Thursday, December 31, 2009

And I only went out for cigarettes...

So... what will I do tonight?

Made up my mind. Pas spring cleaning bagai... decided to pop out for ciggys. Rokok abih, so ingat gi beli la, so malam takyah keluar.

Yeap, plan New Year Eve aku nak dok rumah je bertapa!

I got my rokok da, sambung beli barang rumah sikit, when I saw this...

Ni spek Gucci for ladies. Entah kenapa aku saja try on, sebab suka gila. The celebrity brown shades looked so amazing.

Tuh dia. Saja nak tayang logo sebenarnya. And yer.. kalao perasan... ni masa SELEPAS beli dan da sampai kat rumah! Argh... I promise this will be the last thing I buy this year. Oops... when there's several hours left to the year, it's not much of a promise kan?

So yes, I did cave in and get the sunglasses, walaopon... aduh...

Tak kisah la... I love, love it, love it!!! At least tak overdose and over the top like the D&G ones I got. Leh pakai tuk keadaan biasa. Heh... aduh... new resolution for the new - NO MORE DAMN SHOPPING!

Ok... waiting for countdown..

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In hindsight

Took time out to review how my year has been.

It wasn't that bad. Some shitty things left over from 2008 were brought forward, but got cleared things in the first quarter of the year.

Personal life not amounting to much. Still single. And probably will stay that way for some time. Meanwhile, a little drama here and there, which taught me lessons not only to take anyone for granted, but also not to do any more charity for people who get close to me, as eventually I only get hurt by selfish sorts who turn around and bite you on the ass. Family has been great, despite minor incidents.

Lost my idols this year, the late and great King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and also my comforter, and tempat mengadu, kak Min.

Career wise, it's been rollercoaster moments.

Started the year with Akademi Fantasia, where I got my stint as media trainer and creative researcher for the kids. It was hardly the perfect environment, but then again, what is? Learnt much, and got new friends and family from the experience.

Then had more experience putting my ideas to paper and selling them through J Squared, which I am proud of. And while the Beyonce concert was called off - and that second, and very major project was put on hold, still proud of what we did. The event has opened more doors for sure, and 2010 will see more events for sure.

Also resumed writing when returned to The Malay Mail, and five months later, still reorganizing things.

Good things happened, bad things happened... still 2009 has been memorable for the right reasons.

I think this is also the year I shopped the most in terms of Ringgit value. Matilah... aduh...

All in all. have thought about things hard, and I know where 2010 is going to take me.

I'm turning 34, and all my foundation plans for my future has been laid out. Now time to work my ass off to make sure this coming new year is going to be bigger and better in every sense (except my waistline).

My resolutions for 2009 are simple.

1. Adopt a healthier lifestyle and do what it takes to remain so. Tried test run of waking up no later than 8.30am (tuk aku susah because that's when I usually got to sleep!) and it worked. Also working out at least half an hour a day, which has not been as hard as I expected, but as painful.

2. Execute all the ideas in stock. Including the two movie scripts, two TV shows, and a few more events I've conceptualized.

3. Focus on my career more, and dismiss unnecessary drama in my life (which is a constant battle cause so many drama queens surround me). While my obsessive compulsive behaviour leads me to want to help those around me, I promise myself to keep focus that I have to help myself first. In other words, no more charity cases which I spend time on for no reason and regret wasting time on.

And that's it. Not many resolutions, but not any easier to make sure I keep them. Kind of nervous going into 2010, because for the first time, 2009 has made me see things in a very different light, and I believe, finally, I've outlived my perpetual age (don't ask if you don't get it).

It was all new territory for me since 30, and with speedbumps in the last three years, I believe I've finally picked myself up.

Now to move on. No more looking back. 2010, here I come!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Damn spaz!

Just another typical day in Klang... trying to get out to get to KL. Jam nak mampos. I know everywhere's congested since before Christmas with the school holidays, and many taking time off to clear their annual leave as well as enjoy the long festive period into the new year.

But in Klang... it can't get worse. It just is THE worst situation you can imagine. Every single bloody day! Beginning from 7am, to as late as 10.30pm to 11pm... and let me say that again - every single bloody day!

Today was hell. Needed to send mom to house in Mont Kiara, and then head to office for a lunch appointment. Had to drive 'more politely' since didn't want my mom to collapse of a heart attack from my driving. Cursing and swearing under my breath. Tension bak keta cam ni.

Bayangkan, nak keluar bandar Klang pon, dari lintas jambatan, until cleared to masuk tol Sungai Rasau pon leh 20 minit... tu pun da kira cepat.

Stupid construction going on for the flyover, supposedly to 'help' residents of Klang. We need a fucking third bridge (since MPK - also under the then rule of the previous state administration - dengan pandainya dismantled Jambatan Kota ages ago, to set up a 'bridge mall' and failed - since it had no fucking amenities like electricity and water... stupid!)

Now the historical double decker bridge is rusting and rotting away, while hundreds of thousands cram to use the two bridges daily. Alternatives? The Kesas highway, which is not much of an alternative, depending on which part of town you are in.

Jap jap... skodeng. Idea bodoh sapa ni nak jave this construction, right in the heart of already congested Klang town - to make it Malaysia's hell spot when it comes to traffic jams.

