Tapi artis-artis kita.. ya ampon! Baju cam lahar sangat semua.

It was like the bargain bin of Gulatis and Nagoya exploded on everyone present and the cheapest fabrics were draped around them. That and a run for any costume shop carrying anything remotely 'Arabic'.

All I have to say is, a lot of our artists contributed to the BASTARDIZATION of the Arab fashion. Salah sangat ok most of them.

The highlight if you must, was Rozita Che Wan. This is the embodiment of everything so salah. Blue contact lenses, three inches of make up, endless fabric of the yuckiest yellow with kelepet sana sini tetiba terbelah kain depan ala ala mini skirt? Puke!

There were actually a lot of fugly costumes (they didn't know the difference between fashion nd something costumy) but malas aku nak list. Better nak list sapa yang pakai elok. That would take a shorter time.

Sapa yang ada kat PWTC malam tu would know what I mean.

Anugerah Skrin - because of the buruk buruk nya baju jadik Anugerah Scream!!!!

Anyhoo.. ni some pics aku janji... not much sebab aku sampai sana pon, just after balik dari Kuala Kangsar, so snap pakai handphone je.

Owh by the way - for all of you who noticed, the show was SO draggy! Afdlin kept it alive, but Fara Fauzana - ish... entah la dia merapu apa. And the scriptwriter (dari bahasa da tau sapa) should be fired! Bahasa feeling bombastic and puitis - matilah ko ingat ko tulis lagu ke? Tatau beza skrip anugerah ngan lirik ke? Konon artistically beautiful gituh.. sebenarnya?

Ok ok... berhenti meroyan... layan pics.

Leh tak props tuh letak umah aku je.. I like!

Nice set, gorgeous lighting...

Que and Linda - me likey walaopon Que tak ikut tema

Nothing Arabic about her outfit - but Liyana pakai apa pon cute

Jac - strangely enough I thought her outfit was one of those yang menarik pada mata aku

The attack of the kek lapis dresses - Part 1 (sorry ladies, love you but not your horrendous outfits!

The attack of the kek lapis dresses - Part 2 (banyak flavour ek?)

The attack of the kek lapis dresses - Part 3

Nabil and Irma - sweet and simple

The hottest couple (me like kak Vee's dress, print and flow cam J. Lo nya controversial Versace)

Lepak at the end of the night.. letih dowh!

Ok that's it... nak tido. Nanti kang je aku update agik...



hallooo joe......

kak vee nyer drees gojes kannnn......

tapi gile ko nk same kan ngan kontrovesel versace JLO tuh??? (walaupon mmg gorjes baju tuh)

btw........ baju2 malam tu mmg hazab ....... wek wek......

potongan baju lain. tapi kaler dan fabric ala ala ngan predominantly green floral print yang sheer (gituh). potongan pon flowy... cuma takde la seksa cam j lo hawau! ahahaha

ASK2009, set pentasnya sahaja saya suka