Monday, November 30, 2009

Since Christmas is coming...

Tomorrow dah masuk December.

That means Christmas is around the corner. I don't want anything much this Christmas... just my health.. and that of my family. Another celebration together, and hopefully many more to come. That's all...

That and the satisfaction of my inner fulfillment of materialistic consumerism that is..

Ok.. I really don't want anything at all this Christmas.

Except for...

With the new V series out, and my love for it since watching it as a kid, I want this.

Yes... I want the vintage Visitor action figure!!! It's on ebay - so anyone yang rasa nak dapatkan aku hadiah tuk Christmas - this would be the PERFECT gift for me.

The cheapest on ebay is about USD$10.50 while the more expensive is over USD$200! Why I want this? Because I love nostalgia, because I love the 80s, because I love V... you really need a reason?

Tak payah yang mahal mahal.. beli yang murah pun ok dah. But check ek... make sure complete with the laser gun, jangan ada yang small bits not intact (matilah demand... macam la anyone out there going to get it for me).

Kalao rasa budget besar sikit (and I mean running into hundreds of dollars - depending.. again check ebay) are these.

Ok, so you're probably going like.. seriously?

Yeap, I am pretty serious. The uniforms on top are reproductions of the Visitor uniforms from the series in the 80s. The top one is (if I'm not mistaken) that of a commander rank (Diana pakai tiga belang). Yang dua belang tak silap aku is division head. And John, the supreme commander of a fleet, pakai lima belang tak silap aku.

Yang second, below tu, is Martin's costume - which of course he was (again, if I'm not mistaken) security chief head. And the belang emas tuh, sebenarnya is basically the version of the uniform masa V : The Final Battle, which is the sequel to the original miniseries (yang atas skali from the original).

So why would I want these? Sebab I'm a fan. There are few things I would DIE for - and stuff from 80s nya benda yang aku suka memang aku idamkan. Zaman dulu takde... skang da ada, susah nak mampu lak. Heh!

Where would I wear them? Comic cons? Halloween? Who cares.. yang penting ada. Heh... sapa nak tempah tuk aku via ebay, tinggalkan comment mintak measurement aku ek. Matilah.. like anyone is going to spend hundreds of Ringgit to me me those uniforms.

Takpe.. the Visitor action figure pun jadik la... quick.. sempat agik tuh dapat from US and post to me.

After all.. it's the reasonable stuff on my wish list for Christmas. Nak mintak Hummer da confirm takkan dapat nya. Matilah...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why oh why

Early this morning... I caught the online news. And this story was splashed everywhere. Even in our local papers - walaopon ada la satu suratkhabar ni aku takkan sebut nama used a derogatory reference of description.

Read the story from Asia One before I elaborate further why I posted this.

Transsexual staring at big change over 'wrong' photo

PETALING JAYA, MALAYSIA - A Malaysian transsexual, who married a 30-year-old man in Britain, might be deported back to Malaysia after his Leave To Remain visa was rejected by British authorities over an 'incorrect' photograph.

Mohammed Fazdil Min Bahari or Fatine, 36, recently married property maintenance company owner Ian Young in a civil partnership but was denied his visa in September on grounds that his passport contained an incorrect photograph.

A report in The Sun newspaper in London said Fatine, a make-up artist, was told to go back to Malaysia after his second application was rejected as his visitor visa had expired.

Young was quoted as saying that he could not accept the reasons given for each refusal of the applications.

'Our local MP even got in touch with the Home Office but they won't budge. They say Fatine has to return to Malaysia, which is something we wouldn't be able to do as a couple. Over there, we would face imprisonment just for living together,' he said.

'We feel desperate. Our options are quickly running out. Fatine can re-apply from Malaysia but who knows how long that would take, or if it would even be accepted,' Young added.

He said he and Fatine may be different from other couples but they loved each other and being forced apart was their 'worst nightmare'.

'It doesn't matter to me that she is a transsexual. It's the person she is inside that I care about and love. I can't contemplate the idea of us not being together.

'I look at her and see a beautiful woman,' said Young, who first met Fatine in a Starbucks outlet at the Petronas Twin Towers in August 2006 when he was working as a security officer in Malaysia.

He had asked Fatine if he could take the seat next to her.

'We started talking and I was immediately impressed by how good her English was. When she got up to leave, I asked for her number,' he said.

Fatine then told him that he was a transsexual but Young was not put off and wanted to meet him again even if it was for friendship.

The couple met several times after that and their feelings soon blossomed into love.

