Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Up and at 'em!

Lega siot dapat tido puas puas last night. Sebab aku da drained, smalam sampai umah memang takleh bukak mata.

Fell asleep. Woke up on and off groggy, but managed to doze back off again within seconds eah time as if my body was saying it wasn't time to get up.

On the bed, on the floor... bertukar je posisi. Oh well... janji my sleep was uninterrupted. Dulu pon aku sleepwalking, so tukar tempat tido tengah slumber ni biasa da.

Got up je, settled some stuff online. Including.. playing Restaurant City. Heh... addicted! Check out my new look for my restaurant. Sapa yang main game ni mesti makan hati tengok restoran aku.

Ni as of pagik tadi. Tengok kat dalam, mesti jeles ngan my special AV room. For those who play the game, the stacking glitch was rectified by Playfish some time ago. But a few days ago, a new one was discovered. While I didn't take advantage of it then, kali ni tanak lepas. Gigih ni nak lengkapkan twelve TV screen to make up my video wall and my stack of eight speakers, four each side.


Inside - crazy video wall!

Ah... life is good. Boleh? Heh.

Oklah. Nak get to office to sort out some schedule and all. Then lewat sikit ada rakaman Ewah-Ewah (I'm appearing in too many game shows la).

Blog later...



crazy wan u jo! hahhahaha :) u got big dreams ah build ur hse till liddat hehe *hugs oh btw CALL ME LAZY BUM HUH! roarrrr. i blogged akon wan edi! *hmph