Before the election this project was approved - and yes, ladies and gentleman, they boasted it would help Klang people. Tahniah (bekas) kerajaan Barisan Nasional Selangor. So much help... thank you Khir Toyo!

Everyone in Klang however, knows how much crap the the Barisan Nasional has been - is it any surprise they lost so many seats n Selangor last term sampai nak noya skang bila jadi pembangkang when people have to clean up their crap?

Can the Anti Corruption Agency check to see just how this company was handed this tender? Or WHY this tender was even sourced out, since a third bridge was needed MUCH more than a stupid flyover, which is hardly any sort of future planning seeing as how Klang is so rapidly growing.

Tengok kat sighboard atas tuh. Completion date was supposed to be - if I'm not mistaken, December 2009! It's coming into fucking 2010 and the flyover hardly looks ready!

And who ends up paying for the delays? Berapa hari ni tak nampak pon pekerja company bangang ni wat keja. Slow motion tol.

Company behind projek ni dengan bangganya pasang buntings and banners advertising their name. Memang sesuai nama meka. SPAZ! They're spazzes alright! Here's the definition of SPAZ from Wikipedia which I think suits this company appropriately - which I'm sure some 1.5 million Klang residents will agree with me on.

In May they asked for an additional RM11 million to complete the project due to 'technical difficulties'. I think the Anti Corruption Agency should interview some people on the inside to find out what's going on....

Sakit hati sangat!!! Spoils my mood everytime...

PS - Drove past rumah my ex - cinta pertama aku time sekolah, ketika nak lari jam. Nostalgia....

Monday, December 28, 2009


Ni pesanan khidmat masyarakat. Mesti ramai da tengok Papadom kan? Dah la menang anugerah berbakul, pastuh kira box-office lak ngan kutipan about RM3.4 juta (tak termasuk jualan DVD/VCD - original dan juga versi pasar malam).

Anyway, Papadom is going to start shooting soon. Shooting camna sedangkan pilem ni dah pun tayang?

Well, Papadom is being remade - into a Tamil version!

Sesapa yang leh cakap Tamil - apa lagik. Ujibakat cepat for the new version of Papadom - in Tamil! Auditions are being held for the main cast. Again, you need to be able to speak Tamil (dan of course kena able nak berlakon la!)

Kalao minat, send a picture of yourself, your contact details, work experience - and email everything to

Sebelom tekan butang Send tuh, remember in the subject heading, type APPALAM.

Pass it on pada kengkawan yang minat berlakon (and of course, since this is the Tamil version), pada meka yang mampu berbahasa Tamil ek!

Akademi Fantasia 8

Auditions are beginning.

It's open to Malaysians and Singaporeans.

The age limit is the same.

Norman Abdul Halim of KRU may be the next principal. Eh???

Ni la berita aku dapat semalam. Here's the full article which you can read by CLICKING HERE.

Aku dapat dua agik nama selain nama Norman, tapi dengar memang dia favourite wat skang la.

Dengar gak, KRU tengah deal ngan Astro Entertainment Sdn Bhd, kisahnya tuk jaga kerjaya bebudak Akademi Fantasia dari segi kelolaan rakaman and everything related. How true is that?

Again, read the full story I got, by CLICKING HERE and check back for more updates.

Anyway, sapa nak tau pasal ujibakat, can check out the full details in the same story.

Aduh... nak abihkan keja agik. Badan letih pas work out pagik tadi. Ngantuk pon ada. Be posting more soon.

Dozing off

Alamak, baru terjaga pas koma sejak dari petang tadi. Ngantuk sangat pas balik dari TV9. Pening punya pening, terus tumbang and went to sleep walaopon try nak control.

Ni just woke up, nak dinner makan sikit jap, rehat bagi digest, and then nak KO balik sebab esok nak jalankan resolusi tahun baru (practise run lagik ni) yang pertama dan kedua. Which is firstly, wake up early and work out in the allotted time frame (very the hidup cara sihat) and secondly nak get to the office early like any normal drone. Matilah... drone katanya.

Besides, esok ada something interesting. Tomorrow ada sidang media pengumuman ujibakat Akademi Fantasia 8.

Hah... kan da kata it was coming. So sapa nak audition kang, bersedia. Time to pull out my yearly tips to share.

Sapa nak ujibakat kang, good luck. Esok aku post full details sini ok. Along with some other details about this season.

Also, Anugerah Juara Lagu preparations are under way. Nanti story sikit pasal tuh gak kang.

Ok.. time to call it a night.

PS - Sedang nak tido dapat panggilan dengan gosip panas! Mungkinkah? Esok nak calling nak dapat story lebih. Kalau betul memang BUSUK!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Matilah panas kata aku.

Just finished Sehati Berdansa nya press conference. Kesian pon ada kengkawan yang uruskan majlis, sebab focus was on Awal and Scha pas isu Christmas even gi clubbing konon ditangkap polis bagai kerana ujian air kencing... or at least tuh implication based on news reports, and kata-kata dari beberapa blog bijak pandai (yang speku hado lebih gaks)

Anyway, first of all, congrats to Sein and Nana. Honestly aku support si Sazzy and Naz, tapi takpe la. Ni program realiti, so paham paham je la... SMS akan menentukan kemenangan. Anyway, this is for charity, so congrats to both couples, because banyak masa meka laburkan (prizes or not) for their respective charities with their efforts.