In December last year, Young arranged for Fatine to travel to Britain on a visitor's visa but after a month's stay there, the couple applied to the Home Office for a Certificate of Approval to Marry.

The couple then proceeded with a civil partnership, which they hoped would help Fatine in securing a permanent visa.

Head of Immigration for the UK Border Agency, Matthew Coats, said Fatine had entered Britain as a visitor.

'The rules are clear that a visitor must leave the UK within six months but may reapply for a new visa from their country of origin,' he reportedly said.

So why did I post this?

Because Fatin is a friend of mine that I haven't seen in YEARS. Aku last jumpa dia once je... a few years pas aku kawan dia in 1999 ke 2000.

Pic sebelah ni, is a pic of her snapped in 2000 on the job masa dia make up artist for a major make up brand, when she was based working in the Golden Triangle area.

This pic was featured in Time magazine, if I'm not mistaken in July 2000. And yes... if I'm not mistaken too, this issue did not make the stands around Kuala Lumpur for some issues it tackled in it (details are sketchy... so won't confirm that)

I called Fatin to do this interview with a friend of mine who was a correspondent for the magazine and she obliged. She never forced people to accept her - but she wasn't going to crawl into a dark corner and cry about how people treated her for being 'different' in their eyes either.

Before you say anything, yes, it's obvious she's had some work done. She does look different. In fact, I wasn't sure it was her (name, profession matches - though she looks more fabulous than she did then... back then she was cute, now she's really pretty)

When I posted my status with the link to the story, one of my friends who met her through me confirmed it. Hizreen cakap memang Fatin yang kita kenal dulu.

My heart just goes out to her.

She was a pretty, quiet girl yang memang tak kaco sesapa, tak kecoh, tak sama cam adik-adik lain. She minded her own business and lived her life as one of the girls. Which I always thought of her as one - simply because to me - emotionally, she was one.

Aku tanak la debat pasal pe pe. Religious ke cultural ke. I'm talking as a person, Fatin seems very happy now, and it's sad for me, as someone who knew her, that she might lose all that to people who judge her.

God judges. We shouldn't.

And Fatin - all I can say is gurl, my prayers are with you. I hope you're happy, and I pray your happiness will not be taken away.

Tu je nak share... if you guys want to read more, here's another new bite from The Sun in the UK.

Strange kan.. after watching that stupid movie Twilight - New Moon last night, I know there are girls raving about how Bella can be so truly in love with a vampire and a werewolf - and secretly indulge in dream romances like that.

When it comes to reality however - they can't accept true love when they see it. Just because it's a different form from what they're used to.

Fatin - if you happen to come across my blog, contact me gurl. Miss you loads! Been forever since I last saw you. Lots of hugs.

PS - Semalam gi briefing for Project 500. May blog about it later, but not now. Left after the briefing - sebab meka treated those involved to a screening of Twilight - New Moon. Needless to say, I left after it was over to avoid the movie. No way in hell am I going to sit through that crap twice. Once was already one time too much. Had a nice time with friends trolling in Ikea (and yes... I gave in and bought stuff.. sigh) and then Hartamas Square for din din. Be blogging tomorrow.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why Like Twilight

Today was the monthly pamper myself day... which usually involves makan, minum, shopping (this one kena stop jap sebab nak control budget) and catching a movie or doing some activity with friends.

Tapi sebab kengkawan semua takde kat sini sebab cuti balik kampung, it was only me and Mierul. Seb baik dia ada... kalao tak mati kutu aku.

Anyhoo, lepak kat Pavilion petang pas tido mati seharian (tu la pasal.. sengkang mata sampai subuh tak pasal pasal punya pasal).

Thanks to Mierul yang genius, dia beli tiket wayang 12.15am katanya. So apa lagik... masing masing cadang membimbokan diri kat Pavilion je la.

Sempat jumpa my twin from Jakarta jap yang nak gi clubbing... sayang aku da wat plan kalao tak leh lepak skali. Tapi dia pon ada hal lepak lepak ngan kengkawan dia so malas aku kaco.

Had dinner in Michaelangelo's, before jenjalan window shopping aka cari penyakit!

Da tau takleh shopping nak gak kan.. tapi memang aku willpower kuat nih. Nekad... tanak beli pe pe!!! No way.. uh huh.. takkan punya.

Until si Mierul tarik aku masuk Forever 21. Kimak tol... aku da usha jacket satu nih. Aiyo... aku suka gila sebab jacket Heritage 1981 ni memang vintage cut. Suka suka suka... tapi aku resist kaw kaw.

