Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In hindsight

Took time out to review how my year has been.

It wasn't that bad. Some shitty things left over from 2008 were brought forward, but got cleared things in the first quarter of the year.

Personal life not amounting to much. Still single. And probably will stay that way for some time. Meanwhile, a little drama here and there, which taught me lessons not only to take anyone for granted, but also not to do any more charity for people who get close to me, as eventually I only get hurt by selfish sorts who turn around and bite you on the ass. Family has been great, despite minor incidents.

Lost my idols this year, the late and great King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and also my comforter, and tempat mengadu, kak Min.

Career wise, it's been rollercoaster moments.

Started the year with Akademi Fantasia, where I got my stint as media trainer and creative researcher for the kids. It was hardly the perfect environment, but then again, what is? Learnt much, and got new friends and family from the experience.

Then had more experience putting my ideas to paper and selling them through J Squared, which I am proud of. And while the Beyonce concert was called off - and that second, and very major project was put on hold, still proud of what we did. The event has opened more doors for sure, and 2010 will see more events for sure.

Also resumed writing when returned to The Malay Mail, and five months later, still reorganizing things.

Good things happened, bad things happened... still 2009 has been memorable for the right reasons.

I think this is also the year I shopped the most in terms of Ringgit value. Matilah... aduh...

All in all. have thought about things hard, and I know where 2010 is going to take me.

I'm turning 34, and all my foundation plans for my future has been laid out. Now time to work my ass off to make sure this coming new year is going to be bigger and better in every sense (except my waistline).

My resolutions for 2009 are simple.

1. Adopt a healthier lifestyle and do what it takes to remain so. Tried test run of waking up no later than 8.30am (tuk aku susah because that's when I usually got to sleep!) and it worked. Also working out at least half an hour a day, which has not been as hard as I expected, but as painful.

2. Execute all the ideas in stock. Including the two movie scripts, two TV shows, and a few more events I've conceptualized.

3. Focus on my career more, and dismiss unnecessary drama in my life (which is a constant battle cause so many drama queens surround me). While my obsessive compulsive behaviour leads me to want to help those around me, I promise myself to keep focus that I have to help myself first. In other words, no more charity cases which I spend time on for no reason and regret wasting time on.

And that's it. Not many resolutions, but not any easier to make sure I keep them. Kind of nervous going into 2010, because for the first time, 2009 has made me see things in a very different light, and I believe, finally, I've outlived my perpetual age (don't ask if you don't get it).

It was all new territory for me since 30, and with speedbumps in the last three years, I believe I've finally picked myself up.

Now to move on. No more looking back. 2010, here I come!



Happy New Year Joe! May 2010 brings us all good health and good things in life.

Sedih teringat Aruah k.Min...esp since most newspapers letak balik citer perginya dia as part of what happened in 2009....syahdu...

Take good care ok!