Juara Sehati Berdansa - Sein dan Nana

Naib juara Sehati Berdansa - Sazzy dan Naz

I have to say, the costumes as usual, were FUGLY! Every year, in and out, they get tackier and tackier. Oh wait a minute. They can't get tackier, because they've always been butt fugly anyways.

On to more interesting stuff. Pas abih press conference yang utama, one more diadakan. This time with hosts. Of course pas semua puji memuji usaha memasing (which deservedly so, sebab they all did a good job this season, though I think Scha nervous sikit malam ni - and I keep thinking of how well Linda Onn did in comparison, which is in no manner carot si Scha, just maybe dia memang nervous kot)

Then on to the goods.

Sabar separuh dari iman

Lega nih pas explain semua

Merasalah... panas gak soalan. But both Awal and Scha cleared the air.

We all talked a bit about the whole issue and how it blew up, no thanks to speculation from various parties. Again, no thanks to blog-blog yang banyak tak check fakta, based on hearsay which was in no way substantiated.

Oh well.. here's a lesson, guys. Stop believing crap, and try and find out the truth by actually asking people who know what's going on. Parking yourself in front of your PC doesn't mean you say stuff which immediately becomes truth.

Awal was a little sore about it, but nak wat camna. Terima je lah. Blog start semua memberikan memasing peluang nak bersuara. Tapi kekadang, orang feeling suara tuh leh disalahgunakan tuk membuat duit. Nak wat camna... tunggu je la kang surat saman da bersepah kang baru ada yang insaf. Or at least tutup blog dan pindah wat duit tempat lain.

Heh... esok ada hal sikit ngan TV9. Need some sleep now. But if you guys nak full story of Awal and Scha nya pengakuan, CLICK HERE.

Till tomorrow...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thank you Garmin

Just finished the press conference at Sehati Berdansa. Panas! Will update as soon as possible.

Panas tapi fun la...

Sakit hati sebab sesat reda sikit.

Can you imagine, all, or at least most of the damn signboards pointing out jalan ke Putrajaya International Convention Centre leh go missing?

Dah la memang sign ke sana manja manja je... ish. Dekat 45 minit aku pusing cam gila. last last pasang gak Garmin GPS, sampai in 10 minutes. Tak terlintas nak pakai Garmin memula sebab memang Garmin aku beberapa minggu lalu ada problem (cracked version on my Nokia N95 8GB).

Tapi tadi try ok lak. Syukur!

Got to the place, walaopon da mula event. Sentap!

Tunggu je la update seterusnya. Nanti aku update. Lapar campur nak rokok, campur nak wat keja dulu. In other words... swamped. Be posting shortly.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Forget the presents, the holidays, the decorated malls, the sales, the TV specials, the wishes, the cards, the sales, the Santa Clauses who look pissed they're not getting overtime, Christmas songs, the sales... did I mention the sales? Nevermind... forget it all. Even the sales.

Happy birthday Jesus! You're the real reason for the season.

I may not always act it, but I am thankful for all you've given me. I may just have to learn a little bit more on appreciating it all. But I am..

This may be one of my happiest Christmases yet. Why? Because I still have the love of my family and my friends. I also have my career, a future planned out, and so much more.

I'll be back to blog more tomorrow. No matter what race or religion you are, do yourselves a favour and try and spend some time, or at least extend some attention to your loved ones.

Be thankful for another day.

I know I am.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Just had dinner with my family. So happy. Got them to open my presents to them. So happy. I might be close to broke (not nearly) but I'm so happy for planning out my Christmas presents enough (though not as good as my previous years).

Anyway... just a few hours to go, but to all my Christian brethren, merry Christmas and do remember the reason for the season. Hugs to all. To all my non-Christian friends, happy holidays.

I love my Christmas tree this year.

Am a little tired from last night, so don't know whether will be going out later tonight with friends.

Semalam gi preview filem Duhai Si Pari Pari. Tak banyak pics.. ni je.

The poster

Amazingly gorgeous in white - the leads in the movie, Nabila and Liyana

Especially bakal mama nih

Nabila is about four months plus into her pregnancy - and boy she's radiant! Glowing gila! Supposed to be a girl, Nabila kata da scan and thus pretty sure it's a girl. All the best to Nabila and hubby. And Liyana looks pretty hot too.

Anyway pas abih gi Pelita. Plan ngan kengkawan sekumpulan je. But sampai sana ramai lak kengkawan lain yang tak plan. Including a whole group of recognisable faces. The most well known directors in the local film industry.

Abang Harun Salim Bachik, Mamat Khalid and Aziz M Osman

Kak Erma Fatima and Raja Azmi

Gaya borak ngan Afdlin

It was pretty fun as biasa lepak ngan golongan pelakon berborak and mengumpat, this one dapat sesi ngan the filmmakers yang memang the best in the business. Banyak la gak berborak bagai.

Got back late, didn't get up early, and missed working out today. But nevermind. It's Christmas eve. Ok je. One day won't kill me. But all that makan will... aduh.... ok nak mandi dulu.

Again, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tea time

Having meeting at the moment. A little upset because pagik tadik bangun lambat. Terjaga 7.30am which was both good and bad. Good cause my body is responding to the reprogramming of my test run of my New Year resolution for a healthier lifestyle. Bad sebab mengantuk since I slept at 4.30am after getting back late from watching Avatar.

