Friday, December 11, 2009


Tadi gi launch of Astro B.Yond and HDTV tuh. Malas nak cita lebih.. kang aku info lebih kat korang. Interesting gak, but honestly, despite the introduction of HDTV and such, I'll bet you one thing.

When it rains... you still won't get Astro. Matilah....

Tapi sapa yang tech-savvy and minat la, cepat cepat get your HDTV now, cause it's here.

Lepak kat Hilton Sentral lama gak. Even after the launch. So much gossip to catch up. Interesting. More slime.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Fleishman-Hilard, and Astro for making it fun. Borak ponya borak, dan korek gosip, amik ko... dok sampai kol 3.

Now the thing was sebenarnya I was dreading to go outside. Because of the Selangor public holiday, the roads were jammed beyond belief. I have no idea why semua gatal biji nak keluar, but I suppose some tuh, balik kampung since i's a long weekend - plus school holidays and all... and the rest tuh menyemak nak masuk bandar tuk tengok orang dan bangunan kot.

Still, abih lepak kat Hilton Sentral je, gerak straight to Jaya One in PJ to have lunch, do my work, as well as wait for a meeting there.

FInished there roughly about 8pm. Syuib and kekasih awal dan akhir dia kat The Curve, so I decided I would begin my Christmas shopping since I had a little time on my hands. Kalao tak entah bila lagik la...

Despite the HORRIFIC amount of people at Ikea, I managed to get part one (matilah part one... tu da spend seribu lebih... ish!!!!) of my shopping done. Managed to haul things on my own despite the number of stuff. Crazy... but strangely liberating. Matilah liberated of my wallet content katanya.

Eh despite me bitching about the crowd, had fun doing a running commentary on some freakish people I saw (bet people say that about me when they get home though).

See anything interesting? See that couch in the middle? Ada budak tu siap amik selimut TIDUR tengah tengah Ikea tuh. Macam kesial. Heh... don't know if he got bored of his family or friends shopping or bebetul letih sampai camtuh. You got to love Malaysians... they really don't give a damn about people kan... worth a laugh.

By the way, we all know how interesting the name of things in Ikea are. Here's one beautiful example.

And yes, I did hear someone mention betapa murahnya Kotte tuh. Merasalah...

Argh... Christmas is coming! And I'm not even halfway done. Can I survive the shopping? Can my wallet survive it.

Seb baik malam semalam da survey lepak ngan Helmy da (amik ko birthday boy yang da kertu walaopon kita kawan skolah rendah sama umur).

Made it easier.

After done, lepak Rasta. Bump into kengkawan TV3 sana, lepak skali. Tetiba Hattan popped by, and joined us. Birthday abang Hattan tepat jam 12, so kita pon melalak out of tune la, apa lagik.

Mommeh snapped some pictures, but her phone AZAB nampak gelap je (ampon beb!). Heh.. all in all it has been a good day. Ni tengah nak siapkan stok keja agik.

Be updating more.

PS - Expect la updates beberapa hari ni pasal shopping banyak... dah tuh yang aku kena wat.



fuckkkkkkkkk xmas is coming and omg i myself am splurging on so much xmas shopping!!! arghhh. i can tell u were too! ;) ikea's awhhhsomeeeee

same here. spent almost 2k already *cries*