Thursday, December 24, 2009


Just had dinner with my family. So happy. Got them to open my presents to them. So happy. I might be close to broke (not nearly) but I'm so happy for planning out my Christmas presents enough (though not as good as my previous years).

Anyway... just a few hours to go, but to all my Christian brethren, merry Christmas and do remember the reason for the season. Hugs to all. To all my non-Christian friends, happy holidays.

I love my Christmas tree this year.

Am a little tired from last night, so don't know whether will be going out later tonight with friends.

Semalam gi preview filem Duhai Si Pari Pari. Tak banyak pics.. ni je.

The poster

Amazingly gorgeous in white - the leads in the movie, Nabila and Liyana

Especially bakal mama nih

Nabila is about four months plus into her pregnancy - and boy she's radiant! Glowing gila! Supposed to be a girl, Nabila kata da scan and thus pretty sure it's a girl. All the best to Nabila and hubby. And Liyana looks pretty hot too.

Anyway pas abih gi Pelita. Plan ngan kengkawan sekumpulan je. But sampai sana ramai lak kengkawan lain yang tak plan. Including a whole group of recognisable faces. The most well known directors in the local film industry.

Abang Harun Salim Bachik, Mamat Khalid and Aziz M Osman

Kak Erma Fatima and Raja Azmi

Gaya borak ngan Afdlin

It was pretty fun as biasa lepak ngan golongan pelakon berborak and mengumpat, this one dapat sesi ngan the filmmakers yang memang the best in the business. Banyak la gak berborak bagai.

Got back late, didn't get up early, and missed working out today. But nevermind. It's Christmas eve. Ok je. One day won't kill me. But all that makan will... aduh.... ok nak mandi dulu.

Again, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.



wah....teruk aku kena marathon...dah lama tak online...aku paling touched masa baca episode cuckoo clock tu....

Anyway....hope aku tak terlambat...
Merry Xmas Joe!!!

kenapa away for so long gurl?

and thanks for the wishes. hugs. happy holidays!

merry Xmas JOE..
na happy new year =]