Didn't get to really work out today. Just a quick 10 minute session. Esok kena cover la nih. Aduh.

But at least since I went back to sleep after I woke up so early and had several hours more to doze off, I feel fresh, and not half dead.. even though my whole body is still aching from the punishing exercises of the last two days.

Finishing meeting in a while. Seb baik suggested to have the meeting in the Hailam Kopitiam with the whole desk. So there are 13 of us, huddled up with our drinks and smokes.

In my quest for healthier lifestyle, no snacking on my side, and layan tea je nak cleanse my system. Ye lah....

Ni nak gi beli barang sat... possibly last minute shopping for Christmas. Kalao tak, besok je la last minute bebetul rush.

Going off after that to preview Duhai Si Pari Pari. Will update soon.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The day I watched Avatar - or another movie you MUST watch

If you really had to watch any movies in the cinema this year, here are my MUST WATCH recommendations.

Forget the crap that people tell you are the best for whatever reasons. You WILL enjoy these movies for very different reasons each.Because I said so... (matilah perasan). Ok.. not really. But you will LOVE these movies for reasons stated below.

The first is obviously, the still playing Zombieland. Whether you love horror, or comedy, you'll love Zombieland.

Popcorn movie, with a so-so plot, but amazing one-liners, a crazy cameo, and astounding comic timing, Zombieland is definitely one of the must watch movies of the year. Sayangnya aku gi panggung kat sini tengok, tak ramai layan. What a waste. I know friends who didn't want to watch Zombieland, and did - say they were lucky they caught it anyway or they would have missed something big.

It's the sort of movie you come out - having been entertained, and totally oblivious to the fact you just paid more for the snacks, than the tickets. Won't review it further as I've written loads on it.

Then tonight, I watched the second MUST WATCH movie of 2009. The much talked about Avatar.

Like how some must feel towards Zombieland, I had my own prejudices against Avatar. After all, the hype seemed a little too much that it would be hard to justify that the movie would actually be good enough.

Closest example would be the silly kiddy movie Twilight : New Goon or new loon or or something like that... stupidest movie ever made for 14 year-olds (boys or girls) who just want to see semi nude men but have no access to porn.

To make sure I had the complete experience to judge Avatar, I watched it in 3D. Despite having to sit in the second row from the screen as the halls were packed, I did it anyway... knowing I would judge it more harshly for the uncomfortable 'pleasure' of having my head tilted 45 degrees for some two hours.

And so how did I feel about it?

This beats the crap out of Titanic - and there isn't even an annoying theme song that will last two decades!

While people talk about the special effects and technology involved, that took James Cameron some 14 years to make this movie as he had to wait for technology to catch up to his vision for it, I saw it it for very different qualities.

Yes, the CGI was good. It wasn't abusively used like in Transformers or Spiderman movies which ends up making the offerings look like very expensive Saturday morning cartoons. In fact, sebab keadaan camtuh lah aku biasanya elak movie with tons of CGI...

And to be amazed by Avatar wasn't easy as it had something like 80% CGI.

In fact, I didn't notice all the technological advancements, because it was made to look so organic that I could have sworn for most parts, James Cameron must have managed to make it look like CGI instead for boasting points.

The settings were amazingly details, as was the whole world created. The characters were all so - well.. real! In fact, with hype that the movie may be up for nine Oscars or so, I hope Neytiri gets a nod for Best Actress (ok... so she's not a real person... but still... it was that good).

The emotions were as finely delivered and communicated - if not better, than any real living, breathing person.

The script itself was simple. Think good versus evil. Think good winning. Think rich greedy corporation capitalising off the downtrodden. Think David versus Goliath. Think Terminator series minus the T1000s or whatever version you watched.

But here's where it gets interesting.

While I love Zombieland for being 'brainless' and just being one of those movies o have a good time with, Avatar can not only do that - but also strike home a message or two.

The whole story begins with Jake Sully, a paraplegic ex-Marine hired to replace his twin brother's place in an experimental project in which human minds are transferred into bodies created from a hybrid of human and alien DNA (or avatars).

The brainchild of tough-talking scientist (Sigourney Weaver!), the project was devised to smooth talk the alien race of the Na’vi, on planet Pandora, into giving up their land which sits on a mass plot of a valuable mineral Unobtainium.

While unprepared, Jake manages to forge a tie with the Na'vi and eventually falls for his mentor in Neytiri - possible the hottest alien ever created.

Things get hostile when force is used for the company pushes acquisition of the land to mine the mineral and Jake has to take side.

Not so subtle - but if you just take a little time to think about it, I think somewhere there is James Cameron's jibe at something.

Whether it's a political statement on the occupation of Iraq, or the bitchy bitterness of America's past with Vietnam, or even a swipe at their past with the indigenous population of native Americans... we'll never know.

But stories like Avatar are broad enough for many interpretations. Simple message of greed and how that spurs the justification that might means right more often than not ends up in apocalyptic mass destruction is something anyone can relate to.

Personally for me, I kept thinking of the endless logging of rich fat cats in East Malaysia and the plight of the Penans (no I'm not thinking of the blue skinned, semi nude, riding on genetically superior pterodactyls).

But that's just me...

