Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Damn spaz!

Just another typical day in Klang... trying to get out to get to KL. Jam nak mampos. I know everywhere's congested since before Christmas with the school holidays, and many taking time off to clear their annual leave as well as enjoy the long festive period into the new year.

But in Klang... it can't get worse. It just is THE worst situation you can imagine. Every single bloody day! Beginning from 7am, to as late as 10.30pm to 11pm... and let me say that again - every single bloody day!

Today was hell. Needed to send mom to house in Mont Kiara, and then head to office for a lunch appointment. Had to drive 'more politely' since didn't want my mom to collapse of a heart attack from my driving. Cursing and swearing under my breath. Tension bak keta cam ni.

Bayangkan, nak keluar bandar Klang pon, dari lintas jambatan, until cleared to masuk tol Sungai Rasau pon leh 20 minit... tu pun da kira cepat.

Stupid construction going on for the flyover, supposedly to 'help' residents of Klang. We need a fucking third bridge (since MPK - also under the then rule of the previous state administration - dengan pandainya dismantled Jambatan Kota ages ago, to set up a 'bridge mall' and failed - since it had no fucking amenities like electricity and water... stupid!)

Now the historical double decker bridge is rusting and rotting away, while hundreds of thousands cram to use the two bridges daily. Alternatives? The Kesas highway, which is not much of an alternative, depending on which part of town you are in.

Jap jap... skodeng. Idea bodoh sapa ni nak jave this construction, right in the heart of already congested Klang town - to make it Malaysia's hell spot when it comes to traffic jams.

Before the election this project was approved - and yes, ladies and gentleman, they boasted it would help Klang people. Tahniah (bekas) kerajaan Barisan Nasional Selangor. So much help... thank you Khir Toyo!

Everyone in Klang however, knows how much crap the the Barisan Nasional has been - is it any surprise they lost so many seats n Selangor last term sampai nak noya skang bila jadi pembangkang when people have to clean up their crap?

Can the Anti Corruption Agency check to see just how this company was handed this tender? Or WHY this tender was even sourced out, since a third bridge was needed MUCH more than a stupid flyover, which is hardly any sort of future planning seeing as how Klang is so rapidly growing.

Tengok kat sighboard atas tuh. Completion date was supposed to be - if I'm not mistaken, December 2009! It's coming into fucking 2010 and the flyover hardly looks ready!

And who ends up paying for the delays? Berapa hari ni tak nampak pon pekerja company bangang ni wat keja. Slow motion tol.

Company behind projek ni dengan bangganya pasang buntings and banners advertising their name. Memang sesuai nama meka. SPAZ! They're spazzes alright! Here's the definition of SPAZ from Wikipedia which I think suits this company appropriately - which I'm sure some 1.5 million Klang residents will agree with me on.

In May they asked for an additional RM11 million to complete the project due to 'technical difficulties'. I think the Anti Corruption Agency should interview some people on the inside to find out what's going on....

Sakit hati sangat!!! Spoils my mood everytime...

PS - Drove past rumah my ex - cinta pertama aku time sekolah, ketika nak lari jam. Nostalgia....



yooo!!!! happy new year joe! erkkk ~ terimbas kisah lama ke? kehkehkeh, nama tempat tu baik tuka g "LORONGCINTA PERTAMA" ... muahahha


yeahhh..right...curse everyone for spoiling your mood..

if the shoe fits, Anon.

Frodo lama ko ilanggggggg!!!