Saturday, December 12, 2009

One more down

Ok, is that a little bit too much or what? My PC and Mac at the head of my bed. Amik ko online addict.

Was a total hermit, stayed at home today, tak larat nak keluar time orang kebanyakan menyerbu all the malls and all.

So stayed home to assemble the Ikea stuff I got - penambahan sikit pada bilik aku. And yes, The headboard addition tu baru. Wanted my laptops close to me, as kekadang bangun tengah malam peek terus at my Tweetdeck and so on. Lom agik sebut camna aku addict Restaurant City on Facebook.

Tomorrow putting up the Christmas tree and continue nak hias umah and all.

Hari ni abih bab bilik je layan Glee, the final episode where they compete in the sectionals.

Awmigawd! It was so emotional. Some people may not like how everything turned out, and same for me. No spoilers, but I thought it kept it real - in a way, for things to develop as you expect they're going to be without being too cliched.

And the best was - the saved the best songs for last.

For me, that was closest to the grandeur of the Jennifer Holliday version (sorry, but thought Jennifer Hudson's version was weak). Won't spoil anything for those of you yang lom tengok the finale, but here's the song they did after. And yes, their sectional performance was AWESOME! I liked it!!!

Have a craving for McDonalds tiba tiba... Prosperity burger anyone?

PS - Tak paham yang berangan vast, nak tweet benda sama aku tweet, kebetulan ke aktiviti dia sama ngan aku, as well as observations dia. Time to remove and block...



hey joe,knp dulu bnyk citer pasal faz, and skarang takde lgsung? (it just a question)

Joe, sorry la bukan nak busy body but did something happen between u and fazura?u guys were so close at one time.u were always by her side...seronok juga dapat update about her thru ur postings.

I love love love Don't Rain On My Parade! Can't imagine 4 months without Glee. :(

Ija biasa je...

Anon : loved it. but and i'm not telling you as well as you can't always get what you want rocked BIG TIME!