And let's not forget the whole politically correct approach to being one with Mother Nature and how we should love and respect the earth and all. The Na'vi represent an ideal that is unattainable, but again, ideal - for a materialistic, consumer driven world.

Yeah... so... no matter what you go for in a movie, Avatar is a freaking must watch. I don't know how it looks in 2D, but catching it in 3D was amazing. Unlike most 3D offerings, I didn't have things flying at me or anything. It was used tastefully to enhance the experience. In reverse, instead of the movie popping out at me, it sucked me into this whole other world!

In fact - half hour into it, I forgot I was watching in 3D, but still felt so enveloped in the film that when they Na'vi were gearing up to fight back, I wanted to scream along. In fact... I did... embarrassing!

And yes, like Titanic, there were moments I pretended I got something in my eyes.

So watch it. Even if you have to sit in the second row like me. Even if there is some stupid kid yelping on his handphone befor I kick the back of his seat in Kelantanese dialect halfway through the movie. Even if there is a huge Chinese guy three seats away is snoring up a storm. Even if the stupid couple behind gives a running commentary in Arabic. And even if someone's feet smell in the cinema. Even if you watch the midnight screening and have to wait in an empty mall for almost two hours staring at walls in an un-air condition space.

It's all worth it. Despite some friends saying it was Star Trek meets Smurfs with Mystique from X-Men in the lead.

And the last movie worth catching for, in 2009?

Forget the reviews of some who call it boring. I've watched it three times. And no, it isn't a popcorn movie like Zombieland. Or a visual extravaganza like Avatar.

But it is THE BEST local movie for 2009. For many reasons that other movies lack. The soul.

Arwah Yasmin told me this after I watched the offline edit of Muallah for the first time about two years ago when I came out of the Leo Burnett theatherette in tears when I admitted I loved the movie - but I said she was swinging back in to non-commercial mode of making movies.

"But did you enjoy it?"

I said I did.

"Did you understand it?"

I told her I probably wasn't the right person to answer that, as I probably am not able to read between the lines and all. But I did get something from it - so many lessons in relation to me, my beliefs and my understanding of my faith.

She just smiled and said, "Then that's all that matters."

We often look for movies with answers.

But the best movies, encourage us to think, to question - and search for answers on our own. And for that very reason, watch Avatar and Zombieland. And if you feel numbed by having to think so much, then go for Zombieland.

Unless you want to be dumbed down by movies with no passion. Then go for anything else.

Muallaf as expected will not get good reviews - simply because many reviewers in all their intelligence will not acknowledge something they don't understand, and the late Yasmin still has lots of haters when it comes to her work.

Other than that, Zombieland is still showing, Avatar is still packed, and Muallaf opens on Christmas eve.

Watch them. Definitely worth your money.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh what a... erm... morning

Day one of my resolution test - carried out.

Bangun about 7am (uwaaaa... awal tuh!). Work out setengah jam with weights, and then took cold shower and sped off to work. Now having breakfast at Old Town White Coffee Kopitiam near the office.

Jap! Ada perasan apa apa yang pelik tak on the table? Apart from the separuh makan food baru sedar nak amik pic?

Tengok lighter aku? Lagik besar dari kotak rokok pon. Lawak gila. I love it!

Lagik lawak the conversations I'm overhearing.

To my left there's three Ah Lians tengah borak pasal shopping bagai, and their maid, and end of the year parties. Very the hills of Kwangtung, tapi ada hati nak jeling aku bila aku pasang lagu Christmas kat laptop (sedangkan meka borak lagik bingit dan bising).

To my right, ada mamat sorang ni ngan awek dia. Erm.. awek dia biasa je, tapi mamat ni yang wat aku horror sikit.

Let me describe him. Kulit itam, tapi kaler rambut, pastuh stylekan with lots of product nak bagi ala mohawk punya style. Scary! Even worse was tak kena warna kulit pakai Polo collared tee, with the collar propped up (stylo la konon walaopon pagi buta). Takpe lagik... I can even forgive the unibrow.

Yang betul betul menakutkan, siap pakai contact lens biru!!!! Argh!!!! Aku ingat adik adik je ting tong (bagi peluang katakan dia ni bukan adik adik) tak sedar diri pakai contact lens colour camni. Seandainya dia ni lahir ngan natural blue eyes (gelak sopan sikit), aku mintak maap sangat. Just doubt that's the case.

Seb baik the Indian lady having breakfast in front of me normal looking. Tak de benda nak carut, kalao tak harus la hazaban 1 Malaysia gituh.

Someone stop me from these sidewalk fashion reviews! Aiyo.. can't stop myself.

Aduh... getting up so early is overrated. But I have to say... it is pretty amusing.

PS - Baru perasan mamat tuh pakai Crocs made in China RM30. Oops!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last call

Sepanjang hari lepak ngan family, belah malam gi Sehati Berdansa. Aduh... aku jejak je si Isma dan Zul yang eliminated.

Personally, I hoped that they along with Sazzy dan Naz akan layak for the final. Oh well...

Rasa cam kat Akademi Fantasia lak nak confort Isma. Ish... miss those days lah kat Akademi. Definitely one of the memories of 2009 yang aku akan simpan sampai bila-bila.

Finish je, sesi borak, then gerak ke Shah Alam ke Pak Li Kat Seksyen 7. Layan Alyah and gang yang baru abih Mystarz LG. Sapa dak yang duet dia pon ada. Aku tatau nama pon sebab aku tak follow, plus budak tu pun tak kenalkan diri.

