Sunday, November 22, 2009

Prepare for hell week!

It's going to be a busy but very eventful week. Lots of projects in the work, and hopefully some will take shape very soon.

Yang penting Rabu ni aku ada event tuk paper. Kengkawan ramai hawau akan join. Ning and Atilia performing, while Marion and Alam emceeing. Yeah!

On top of that, ramai kengkawan da accept invitation to come and lepak together. Definitely pics, pics and more pics. Sesi ngumpat lagik kang. Heh...

Meanwhile, wat skang, aku nak abihkan keja tertangguh. Especially since ujung minggu ni da semua cuti Raya so better to get things out of the way.

Tomorrow busy meeting day... plus also kena siapkan agreements and contracts (menci la camni) before I call it a day. Selasa memang hari bertapa siapkan apa yang patut and Rabu aku akan jadik cam headless chicken running about sorting stuff.

Time nak cuba tidur la jap agik...

Dah settle marathon America's Next Top Model dan Project Runway as well as Models of the Runway. Results? Expected... for both. Boring and expected... musim ni tak havoc langsung.

So now I'm left with following Heroes and Glee. Heroes is getting out of control so ok jerk... tapi seb baik ada Glee. Yeay! Sapa lagik follow Glee? Do you guys like it? What's your favourite song so far from the show?

Aku suka Don't Stop Believin' as well as Defying Gravity masa Diva Off tuh. Both my ringtone and message tone aku skang. Merasalah.

Meroyan lak.. ok ok.. nak tidur.. night all.



My fav - It's My Life & Confessions mashup. Defying Gravity too!

Anon : yeap the mash ups are pretty cool. especially since they were all doped up masa tu. yang girls tuh yang tak tahan.. ahahaha

but defying gravity still my fave with don't stop believin'