Thursday, December 31, 2009

And I only went out for cigarettes...

So... what will I do tonight?

Made up my mind. Pas spring cleaning bagai... decided to pop out for ciggys. Rokok abih, so ingat gi beli la, so malam takyah keluar.

Yeap, plan New Year Eve aku nak dok rumah je bertapa!

I got my rokok da, sambung beli barang rumah sikit, when I saw this...

Ni spek Gucci for ladies. Entah kenapa aku saja try on, sebab suka gila. The celebrity brown shades looked so amazing.

Tuh dia. Saja nak tayang logo sebenarnya. And yer.. kalao perasan... ni masa SELEPAS beli dan da sampai kat rumah! Argh... I promise this will be the last thing I buy this year. Oops... when there's several hours left to the year, it's not much of a promise kan?

So yes, I did cave in and get the sunglasses, walaopon... aduh...

Tak kisah la... I love, love it, love it!!! At least tak overdose and over the top like the D&G ones I got. Leh pakai tuk keadaan biasa. Heh... aduh... new resolution for the new - NO MORE DAMN SHOPPING!

Ok... waiting for countdown..