Met some old friends there... quite a few. Reunion sangat sangat. Ni baru sampai umah nak tidur awal. Esok nak mula test run resolution for New Year kang.

Catch some Zs dulu ek...

PS - Happy birthday Famee!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I am a jerk

I feel like such a jerk.

Selama ni, for my birthdays, and Christmases, my parents have always given me what I wanted.

Up to the point, orang tua aku susah mana pon, meka tak penah nolak apa aku nak. Sampai aku mampu nak beli apa aku nak bila aku da mula bekerja.

So in all these years, I've prided myself on my taste. Interior decor, fashion and the likes.

In short - I have become a snob. A snob because I look at things and immediately pass judgement that they're cheap, or tacky, or just plain ugly, simply because I have set so-called standards towards everything.

Dalam usia orang tua aku da masuk 70an ni, dah lama I don't get anything from them. Which is ok for me. Sebab meka dua da tak keja, dan aku keja pon tuk nak tolong sara meka skali ngan kakak aku.

So this Christmas, aku happy sebab dapat payment this and that... dapat la belanja nak beraya sikit.

Da bagi meka duit lebih untuk belanja with the festive season around the corner, beli apa yang patut...

My story is on my dad. Dia ni pelik sikit. Tapi aku paham dia. He can be a pain sebab eccentric sikit. Which I think has been passed on to me, which of course my friends know aku ni very fickle about the smallest things.

My dad ni sebenarnya, memang jenis kerja keras. Bila da tak kerja ni, dia sibukkan diri dia ngan keja umah. Dia ni jenis old school sikit. Toothache ke demam ke... tanak jumpa doktor. Bayangkan dia penah sakit gigi, dia sendiri cabutkan. Arghhh!!! Bila aku nak wat dentures, dia kata wat pe.. masih leh makan.

Dalam memerlukan bantuan kita, dia masih keep his pride. Cam aku la... pride... sampai tahap kekadang kita sanggup bersusah hanya kerana maruah diri. No shortcuts about that.

Anyway, berapa hari ni aku nampak meka happy sikit, belanja sikit sana sini. Happy la aku...

And then just now, masa aku layan TV sorang sebab parents aku da nak tidur (they sleep early - kol 9 ke 10 meka da masuk bilik). Ayah aku tetiba kuar bilik and cakap, jam Ikea aku beli five or six years ago yang da rosak, buang la. Sebab nak masuk tahun baru, tak elok simpan benda yang rosak. Kira kena new start la.. superstition...

Tetiba dia kuarkan jam yang dia belikan kat pasar ke apa siang tadi masa kuar ngan mak aku. Aku tengok sekali - terus rasa grossed out.

It was... tacky. Cheap and tacky.

Ayah aku bangga. Kata cuma RM25 dia beli. Pas tuh dia kata gantunglah dalam bilik gantikan jam yang rosak tu. Berkali kali dia ulang.

I just said tanak. Mana taknya.. tak kena tema keseluruhan bilik aku siot. There goes my season of off white/cream theme. Aku cakap tanak. Berkali kali dia ulang letak dalam bilik. Aku kata tanak je.. semak.. sebab bilik aku da cukup barang. Elak cara elok sebenarnya cause I thought the clock was hideous.

It was a plastic clock that was made to resemble a cuckoo clock. It had a Mickey and Minnie Mouse figure in front with a plastic clock. Horror! I'm not 12 years old! If it was a real cuckoo clock, vintage ke.. suka la. This was just cheap.

Aku kata gantung je dalam dapur sebab dapur takde jam. Ayah aku biarkan je kat meja makan. And then masuk bilik.

Then the clock struck. Bunyi HAZAB SIAL! It was a precorded track of a bird chirping, followed by a cuckoo sound, with a strange whirring of a cheap recording. Horrible times a million.

Decided to go out. Aku kuar gate ke, ayah aku bukak pintu tanya nak keluar ke. Aku kata ya.

Didn't think anything about it. Balik tadi, felt guilty. But there was also a sense of horror he would hang it in my room.

Aku tengok, dia da remove the hall clock and put it aside, and then hung the hideous thing in the hall.

Aduh... and then it struck again. And I was further grossed out.

Erm... I know my dad just means well. Sebab dia takde pendapatan selain apa kita berikan, dia belikan apa dia mampu. Plus dia ni jenis spendthrift, to the point of being miserly. So I think he thought he was making a good acquisition. Plus on top of that, dia bangga dapat buy me something. I feel so bad. Bad enough to move that horror into my room to please him?

Entahlah... tengok esok camna. Aku rasa bersalah. Bukan harga jam tu yang menentukan nilai sebenar jam tu. My dad tried to do something nice - and I just brushed it aside. Damn... sentimental la pulak.

Maybe there's a way to remove that stupid chirping and cuckooing which is really disturbing and I can hang it in my room.. somewhere.

So much for the spirit of Christmas. I feel like the fucking Grinch. My dad does something nice for me and this is how I repay him. I feel like a fink.

...but the clock is so horrible....

Esok tengok camna. Tak suka la camni. Ni tengah update entry pon ayah kejap kejap bangun dan keluar usha aku dok kat ruang tamu ni. Erm... lagik la aku rasa bersalah.


