Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Snip snip

More choreography sessions into the middle of the night... pening.

Tapi at least siang tadi best. In the evening went for the launch of A Cut Above at BSC. They launched their biggest outlet yang one stop beauty center, which is like major celeb-junkie rehab plot sebab kalao korang nak sangat tengok artis - gi wat rambut sana, mesti dapat tengok muka muka familiar.

The launch was uber fun cause so many friends there.

Tapi dapat la reconnect ngan yang lama tak jumpa. Ning was there, so caught up a bit. Nikki wat show, and she's improved on her vocals and her performance.

Sesi borak ngan Hani, Atilia dan Noryn yang ketiga-tiganya ting tong.

And the best thing is - all the ladies are headed for the Beyonce concert too, so yes, they are going to be part of the flashmob as well. Yes!! Meka akan join our training session sebab they don't have the time or will gituh nak practise with the instrutional video kang.

Atilia siap kata hyped on All The Single Ladies, merasalah down bila aku kata we changed our performance tune. Heh.... korang layan pics dulu ek.

Potong riben agik bagus dari potong kek, kan?

Hah tu bab potong riben tuh. Owh by the way... ramai agik there apart from mentioned names. Syafinaz, Tony, Aishah Sinclair... erm.. sapa lagik ek. Slipped my mind lak sebab sibuk men-GRO-kan diri ke hulu hilir borak je (sambil carik bahan tulis)

Owh yes, kak Nita and abang Mahathir were there too. Nice to see abang Mahathir da sihat. Sempat borak ngan meka jap.

Sesi borak

The single and not so single ladies

Abang Mahathir and kak Nita...

Dayang pon ada!

Tony Eusoffe

The two divas!

Tiring day, mad and dashing about as usual, tapi happy sikit sebab banyak things clear. Now on to another day packed with... oh well... wait for the next entry jer la. Hilang semangat cita hari akan datang. Da tau it's going to be mad... again.