Until pas aku try on... I spotted another one. Memula masuk kedai da nampak, tapi tak terkam sebab bajet takde size nya. Aku ni kategori plus size, biasanya kalao ada stuff aku suka hado ada size.

So anyway, aku kebetulan walk past the rack, nak rasa fabric dia... perasan lak size dia (erm... M... matilah ngaku aku pakai M.. hado!!! Dah sah sah Forever 21... XL la jawabnya...). Terkejut jap. Said a prayer, and put it on, hoping tak muat. Damn!!! Muat!!! Perfect fit lak. Benci!!!

This is not the best pic of how the jacket looks... trust me both look awesome! But aku partial to the wool blend coat on the right (memang so me) with faux lapel accent, epaulets and yang penting back slit (saja nak nakpak ada bumper sebab like 99% Chinese guys - I have no butt)

Ampunkan muka ngantuk (letih dowh jalan kesana ke mari plus baru lepas makan mode ular sawa sangat nak tido)... but I love this jacket!!! Definitely one of the favourites in my collection! Oops.. motif dah wat statement kata in MY collection. Yes.. aku ngalah... beli gak. Aduh...

Ni main sarung kes malas nak gayakan ke apa. Janji I love the fit!

Pas beli je aku lari kuar... malas nak belanja agik!! Arghhh!!! Takot! Ni lom agik aku start Christmas shopping. Matilah!

So we hung out at Starbucks. Sampai masa nak gerak.. tiba tiba.. realised. Tiket tuk show kita bukan tuk 12.15am. Matilah! Si Mierul silap! The show was at 12.55am!

Matilah tunggu lagik.

Ingat nak makan kat Glitters Cafe GSC - tapi memang staff sana yang paling hanjeng di dunia. Masa approach moka da la cam lahanat! Toya semacam. Pastuh bila nak order.. tuh takde... nih takde... bila aku da irritated, aku tanya, abih apa yang ada. Ngan muka couldn't care less kata sandwiches ngan air.


So went to the concessions stand and bought drinks and food. Sebelah menyebelah tapi beza. Dah la Mierul rungut dia beli buah tak pulang change dia (walaopon 15 sen tetap duit katanya)

Pastuh takpe.. kita dok luar. Kipas meka tanak on. Alasan? Mumble.. mumble... don't know the reason why. Gi bilik air... tetiba dalam beratur nak masuk sebab ramai orang - lampu padam lak! Aiyo.. kalao nak halau customer cakap je la nak balik cepat malas nak kerja.

Serious, Glitters Cafe GSC Pavilion sucks big time! Kalah gerai tomyam Pak Lan yang keja dia dok ketip kuku tak layan orang. Matilah...

The rudest thing I think though was this. It was about 12.15am. I understand meka nak tutup. Tapi masa tuh, masih ada customer, lagikpon tayangan malam minggu sampai 1am. So flexible la. Management kena pandai la accommodate clientele kan?

Ni tak.. bayangkan masa time ni, ada dekat 20 lebih orang lagik ni kat cafe tengah makan dan minum. Meka selamba je tutup lampu! Pukimak! I walked out of there immediately. So fucking rude.

Tuh tengok sebalik kerusi piled on top of the tables and all, masih ada orang in the background.

Waiter dia rajin though.. rajin melacur!!! Adik adik sorang ni sibuk dok usha pak Arab sorang nis iap mintak nombor bagai. Hebat! Keja takleh, cur leh... management Glitters Cafe ni memang bangap!

Thankfully masa da nak sampai so beratur la nak masuk. Matilah ramai orang tengok Twilight.

And let me see.. how do I decribe Twilight - New Moon.

In my own words as I said in my Twitter. It's an epic love story about a girl's necrophilia and bestiality fetish! Macam kesial... what the fuck is so romantic about a slut who can't make up her mind whether she want to make up her mind whether to snog a corpse (yes a vampire is still dead - and that qualifies as a corpse) or a dog (DNA sequencing and genetic drift studies reaffirm that the wolf shares a common ancestry with the domestic dog).

So sebenarnya cita ni pasal betina gatal bijik yang sebenarnya nak sangat mayat bergerak, pastuh decided to switch after getting 'dumped' pada anjing lak. Matilah.. and that, my friend, in a nutshell, minus the faux poetry of it all - is the summary of New Moon. Take away the smoke and mirrors and honestly that's what you have.

