Friday, November 27, 2009


Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to everyone out there.

While semua tengah beraya, me as usual at home je. Malas nak kuar.

Actually slept for a good part of the day sebab nak cover balik kekurangan tidur from the past few days (I always seem to not have enough hours to sleep kan).

Got up, fired up laptop and started work. Nak abihkan beberapa articles yang da tertangguh. Orang cuti - aku wat keja... tu la akibatnya tak abihkan keja time keja. Heh!

But today was also catch up TV time. Now I'm down to Heroes and Glee, so not much to catch up.

Tapi early hours of today (yang akibatkan aku tidur lewat gak) was watching four episodes of the new V TV series back to back.

You guys remember the original 80s version kan? Sapa yang sebaya ngan aku mesti ingat. Bebudak skang mana dapat TV programs camni lagik.

It may look almost tacky now, but in when it aired dulu kira paling vogue lah. From the original two part miniseries in 1983, meka siap wat three part sequel miniseries called V : The Final Battle. Pastu sebab popular sangat, they made it into a TV series in 1984 which ran for just a year or so.

Aku siap catch up on the miniseries da sebab aku siap download (tapi kualiti azab.. paham paham ler TV zaman 80an) some time ago.

Now the new 'reimagined' series is out, I didn't want to torture myself week to week. Da baca awal awal they plan hanya nak tayang empat episod je, before break until March 2010 (nak elak clash ngan Idol dan Olympics).

So aku tunggu the fourth episode up je aku layan empat empat sekali. Marathon.

And the verdict? I like it!

No Diana... no guinea pic swallowing or forked tongue yet.. but caught sight of the reptilian skin da. The new motherships too canggih, prefer the old one... but basically the new series is interesting. Da cam movie aku rasa.

Ni the opening for the old TV series pada sapa yang tak penah tengok (watch it on Youtube - ada full). Sapa zaman zaman aku nya geng layan la nostalgia.

By the way, yes,that was Robert Englund aka Freddie Krueger sebelom nama dia meletop. The cast of the old V semua pastu memang grand. Faye Grant, Michael Ironside... even Marc Singer yang panas kejap.

These were the two scenes, which may look crappy now - but was the turning point of sci fi TV as we know it when it aired in the 80s. Tanya mak ayah sapa yang terlalu muda.. mesti penah tengok. Aku ingat agik masa kecik tengok, pastu kat skolah kecoh semua nak feeling alien.

And this is the new one. The trailer introducing the 'reimagined' V.

One thing I noticed, and loved - was the homage to the old series. Even without the orange jumpsuit uniforms, the laser handguns, the oversized sunglasses (the old Visitors had issues with photosensitivity -they couldn't be exposed to direct sunlight as it hurt them)... the new series did something I liked.

They used the original Visitors language!

Check this out. These are scenes from the third episode where they enter the immigration facility for the Visitors.

Upon entrance - the sign behind in Visitors language says "We Are Of Peace" - the new series' Visitors tagline

This simply says what it does in English - Perimeter Surveillance

This was more challenging. A secret surveillance room. The sign says "Those Of The Body Only"

And how would I know that?

Because for the longest time, I have been a V fan. This is the V alphabet (as used in the original series - and now in the new one).

So if you decide to write my name, it will look like something on the right.

It's a bit more complex, and I remember being in an V forum where we were actually discussing how to use the alphabets... but da lama da.

Still, it's pretty cool... in fact I remember I wanted to have my name tattooed with a slogan on my neck in V language. Guess with all the hype the new series is getting, it might just be happening.

Am falling in love with the show all over again.

Apapon, kena tunggu net March for the show to come back on. Damn!

Oh by the way, in other news - kaki torrent semua leh nangis sebab mulai hari ni Mininova da tak serve content yang copyright protection. Matilah kena Piratebay pasnih je. Sayang sebab Mininova the best torrent site.. but oh well... ada la other sites for me to get my overseas TV fix.



oh.... ingat...ingat.... cerita V yang mandi dengan ular...belut segala dalam tab mandi dia... sambil mandi dia makan ular-ular tu... plus... dia boleh tukar kulit... dia tarik je kulit manusia dia... keluar rupa dia ada sisik-sisik pastu lidah jelir-jelir... huhuhu... perempuan hot tukar jadi ngeri...

tapi masani kecik sangat... sekolah rendah rasanya... tapi memang cerita siri yang follow lah... hehehe


wow, this is interesting. i heard about V before, but never watch it

mandi belut ular? er.. tak ingat. meka tayang dulu zaman skolah pon.. 1984 ke 1985... zaman2 tv3 awal2.

edzlin kalao ko nak original aku ada dvd download lengkap. kalao tak watch full on youtube ada.

mana bole lupa citer V ni walaupun time tu umur saya baru nak masuk sekolah rendah.. paling ingat scene org tu dgn selambanya mkn tikus putih hidup2 masuk dlm mulut dia. eeeeiiii.. dan paling ingat citer V ni tema baju dia kebanyakkannya kaler merah..

KAN!!!! ahahaha.. masa skolah vogue gila!