Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am so mad!

My Youtube account which is God knows how many years old has been SUSPENDED for no reason, with NO prior warning of anything.

To add insult to injury, the video for our KLCC flash mob - which has gotten OVER 27,000 views, was stolen by a loser, who re-uploaded it, without even bothering to change the tags or extension (obviously downloaded it from my original, and reuploaded it) to pass it off as his own!

Fuck the world!

What the hell is Youtube coming to???!!! I have contacted Youtube, but judging from the previous experiences of many, the Youtube system is open to abuse where even malicious parties can flag, or claim copyright without proof, getting YOU suspended or banned for no reason, while THEY use your content.

And hope to have my channel restored seems bleak...

If you guys want to EVER see another video from me, CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE, sign into YOUR Youtube account and flag this idiot (obviously same person) and flag the video for copyright violation (yes, we have proof and documentation that video belongs to us, J Squared).

I also have no doubts, that the Maxis iPhone 3GS KLCC Flash Mob video of the first ever major dance flashmob we did, was flagged by some dumbass jealous competitors of Maxis who backed us.

This rationale is simply due to the fact that I know the flashmob we did has been the talk of the town, from corporate bodies to advertising agencies the last few months.

And many are trying to copy it. Another will take place at the end of the month, backed by Maxis's competitor. No names need be mentioned, but I think it's pathetic that people who take initiative to break something new, have to put up with such losers who do this. I am upset... and I think this is the lowest form of competition possible.

So again, if you guys want to see me ever upload another video, do this favor for me, flag all three videos on Youtube (for stealing our content) and comment here on your support for us.

This is one time I need the support of all of you. PLEASE HELP!



i went an auditon for another dancing flashmob for another telecom company...i failed though..

Hi Joe.

Tried to flag under copyright violation but i got this mesej instead :~

We can only process copyright complaints submitted by authorized parties in accordance with processes defined in law. There may be significant legal penalties for false notices.

i hope you catch this thief! don let him get away with theft so easily.

don't just post to youtube, upload also to metacafe. with enough views you can get paid.

it's not about getting paid.

entahlah, just sad. i have this nagging feeling it has to do with something coming up soon.

and since we generated so much hype, i guess someone wanted to erase what we did. sigh...

just read this. huh teruk betul. yeah saya flag semua tu

dehhh..what a loser duh..Im sorry to hear that joe