No, I didn't hate it. My butt hated it cause it was numb after three hours or so. And Mierul and the person next to me hated me cause I snored a little I guess I dozed off when all the corny lines came out in the first 45 minutes.

Doesn't mean I like it though.

It was ok... but I think the first Twilight at least, wasn't near as corny or crappy as this one. Plus, the novelty's worn off. Twilight is the most overrated movie of the vampire genre and I think there are pathetic pre-pubescent girls out there, who are going to be severely disturbed to find that real relationships are severely removed from the 'Twilight' reality.

So the summary of my review for Twilight - New Moon?

What do they find so exciting about a movie about a slut that is catering to her necrophilia and bestiality fetish in her dilemma over which one she should get more turned on by-a corpse or a dog.

But I digress...

Eh ok la.. nak tidur... malas pepanjang lak. Esok ada something (supposedly) exciting happening. Be possibly posting an entry from the venue.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to everyone out there.

While semua tengah beraya, me as usual at home je. Malas nak kuar.

Actually slept for a good part of the day sebab nak cover balik kekurangan tidur from the past few days (I always seem to not have enough hours to sleep kan).

Got up, fired up laptop and started work. Nak abihkan beberapa articles yang da tertangguh. Orang cuti - aku wat keja... tu la akibatnya tak abihkan keja time keja. Heh!

But today was also catch up TV time. Now I'm down to Heroes and Glee, so not much to catch up.

Tapi early hours of today (yang akibatkan aku tidur lewat gak) was watching four episodes of the new V TV series back to back.

You guys remember the original 80s version kan? Sapa yang sebaya ngan aku mesti ingat. Bebudak skang mana dapat TV programs camni lagik.

It may look almost tacky now, but in when it aired dulu kira paling vogue lah. From the original two part miniseries in 1983, meka siap wat three part sequel miniseries called V : The Final Battle. Pastu sebab popular sangat, they made it into a TV series in 1984 which ran for just a year or so.

Aku siap catch up on the miniseries da sebab aku siap download (tapi kualiti azab.. paham paham ler TV zaman 80an) some time ago.

Now the new 'reimagined' series is out, I didn't want to torture myself week to week. Da baca awal awal they plan hanya nak tayang empat episod je, before break until March 2010 (nak elak clash ngan Idol dan Olympics).

So aku tunggu the fourth episode up je aku layan empat empat sekali. Marathon.

And the verdict? I like it!

No Diana... no guinea pic swallowing or forked tongue yet.. but caught sight of the reptilian skin da. The new motherships too canggih, prefer the old one... but basically the new series is interesting. Da cam movie aku rasa.

Ni the opening for the old TV series pada sapa yang tak penah tengok (watch it on Youtube - ada full). Sapa zaman zaman aku nya geng layan la nostalgia.

By the way, yes,that was Robert Englund aka Freddie Krueger sebelom nama dia meletop. The cast of the old V semua pastu memang grand. Faye Grant, Michael Ironside... even Marc Singer yang panas kejap.

These were the two scenes, which may look crappy now - but was the turning point of sci fi TV as we know it when it aired in the 80s. Tanya mak ayah sapa yang terlalu muda.. mesti penah tengok. Aku ingat agik masa kecik tengok, pastu kat skolah kecoh semua nak feeling alien.

And this is the new one. The trailer introducing the 'reimagined' V.

One thing I noticed, and loved - was the homage to the old series. Even without the orange jumpsuit uniforms, the laser handguns, the oversized sunglasses (the old Visitors had issues with photosensitivity -they couldn't be exposed to direct sunlight as it hurt them)... the new series did something I liked.

They used the original Visitors language!

Check this out. These are scenes from the third episode where they enter the immigration facility for the Visitors.

Upon entrance - the sign behind in Visitors language says "We Are Of Peace" - the new series' Visitors tagline

This simply says what it does in English - Perimeter Surveillance

This was more challenging. A secret surveillance room. The sign says "Those Of The Body Only"

And how would I know that?

Because for the longest time, I have been a V fan. This is the V alphabet (as used in the original series - and now in the new one).

So if you decide to write my name, it will look like something on the right.

It's a bit more complex, and I remember being in an V forum where we were actually discussing how to use the alphabets... but da lama da.

Still, it's pretty cool... in fact I remember I wanted to have my name tattooed with a slogan on my neck in V language. Guess with all the hype the new series is getting, it might just be happening.

Am falling in love with the show all over again.