Off the topic la sikit.

Anyone else notice how weird names today are getting. Example...

I seriously hope it's a nickname - and someone just doesn't have the sense to be appropriate. Kalao tak kesian ngan Shila.. merasalah laki ko Toyok. Just sounds so wrong.

Oops.. that's me being me again.

That's Santa crossing me off the 'nice' list.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Staying alive

Hari ni nak take a break from everything, and nak joget lambak.

So malam ni nak gi clubbing setelah sekian lama. Last gi clubbing pon masa kat Bali (sempat tuh). Sebelom tu? Tak ingat. Need some good pumping music to 'exercise' to.

So break dari retail therapy aku - for today. Esok je nak sambung shopping last call.

Aduh.. time ada duit ni warehouse sales semua hado la pulak, kan?

Ok la.. nak keluar. Janji ngan kengkawan. Esok je blog pepanjang. I promise....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Malaysia wins!

Spent time at the office today lepaking. Sampai kol 6 je, semua melekat kat TV tengok bola.

Matilah aku yang berkurun lama tak layan bola pon sebab da bosan, leh join skali.

The event? Malaysia's final match with Vietnam at the SEA Games.

Apa lagik. Riuh la bila menang 1-0. Bangga sangat. About damn time we won.

Congrats to the boys. Hopefully, pasnih takde je balik ada yang dapat Datuk ke, tanah ke, endorsement melampau bagai sampai semua leka balik. Learn from our sporting history. Give them the RIGHT incentives, and the RIGHT guidance to take it further.

Ni baru SEA Games. The Olympics... World Cup... banyak lagik kita tak penah tunjuk belang. So no point nak kompang jadik jaguh kampung. Still... congrats to our boys.

I bet I speak for a lot of people when I say - Malaysian footballers are sexy once again.

Yes, not only for being inspirational in their win - but also because of their extremely tight jerseys. Heh... matilah katanya. Tapi smart la gak (ni la akibat orang lama tak layan bola sampai baru perasan set jersey biru skang yang Nike punya).

Tuh dia. Sekali tengok cam spandex ala superhero punya outfit. Seb baik takde matching suar ketat ke ala ala spender kat luar.

Apapon, also congratulations to ALL our athletes, successful or failed. No doubt they gave it their all. Takyah import orang asing jadi warganegara tuk menang bagi arena suka pon takper (ditujukan khas pada negara tertentu yang slalu bagi kewarganegaraan bagi sesapa yang ada skill nak menang, janji wakilkan negara itu).

Hopefully, this is the dawn of the new coming of the excellence of Malaysian sports. We can only pray...

Pas abih, gi layan ada media night kat National Press Club yang juga lama aku tak jejak.

Jumpa ramai kengkawan media, termasuk yang dah LAMA sangat tak jumpa - some since my earliest days in The Sun dulu, some 13 plus years ago masa aku start masuk journalism nih. Nostalgia la kejap.

Anyway, cut short sebab malas post pepanjang. Happy birthday to Rocky, my boss - and also blogger yang aku hormati. Setahun lagik tua da boss... pe pon keep rocking! Bukan senang nak dapat boss yang happening...

Aduh.. ngantuk... over and out.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Forgive me, for I have shopped

Owh have mercy!

Menci tol time nak Christmas ni aku jadik gila. Gila shopping that is. Oh Lord... memula nak shopping sikit je.

Had to get presents for mom, dad and my sis.... pening sebenarnya. Ayah tahun ni tak pening sangat sebab dia da beli present dia sendiri. Heh... awal awal da bagi duit belanja. Tapi nanti beli la something sebagai tanda gituh.

So two to go. Mak biasanya aku beli skincare atau cosmetic. Sekali sekala plus fragrance. Tahun ni nak balik cosmetics la sebab rasa suka range Estee Lauder. Kali ni colour range kena ngan mak aku (mak aku da masuk 70an da, walaopon tetap maintain vogue, pilihan warna dia tetap mak mak orang kan)

Checked each piece to make sure no identical ones, so I got both sets. Ni nak cari apa lagik nak complement the set...

Tapi yang aku sentap sikit, beli bebanyak ni, masukkan dalam plastic bag azab Jusco gituh. Matilah ko!

Anyway... I wanted go get something for myself. Sebab I always buy myself a little something for Christmas (that way, I don't think of people not buying gifts or their gifts suck - heh.. matilah aku demand bukan-bukan mana dapat kan...). Didn't know what to get for myself as a 'reward' for working hard.

Then I remembered. I need sunglasses. So wandered into this store without realising what a wrong move it was to be.

Saw several I like that suited me. No Guccis I liked, or Prada, Dior or Chanel. Damn... like this Marc Jacobs though.

Of course with the hair, I think it ends up making me look more salah. But since I like huge ass sunnies for the coverage, the only other choices I liked were these.

Ok... my sister is so going to bitch all of them are way too over the top - but honestly, hey... I like it cause they're loud. I AM loud. Anyway, took about half an hour to ponder it over... and the one that finally won was...

So I have something to replace my lost Gucci from years ago. Yeay! To all fashionistas out there, yes, I am aware that this is the 2008-2009 Autumn Winter collection. But I love the metal gold frame and the brown lenses. Ah... me likey! Still thinking.. mmm.. the Marc Jacobs looks good too. Damn...

