Sunday, November 01, 2009


Spent a lazy Sunday at home.

Belah malam, dapat berkumpul dengan teman-teman dari zaman sekolah rendah. Memang happy gila!

Walaopon tak ramai dari batch SRK Taman Goodwood/SRK Taman Klang Jaya 1983-1988 yang hadir, tapi still meriah.

Actually there was only five of us, sementara empat lima orang lagik memang MIA terus.

There was me, Helmy, Sam, Jo and Dharshini.

Still... besh besh. Catch up on gossip terbaru, dan some older gossip back dating 20 years that some of us weren't aware happening in school.

Aiyo, ramai nya teman-teman lama aku ni da meletop anak dua tiga ni.

Congratulations to Siti Hazniza and Azlina Aziz for their new additions to the family.

Sayang sebenarnya tak ramai dapat datang, tapi sebab last minute, and plus semua orang bersepah all over, memang bukan senang nak regroup. Kalao all over Klang Valle je takpe, tapi at the same time, ramai yang luar negara, especially Australia, UAE and such. Paling close pon Singapore.

Nevermind, we are keeping our weekly lepak session (or a least bi-monthly) before a major gathering in early 2010 where hopefully everyone will be able to come back to meet up.

To the guys who showed up - thanks again for making my day. Had so much fun.

To everyone out there from my batch who are reading this, look for us on Facebook or check my last entry for a link.

Apapon, we ARE 1Malaysia before it someone even bothered to coin the phrase. The more we talked more about our past, the more realized that's what people are trying to achieve today.

None of us gave a hoot about race. We were color blind.

I long for those days...