Sunday, November 08, 2009

We interrupt you regularly scheduled program...


But lazy to update. Staying home today. Don't feel too well.

Playing with my Mac still and familiarizing myself with it, since I loathed going new Macs before this and I am clueless still on the shortcuts and the applications. Tu la akibatnya lama pakai PC sampai tak reti nak ubah angin.

Anyway, ni ada some pics I rustled up. Taken last Thursday masa aku singgah ke Balai Berita. These are some of the beautiful ladies who are dear friends, and also ambassadors for the Power Over Cervical Cancer campaign.




For the ladies, check out the POCC - Power Over Cervical Cancer campaign and educate yourself and the women in your life.

Gituh.... kira aku skali skala community service message. Heh... ok la. Time to go back to my zombie movie fest and then checking out my Restaurant City.