Takpe... pas aku habih beli presents semua, aku usha lagik kalao bajet aku masih mengizinkan. I have to stop soon... esok gi keja. Nak tido jap. Letih pas melepak kat Hartamas Square tadik ngan kengkawan korek gosip. Merasalah rindu ngan Pelita lama tak lepak sana asik Square je jadik pilihan...

And then after I'm done.. more shopping!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Puking Versace

Went to Rootz just now at the rooftop of Lot 10 for the Anugerah Juara Lagu press conference. It was jammed going into KL something really bad. But yang kelakar nya, got to the city je, it was ok.

Apparently everyone stayed away from the Golden Triangle area sebab of all the announcements mentioning the road closures there because of the the marching band championships or other... which was majorly delayed. But while they were supposed to close the roads at 6pm on, the rain caused them to push the start time, I guess, so the roads were empty.

Which was good for me. Got there at 8pm sharp.

Never been into Rootz before, and I must say the decor was...well... different.

At the entrance was a whole bunch of angled mirrors and changing LEDs that went from white to red. Would have thought of it as a techno club if I hadn't gone in. Once inside, it was pseudo luxury.

It looked like someone threw up Versace prints and nothing went well with anything else. It was nice in a weird sort of way. Really weird...

On to the opening and it was time for the main event. The draw to see sapa akan perform dulu and in what order and all.

Ni turutan persembahan malam Anugerah Juara Lagu nanti.

Tak sempat amik semua orang nya pics sebab keja nya pasal nak interview bagai. But this is the pics aku sempat.

Just some very basic info. Faizal Ismail, Ally Iskandar and Cheryl Samsd will host the night, dan selain Juara Lagu dan naib juara, the prizes up for grabs will be Persembahan Terbaik dan Persembahan Vokal Terbaik.

The theme is 'Music Unfolds' and the stage is very origami inspired. Literal translation.

This is how the stage is going to look like.

Lepak kejap ngan kengkawan after it was over. Ni sempat cam whore ngan Michelle. Da lama menggila ngan dia.

Pas abih, gi Hartamas Square melantak ngan kengkawan. Si Aishah dan Aril ada, so join borak. Tak lak aku amik pic. Nanti nanti je la... ni letih. Nak tidur dulu. Esok full day.

Monday, December 14, 2009

My near perfect day!

Have you ever had THE perfect day?

Today was pretty close. Everything went so well.

First of all, my story on Fatine hit the front page. My intention of doing it was to give Fatine a voice, since so many people dismissed her point of view. Semua hencap dia semacam, dia sendiri takde peluang bersuara. So this was a chance to get her side of the story.

Like I've said before - Fatine is a friend of mine, and in a strange way, this whole incident allowed us to reconnect after tak jumpa bertahun lama.

Am hoping for the best for her, and at least, I got to do something small to hopefully, help out her situation.

Kalao you guys want to read the full story, just CLICK HERE for it.

So it was a happy day at the office, plus on top of that, dapat ilham nak wat story lain and all. Spent time on the phone chasing - and later Fatine nak borak.

Then had dinner with friends, and another round kat Ikea ramai-ramai. Aduh... sakit tol. I spent too much kat Ikea. Dah lah baru je gi sana borong sampai keta penuh. Segan lak nak amik pics sebab keta dua round penuh gila sarat.... ish... dah... not going to Ikea for this year anymore (ye ye jer sedangkan tinggal just over two weeks left before 2010).

Tapi hari ni konsep beli barang tuk rumah kat Mont Kiara, sebab bilik aku kat umah da complete da. So other house lak nak beli serba serbi sikit plus barang tuk hadiah kat kawan.

Syukur pada Tuhan ada rezeki lelebih ujung tahun ni, memang semangat nak Raya (ni pon ala kadar sebab Chinese New Year ada payment nak masuk agik)

Pas abih, ramai-ramai lepak kat Bukit Antarabangsa kat umah member pengurus artis nih... dia ni dulu PR legend dalam industri hiburan Malaysia. Kira first time jejak umah dia lepak.

Aku nak gelak satu je. Rumah dia cantik, kira terer la hias and all. Tapi yang aku gelak jap is kerusi dia yang Lorenzo konsep custom tempah tuh, five seater tuh... tetiba ada nih...

Tuh dia... ada pelekat Lorenzo tuh tak tanggal-tanggal! Ampun bekas PR legend yang kini pengurus artis popular! Tak bermaksud mencarut. Saja kongsi gambar. heh... matilah aku pasni kena bambu ngan dia.

Nak clue sapa dia? Ni antara artis bawah naungan dia zaman dahulu. Skang jaga sorang je.

Tuh dia... banyak sangat award artis dia tima (ni yang kecik kecik je, yang dapat tuk award beratus ribu aku tak tempek! Tapi yang paling mahal?

Tuh dia... PR popular katanya. Heh... Dari parti Cit Cat Azwan lagik. Yang penting nya tahun 2002. Antique da gituh. Ampun pada orang berkenaan. Sujud hormat!

Lepak pon tak hengat time. Got back really late. hate fun today. One of the best days in the longest time. Thank God for friends... they make my days colourful.

Oh by the way guys.. esok ada PC Anugerah Juara Lagu. Kang aku bagik info.... until tomorrow...