Monday, October 05, 2009


Started the morning by going for a meeting at AMP Radio Networks.

Walaopon badan letih-letih, but it was ok as the day went on. Smalam serious rasa lain macam. But masuk hari ni, whatever weird feeling da ilang.

Abih je meeting, had to sift through paperwork. Sorting out schedules, contracts and invoices. Aiyo... can't wait for the day I can afford to hire people nak wat semua keja keja cam nih. Seriously, this takes up so much time that there is nothing left for you to do at the end of the day.

Abih everything by late evening, and rushed over to choreographers session. The kids amazingly had worked everything out, so I can heave a sigh of relief there.

Esok ada Raya open house kementerian sikit, and then nak abihkan banyak keja office.

Wednesday, return balik to sessions for rehearsal for the flashmob. So much to do still.
Esok aku janji entry panjang sikit.

For now nak tidur... I need to recuperate. Smalam got eight hours sleep, but body still feeling weak.

Night all...