Apapon, kena tunggu net March for the show to come back on. Damn!

Oh by the way, in other news - kaki torrent semua leh nangis sebab mulai hari ni Mininova da tak serve content yang copyright protection. Matilah kena Piratebay pasnih je. Sayang sebab Mininova the best torrent site.. but oh well... ada la other sites for me to get my overseas TV fix.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Malay Mail Relaunch Party

Awmigawddddd!!!! It was such a blast!

Thank you to all my friends who showed up for the Malay Mail Relaunch Party!

Firstly an announcement. One of the many that will come concerning the Malay Mail in the next few months.

Step one. Beginning tomorrow.. kira today la - hari Khamis bersamaan 26 November, The Malay Mail is back in its original form (syukur!) with the tagline of The Paper That Cares and will be FREE!!!

Yes, we are the second paper to go free, but content wise akan bertambah meletop!

Circulation pon meledak gituh ke 100,000.

Dan ini baru step one. Tunggu pengumuman lain.. aku tanak jump the gun, tapi sebagai orang dalam, a media revolution is beginning, and the investors and backers are going all out to prove something we've always known... that The Malay Mail has what it takes.

For those yang berminat nak tau, my column, Hear, Say... will no longer be on Thursdays, but on Tuesdays.

Now that I'm done with the announcements, I want to thank so many people (feeling Grammy acceptance).

First to Marion Caunter and Zainal Alam Kadir - my emcees for the night, thank you so much for going crazy and making sure everyone had fun.

Secondly to Atilia and Ning Baizura. Two of the best entertainers around who got the party started, and kept it going with their fantastic voices.

Thirdly, and as importantly, a big THANK YOU to all my friends who showed up. I love you guys. So many of you, sorry kalao miss any names.

To the Celepets (nama gelaran kumpulan vogue) in Dynas, Sazzy Falak, Yasmin Hani... Vanessa Chong, Anita Sarawak and hubby abang Mahathir (siap kansel ke Singapore for job tuk be there for me... awwwwwww), Mawi dan Ekin, Audi Mok and Nikki, Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina, Datuk Seri Farid Ridzuan, hot couple Vanidah Imran dan Rashidi Ishak, Nur Aliah aka the other Vee and her hubby to be (hensem dan baik orangnya), Rina Omar, Saerah, Fatimah Abu Bakar and hubby (anak anak, si Nani and gang tak dapat mai sebab kena conjunctivitis!), Dayang Nurfaizah (sedap lagu baru dia, Sayang, yang dia bagi dengar... I like!), Jaclyn Victor (walaopon lambat sebab rushing ada hal)... aduh ramai aku tau aku tak sempat senaraikan semua, but thank you sangat sangat to all these people who came because I so wanted them there and personally invited them.

Juga pada kengkawan dari TV3 dan gak Astro. Love you guys. Kita sambung carut mencarut pasni ek sebab Anugerah Juara Lagu dan Akademi Fantasia 8 da nak start (matilah aku... heh!)

I missed some like Fahrin (tak sempat balik flight ke), Aizat (mana ni???), Aishah Sinclair (tak sempat so tak complete kumpulan Celepets), Daphne Iking (ni sorang agik Celepets tapi MIA), Umie Aida (ada rehearsal pementasan Natrah), Sarimah Ibrahim (tak sempat balik kot pas shooting ujung ujung Biggest Loser Asia), Linda Onn (gi preview Full Moon sebab da janji) Nora Danish (shooting) and Datuk Siti Nurhaliza (walaopon kak Rozie kata try singgah tak nampak pon... sedih aku). Ada other yang tak dapat mai gak... tapi nak wat pe...

All of you who were there, thank you again for supporting the paper, and also personally, me, as a friend.

Dah dah... panjang lak. Dah lah nak tidur sebab letih plus kena bangun awal pagik ni tuk preview filem Santau.

Layan pics dulu ek.

My two rajin punya kaki Twitter - Marion and Atilia

Otai 'muda' - muda lagik ke? Matilah aku.. Erra dan Alam

Kak Vee (Alia) ngan kak Nita and abang Mahathir

Why am I posing like a dork???

Vee (Vanidah Imran) and Vee (Aliah) ngumpat ngan kak Fati (beriya ek!)


Nur Aliah aka Vee - senyuman orang bakal naik pelamin! Aku tanak amik pic cayang dia sebab respect privacy... kang wedding CONFIRM exclusive gituh!

Atilia - gedik la uols! But I LOVE her!

