Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A WTF moment

Just back from supper with my business partner and crew, where we also bumped into some of the girls who are part of the dance mob. Honestly, am too tired to blog.

But I know a lot of questions are bouncing around at the moment, so I guess I need to back up a little and tell you guys more or less what happened today.

Began early at the bank, nak settle some stuff. Rushing about here and there, I think I started getting SMSes sometime about 3pm on about the 'cancellation' of the Beyonce concert.

I made a few calls, and got confirmation that it's NOT canceled.

Within an hour or so, I got official word that it has been postponed. I didn't know what to say, and I guess I was pretty stunned myself.

But what I dreaded was breaking the news to my crew who had rehearsed for our mob tirelessly over the past week or so.

Everyone's put so much effort into everything, that I didn't want to break their hearts to tell them the Beyonce show is postponed.

Reached the training ground about 6pm. Over a hundred of our dance mob agents had gathered by then.

I pulled Boojae and Boboy aside separately to let them know of the official news I got. Endless text messages and ignored phone calls later, it was time to face all the kids totaling hundreds at about 7pm.

Waited respectfully for the Azan, and when it was over, Boojae gave an opening speech and all to thank everyone for being there.

Then I took the mic. I was nervous.

I told everyone, I had good news and bad news. From their faces, I knew some of them had heard the rumors.

Everyone wanted the good news first. Sort of.

"The good news, guys... is that rumors I know some of you have heard, about Beyonce's concert being canceled is, nothing but bullshit".

I couldn't believe how happy everyone was. They cheered, applauded, whistled... you could tell everyone wanted the Beyonce concert to go on bad.

"The bad news is... the show has been postponed."

When I said that, everyone just went dead quiet. No one was angry, upset or even anything even remotely close to those emotions I may have expected.

In fact from the hundreds of faces before me, it was nothing but sheer disappointment and sadness.

Oh Miss B... now look what you've done. If my agents feel like this, I can imagine how thousands more out there feel.

It didn't break my heart that I was not going to see Beyonce this Sunday. But it broke my heart that these kids were disappointed.

I know some of them, are not even Beyonce fans. They just wanted in on this, for the togetherness and the time together in a mixed crowd where everyone was different.

I just didn't know what to say.

Except, since we're all here, let's go for one round of the routine.

Everyone joined - for the first time, since most had been training on their own before this.

In the beginning, most just seemed, lethargic, bored and simply too depressed to dance. By Jumpin' Jumpin' everyone WAS jumping around and screaming - either to let out whatever frustration they had pent up inside, or simply because they were really enjoying themselves.

When we were done, half of them decided to stay back and learn the choreography more.

I didn't know what to say. Again, I was at a loss for words. Thank you everyone, from the crew management, my awesome team, and especially, of course, the mob themselves. I love you guys!

Beyonce may have decided for whatever personal reasons to postpone the show, of which we'll definitely get the PR version from her management soon. But damn, she owes her fans one hell of an apology for pulling this stunt.

I guess sometimes, divas are just too big to realize, how much they disappoint their fans when they do this.

When we were done, that's when we adjourned for supper.

We all talked a lot about what happened. Truth to be told, we all hope things will be ok.

News started popping all around the new organizations about the postponement. And it was as I expected. Everyone has made Malaysia sound like a pathetic bunch of losers big time, thanks to the stupid politicking of entertainment for some cheap mileage by losers (thank you PAS)

E! Online reported that, "Beyoncé has called off a planned concert for culturally sensitive Malaysia after facing some pretty fierce objections from Islamic critics upset over her sexy stage outfits and dance routines."

abc News reported that,"U.S. pop star Beyonce has postponed a planned concert in Malaysia after the nation's opposition Islamist party raised concerns about her performance, citing moral issues, concert organizers said."

NME reported, "Beyonce has postponed a planned show in Malaysia following protests from the country's Islamic opposition party."

AP said, "R&B star Beyonce Knowles has postponed a planned concert in Malaysia, the event's organizer said Monday, following accusations by Islamic conservatives that the show would be immoral."

This is truly, an embarrassingly WHAT THE FUCK???!!! moment for our country. Millions of Ringgit trying to build the image of our country, FLUSHED down the toilet thanks to political desperation.

Have you guys had enough yet of this fucking crap?

I know I have.

And to Beyonce, stop being such a whiny (choose your choice of expletive/nastiness and insert here)

PS - Go to J Squared for more info and updates.



i have a hope. beyonce should read this

Actually, I don't believe that there was a signed agreement in the first place. The organizers went ahead promoting the concert and selling the tickets, and also the press release (press release these days - NO value), hoping that Beyonce would reach an agreement with Malaysia.

The concert, was never listed on any of her official websites, except through press releases, again, as I said, holds no value.


She's a whiny b...She should just come and ignore all the fuss..she's too much, shall I say 'mengada2'..

It's almost heartberaking reading this post! Dammit!

it was heartbreaking having to tell everyone after confirming with the organizers. *sigh*

i know.
i was there and it was very disappointing to hear that from u.
i almost gave up from doing this even for coming to the concert.
i hope she will come, for the sake of her fans here in Malaysia.
we are her true fans.
we did this for her.

kobby fierce.

seriously, looking so sooo soooo forward to this. Love her so much but... i just hate malaysia more and more because of their pathetic so called immoral behaviour and lame excuses... BAN THIS BAN THAT... BAN EVERTYHING YOU JERKS!! i hope you a are happy for what all of u guys have done.. shit....

really hope that she read this... sigh