Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This is it

I have been dying to watch This Is It.

So finally the day arrived for me to catch the premiere of the movie.

Sampai Cineleisure with more than enough time to spare. Even had enough to scream obscenely at this stupid woman, who didn't see where she was going (makan angin sort) with her hubby, cause not only did she walk into my path (silap la langgar aku kena steamroll terus) - she had the cheek nak jeling kat aku, like really stare me down.

Like she was expecting some apology. Which I wouldn't have minded if she hadn't got this bitchy look that was like I'm in her way or something.

I walked off initially, but saw some friends just a few steps away, so started talking to them. Ten seconds later, I notice the couple staring at me still. Tak puas hati siot walaopon ko jalan tak tengok... matilah ko!

Aku sabar mula-mula... tapi da noya tahap gaban, I finally turned towards them. They stared at me with really ugly looks (could have been their natural expression). I held my tongue for two seconds, before exploding, "WHAT THE FUCK YOU LOOKING AT? NEXT TIME, FOCUS ON LOOKING WHERE YOU'RE GOING INSTEAD! Stupid bitch!"

Geram dowh. Serious... I could have been the gentleman and turned the other cheek and apologised. But being stared at like I was dirt, is instant redemption for kena maki abih da. So too bad.

Anyway, lepak depan Cineleisure for a while with mates about, and waited for everyone to group up.

Anyhoo, finally went up to the cinema. Well, fuck me! Terkejut sial! Ramai gila orang.

Amik ko.. merchandise on sale. I liked the t shirts - before I saw every Thong, Dev and Harith buying it. Erm.. nevermind.

I thought it was tasteless to be hawking stuff like this. Camna la orang tak kata trying to profit from Michael's death...

But oh well...

Pastu gi beratur. Mak aih.. panjang nya line.

Thanks to some nifty maneuvering, got in Hall 1 where we were in the batch of five five people. Slowly everyone came in. Yang bestnya ramai kawan bloggers dok dekat-dekat. Alamatnya, while waiting for the movie to start.. kecoh lah.

Spent 112 minutes watching it.

What can I say. I loved it.

If any of you want anything sensational - you're going to be disappointed. Nothing remotely referring to Michael. In fact, watching it, you wouldn't have imagined he was gone.

One thing for sure was that the This Is It show - had it gone on, it would have been his biggest show EVER.

The scale of it is amazing, and from the performances and the stunning visual delivery, it only hits home how rugi he didn't get to finish what he started.

I had so many favorite moments. Michael being funny with his quips occasionally. The dance sequences. The performances. The choice of songs. Everything.

If you are a Michael Jackson fan - you MUST watch this. In the cinema. Not some crap download or DVD. Trust me. You need the final experience.

Yes, no doubt you'll have to berebut with every idiot who wants to jump on the bandwagon with the hype surrounding the movie, but it's worth it.

This Is It celebrates Michael and his work.

Only by the end of it, did I actually tear up. Because at that point - you realise all the genius and brilliance you've witnessed, is now gone.

Yeap.. I guess even he didn't suspect when they coined This Is It, that it would really be it.

For me however, This Is It, for every real Michael fan, is closure. How to finally come to terms that he has left us.

I could see many people not appreciating the movie - and I had a friend who actually slept through a good part of it (sabar je lah). And a lot of people walked out of the cinema the moment the credits rolled.


Because I stayed. Singing along. With many other fans. We sang to the end. And there was a little bonus clip at the end of it.

And it was worth it.

So trust me guys, if you are fans... get your tickets... because this is really it.



i totally agree with u joe. i went to watch this is it & really cudnt believe that he is no longer with us. he was & will always be such a brilliant star amongst the stars.. a must watch!!!

it was amazing. especially the videos shot for the tour including the remake of thriller.

arghhhhhhhhhhhhh .... air mataku merembes!!!! rest in peace MJ!!