Datuk Seri Farid - one of the coolest CEOs I know, kak Izan from AESB, Ekin dan Mawi (wei botak... mai gak ko ek.. tima kacih!)

Performance unik malam tadik - band gabungan CEOs beberapa company! Semua muka familiar (lead vocals editor aku Ahiruddin Atan aka Rocky Bru - blogger very the tersohor bab politik)

The message wall (tu new logo kat atas)

Erra and Engku Emran (kita bakal sebumbung kannnnn.. oops... shh!)

Mommy Fati and Tiara - gossip pasal bebudak anak-anak ayam AF7 kita ke? Heh!

Sehati berdansa... (sabar je la Sazzy orang cakap pe... especially yang pepandai mencelah tanpa tau story.. heh!)

So anyway tu je la pics aku sempat snap sebab sibuk amat! Nanti aku try upload some other pics of who else was there for you guys.

Ok la.. nak tidur... ni nak bangun 8 pagik ni. Matilah aku... tired but VERY happy! Big things coming my way soon!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blinged out!

Heh... aku skang kat La Bodega kat Bangsar Shopping Centre. Today the day. The relaunch of the Malay Mail.

I can't say anything about it sehingga semua pengumuman malam ni, but big plans for the paper. Nanti nanti aku umumkan ek.

Ni tengah prep sikit. Atilia dan Ning perform. Tili da abih sound check, skang baru abih ngan si Ning ting tong. Heh... amik ko... tengah minum minum, le
pak lepak dia tayang Blackberry dan kuku dia yang matching konsep leopard print versi bling bling.

Ni dia tengah rehearse. Santai tak... biasala soundcheck je...

Nanti aku upload agik... skang malas pakai third party hosting image. Terus kat blogger. Tapi awas sapa yang curi pic sebab aku malas nak watermark. Kang kalao tak aku terus watermark sampai tak nampak pic langsung.

Until then... enjoy Nin'g nails.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Domino's 2 - Pizza Hut 0

Finishing lots and lots of work. Just called out for Domino's.

Time to delivery - 19 minutes!

19 friggin' minutes!!! Amik ko! Damn... The last time I ordered Domino's (which was my first - saja nak try tengok ok tak), it was raining cats and dogs, and it only took over 20 minutes je.. to my door.

Amazing! Pizza Hut? Hado?! McDonalds? Lagik... pernah aku call, meka leh jawab when I asked when sampai, dia jawab - bila hujan berhenti. Aku tanya balik - kalao ujan tak berhenti, dia leh kata tengok camna. Matilah ko! It took over an hour then... do I have to say how they screwed up my order sebelom ni.

So I am VERY satisfied while chomping on my pizza, semangat nak continue keja pasni. Lapar gila! Tadi gi 2nd anniversary Suria FM (congrats guys!!!) tak makan. And tak amik pic pon.. sebab ngantuk sangat.

Anyway the experience would have been ok lagik if masa call tuh dia tanya nak option apa aku kata nak cinnastix, dia ulang balik tanya nak apa? When I answered - dia kata, "Owh.. CINA-stix..."

Matilah ko... sebutan... seb baik aku tau dia bodoh. Kalao tak aku da anggap racist da.

Ok.. wanna go back continuing makan and then nak keja... later...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Boo ya!

Arghh.. things so chaotic. Trying to keep calm so can manage everything.

Will be done in a couple of days. The panic will be worth it to get everything done. Hoping this weekend can do something to kind of chill off.

Wat skang nak hit a couple of deadline for some stuff. Malas nak blog sehari dua ni.. will be back to normal soon.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Prepare for hell week!

It's going to be a busy but very eventful week. Lots of projects in the work, and hopefully some will take shape very soon.

Yang penting Rabu ni aku ada event tuk paper. Kengkawan ramai hawau akan join. Ning and Atilia performing, while Marion and Alam emceeing. Yeah!

On top of that, ramai kengkawan da accept invitation to come and lepak together. Definitely pics, pics and more pics. Sesi ngumpat lagik kang. Heh...

Meanwhile, wat skang, aku nak abihkan keja tertangguh. Especially since ujung minggu ni da semua cuti Raya so better to get things out of the way.

Tomorrow busy meeting day... plus also kena siapkan agreements and contracts (menci la camni) before I call it a day. Selasa memang hari bertapa siapkan apa yang patut and Rabu aku akan jadik cam headless chicken running about sorting stuff.

Time nak cuba tidur la jap agik...

