Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Puking Versace

Went to Rootz just now at the rooftop of Lot 10 for the Anugerah Juara Lagu press conference. It was jammed going into KL something really bad. But yang kelakar nya, got to the city je, it was ok.

Apparently everyone stayed away from the Golden Triangle area sebab of all the announcements mentioning the road closures there because of the the marching band championships or other... which was majorly delayed. But while they were supposed to close the roads at 6pm on, the rain caused them to push the start time, I guess, so the roads were empty.

Which was good for me. Got there at 8pm sharp.

Never been into Rootz before, and I must say the decor was...well... different.

At the entrance was a whole bunch of angled mirrors and changing LEDs that went from white to red. Would have thought of it as a techno club if I hadn't gone in. Once inside, it was pseudo luxury.

It looked like someone threw up Versace prints and nothing went well with anything else. It was nice in a weird sort of way. Really weird...

On to the opening and it was time for the main event. The draw to see sapa akan perform dulu and in what order and all.

Ni turutan persembahan malam Anugerah Juara Lagu nanti.

Tak sempat amik semua orang nya pics sebab keja nya pasal nak interview bagai. But this is the pics aku sempat.

Just some very basic info. Faizal Ismail, Ally Iskandar and Cheryl Samsd will host the night, dan selain Juara Lagu dan naib juara, the prizes up for grabs will be Persembahan Terbaik dan Persembahan Vokal Terbaik.

The theme is 'Music Unfolds' and the stage is very origami inspired. Literal translation.

This is how the stage is going to look like.

Lepak kejap ngan kengkawan after it was over. Ni sempat cam whore ngan Michelle. Da lama menggila ngan dia.

Pas abih, gi Hartamas Square melantak ngan kengkawan. Si Aishah dan Aril ada, so join borak. Tak lak aku amik pic. Nanti nanti je la... ni letih. Nak tidur dulu. Esok full day.