Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Soundrenaline 2009 Bali - The day!

Ok.. so it's my bad. On the second day in Bali, Sunday - I woke up early but a bit more than stoned sebab malam sebelom gi clubbing in the Seminyak area. My bad!!! The place was packed, and we were like in between three or four clubs, and none we could find our way in.

In the end, with friends, pushed out way in and got in to party with some friends. Some from Surabaya, Medan etc. Thanks Leo for the info. Senang ada kawan yang tau their way around. Walaopon takde kat sebelah pon, text je dapat info. Better than Google anytime. Heh.

And the worse thing.. sepanas panas kat Bali.. tengah malam, it rained like something really bad and we were drenched not only in sweat but also rain.

So the next morning, had breakfast in the hotel, before we set on our way to Sukawati near Gianyar.

On the way, spotted another ad for one of Bali's most popular delicacies. Babi guling! Heh...pig on a stick! Told you Bali was majority Balinese Hindus.

When we reached Sukawati.. apa lagik. Shopping! Began at the Pasar Seni Sukawati. Memang deals gila kat sana. Please remember to bargain like hell!!! These people mark up no matter what. Try beginning bargaining at quarter of the price they open with.

But the fun part about being early for shopping is, like Bangkok, the first customer for the day is always appreciated.

After striking a deal, when you pay, the trader takes the money, and smacks everything in the store with it. Pelaris katanya.

Went further down to Guwang and had a short spree there as well to buy some stuff. Memang besh jalan jalan tengok. Majority handicrafts, but really good variety.

I just wonder what's the obsession of the Balinese with penises, because everywhere we turned were phallic shaped carvings. Suggestive, definitely.

In Guwang, spotted this acrylic painting which I so loved. It's a picture of a Balinese woman, in the early 1900s. There was something about the technique and the eventual result that had me transfixed on it until I stared on for 15 minutes or so before I finally asked the price.

A whopping 1.3 million Rupiah! Almost RM467. Nak sangat beli for my sis, but guess I have to pass on it for now. Kalao meant to have it, the next time I return to Bali, I'll look for it. Sorry girl.. next time ok.


On the way back, I watched the line of shops dotting the road along the journey.

Pottery, landscaping items, sculptures, metalwork and so much more. Seriously, the like I said, the Balinese live and breathe their culture.

Headed back to the hotel. Quick rest, shower and back out again. Went for late lunch. Nasi padang! Authentic and yummy. Oh by the way, the pic below is the view from my room. Baru perasan time tu nak keluar. Heavenly!

Lunch spot


The waiters were damn good at balancing stuff

Hidangan Indonesia makin berrselera dengan Coca Cola - Indeed!!!

The food!!!

The place we went to is near the roundabout just outside of the Ngurah Rai airport. Memang sedap gila!!! Either that or we were really hungry. Well, we were hungry, tapi sedap pon la makanan.

After lunch, time for photo opp. At the Satria Gatotkaca, which took up the roundabout. Awesome, don't you think? They were in the process of repainting it when we were there.

Wow... warning ahoy!

Gorgeous... then our friends from Indonesia arrived. It was the management of Nidji. They came nak lead us to GWK, the venue of the concert. Sekali bagi tag. Amik ko... jemputan dalam entourage Nidji lagik, one of the biggest bands in the country, for THE biggest event of the year.

Took a few snapshots more before we made a move for GWK. Welcome home indeed McDonalds.

Owh if you're wondering what's with the pic of the motorcycle above, take a closer look. We have the Satria at home. Indonesia has its own.. but it has two wheels only. Heh.

Ok.. next entry on the event itself.