Dah settle marathon America's Next Top Model dan Project Runway as well as Models of the Runway. Results? Expected... for both. Boring and expected... musim ni tak havoc langsung.

So now I'm left with following Heroes and Glee. Heroes is getting out of control so ok jerk... tapi seb baik ada Glee. Yeay! Sapa lagik follow Glee? Do you guys like it? What's your favourite song so far from the show?

Aku suka Don't Stop Believin' as well as Defying Gravity masa Diva Off tuh. Both my ringtone and message tone aku skang. Merasalah.

Meroyan lak.. ok ok.. nak tidur.. night all.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Hari ni lepak like more normal people do.

Aku suka sangat! Jarang dapat time nak do what normal people do. Matilah mengaku diri abnormal sebenarnya kan...

So today spent some time chilling at Pavilion with friends, and then had supper kat Kampung Baru.

I like... Sorry lah takde mood nak post apa apa yang menarik... Just of 'em days...

Friday, November 20, 2009

And the finalists are...

So malam tadi semua da tau kan sapa yang layak ke Anugerah Juara Lagu.

Well... sebelom I get on to the full list of songs that made it, I want to wish congratulations kepada semua lagu yang layak berdasarkan kualiti komposisi dan bukan atas sebab sebab lain ye.

Laser semacam kan? Well, hakikat kan? At the end of the day, some songs yang qualified (memasing paham la mana satu) memang don't belong in the elite league of compositions which will face off kang masa di AJL.

To friends, I personally congratulate Alya, Estranged, Stacy and Misha kerana meka akan perform kat pentas akhir. To Aizat - I am especially proud of you cause it was a fitting tribute (whether you thought of it or not... and I'm sure she would be really proud too, bro, if she was here... cuma pasni jangan emo ke focus sangat sampai hanyut lupa lirik). To Hafiz and Akim - bangga ada gak anak-anak murid yang akan beraksi pentas AJL.

Aku happy for them personally.

To Yuna and Hujan, congrats - and pada orang kampung aku, Bunkface, you guys are the future of our music where there are talents who also sing their own compositions. You guys, Estranged and Aizat definitely deserve in for the new breed of talents we want to lead the way.

Sebelom nak link pics... ni senarai penuh meka yang layak.

Senarai Lagu-Lagu yang layak ke Anugerah Juara Lagu 24
(Lagu/Artis/Komposer/Penulis Lirik)

Aku Skandal/Hujan/Noh/Noh
Tak Mungkin Kerna Sayang/Alyah/Ajai/Habsah Hassan
Bengang/Akim/Amir/Sheikh Qalam
Aku Rindu Sayang Kamu/Black/Yuzai/Yuzai
Dan Sebenarnya/Yuna/Yuna/Yuna
Rindu Terhenti/Tomok/Aubrey Suwito/Tinta
Pakai Buang/Stacy/Edry KRU/Edry KRU
Kau Aku/Aizat/Aizat/Aizat/Aizat
Pergi/Aizat/Pete Teo/Amran Omar
Bencinta/Faizal Tahir/Audi Mok/Faizal Tahir
Adam Dan Hawa/Misha Omar/Azmeer/Loloq
Masih Jelas/Hafiz/Aidit Alfian Ad Samad

Aku tanak wat prediction sapa akan menang ke haper. Wat skang, personally tuk aku, aku rasa lagu paling kuat adalah Pergi dan Bencinta (tu pun kalao Shila tak nyanyi yang menyakitkan telinga sampai tahap Akim wat tuk konsert Akademi Fantasia JAUH lebih meletop! Shila pon meletop - ala Altantuya uols.. pasang C4 lebih sikit... cam hanjeng sangat!!!!!!!)

Aku sakit hati tol serious dengar Shila nyanyi. Nothing personal against her, but I think she is so unsuited for the song. Sora dia tuh sesuai stakat lagu Britney Spears yang feeling overproduced in the studio je.

Anyway, a few horrible songs aside, looks like Muzik Muzik kali ni memang planned out well. For the sake of production - memang kali ni a good mix of bands, solo vocals yang power, mellower delivery and pop offerings. All in all, production heaven. Is that good for music in general... entahlah.

Anyway.. cukup panjang aku meroyan. Ni some pics.

Tuah anak... Rich and Velvet bawak anak meka

Hafiz masa PC

Estranged and Stacy

Smart dressing Alyah... anggota kelab Pelita baru...belanja Pelita woi da layak! Heh!

Anak-anak murid.. bangga aku!

Cantik sangat Misha Omar tadi

Tuh dia... make up flawless!!!

So tuh je la. Malas meroyan agik panjang. Nak siapkan artikel tuk paper yang meroyan sepenuh nya dengan penuh analysis yang mendalam. Fuh! Katanya...

Heh... anyway korang perasan tak pas Shila nyanyi semalam. Pastu Ezlynn puji puji when done, pastuh dia kata... "... walaupun..." Pecah perot kami kat sana gelak.

Dalam berdarah telinga... gelak gila babiks kita semua. Eh ok la.. panjang lak kang meroyan.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Soundrenaline 2009 Bali - The day after

So three short days in Bali. But lots of memories to take back. Yang penting - walaopon rasa kaki nak patah sebab malam Soundrenaline tuh, we had to walk a few kilometers to get to our ride sebab it was parked away from the main traffic which took hours to get out of.

Strangely soothing - the walk that is. That is until the next morning, when I realised that I had done too much walking in Bali. Betis, peha semua rasa cam over exerted sangat. But then again, having fun there, it was a small price to pay.

The next morning - on Monday morning, while everyone else I knew back home was preparing to work, I took a little time out to walk along Kuta beach. Wow... it's almost impossible to imagine that I cam all the way to Bali, Kuta no less, and this was my first real walk on the beach. Because of the packed program, I barely had any time to do anything else.

But puas la gak sebab dapat gak merasa Bali. Now it's definitely one of my must return to destinations. Check out how gorgeous it is. And dig the big waves. Patutla Kuta ni kira surfing destination gak.

After a quick stroll on the beach, it was back to more important things. Going back to Legian, with a quick detour to Poppy Street.

Didn't buy anything cause everything was pricier than Sukawati. Except for this awesome motorcycle helmet I saw.

Walaopon takde motor, and walaopon bukan leh pakai helmet tuh kat Malaysia pon sebab tak Sirim, but it was nice enough to attract my attention. Siap ada skull mask which was a one piece affair with the rest of the helmet.

Opening price? 600,000 Rupiah. Kimak... aku bargain sampai turun 500,000. Tapi tu je. So decided not to buy. Aku sound mamat tuh kalao 250,000 aku beli. Matilaaaa....

Headed back to Harris, and packed up. And we rushed to the airport. Kira spend every last second possible in Bali gituh. Damn... I am so going to return here (hear that Leo... plus on top of that makes me wanna go Jogjakarta all the more!)

Check in sebab konon da boarding when we got there pas load semua. Tak sempat isap rokok atau lunch. Cam kesial... sebab bila sampai ke dalam, kapalterbang pun lom sampai. Cam kesial AirAsia. Since kita da kat dalam, nak wat camna.. nak isap rokok pon takleh.. perot pon da royal rumble.

Seb baik turnaround time dia cepat sikit. Tunggu pon nak setengah jam je. Tu pun dalam keadaan lapar dan memerlukan rokok... rasa nak noya telan orang je.

Memang cacat la AirAsia ni. Menyusahkan orang je. Seb baik servis dia da mula ok sikit (walaopon tetap konsep sprint ke hujung terminal kan sebab plane parking jauh hina gituh). Tetap crew adik-adik! Tapi meka semua pala ok... so tak noya sangat aku ni.

I doubt you'd be smiling kalao kena dok sana.

Reached KL pon da lewat petang. Ujan ribut time tuh. Tapi sebab da redah kepanasan Bali (keluar bilik hotel je da basah kuyup t shirt akibat peluh), memang besh la cuaca.

Lengkap jugak aku dapat document perjalanan aku ke Bali.

Thanks again so much to friends at Universal Music Malaysia, especially Mujahid, Poji sebab jadi bapak ayam gituh menjaga kita semua sana, mas Dian yang menadi supir happening bawak ke mana saja and kengkawan yang made it fun.

Also to Nidji's awesome management who took care of us masa Soundrenaline.


Ok la... sapa yang sentap jeles baca posting pasal Bali, tunggu je update besok pasal Muzik Muzik separuh akhir ketiga di mana 14 lagu yang akan melangkah ke Anugerah Juara Lagu akan diumumkan.

Aku sambung layan episode terbaru Glee... me obsessed with Glee. Just finished watching Heroes while uploading pics and all. Getting weird.Seb baik America's Next Top Model and Project Runway da nak abih season. I can't take all this obsession in keeping up with the latest episodes da.

Night all.