Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Seventh heaven

Today is the BEST day I've had in a long time.

Walaopon kelam kabut rushing here and there to settle stuff, it was great as everything went as I hoped for.

Started the day with good news. Bayaran projek lepas da dapat! Tengok angka tersenyum sendiri. Syukur! Good start for J Squared. Dengan projek berderet lagik coming up, memang aku gembira, berkat doa ibubapa aku, leh gak aku be part of something yang bertahun aku idamkan kejayaan camni - yang only now I finally see the fruits of my efforts.

Of course bab payment pon bagus wat all my kids - sebab bayaran meka pon nak kuar la alamatnya. Semangat!

If that wasn't enough - dapat discuss projek lagik satu in the works. Syukur!!!!!!

Was smiling to the max. Even masa dari Bangsar nak ke office kat PJ jam sangkut sejam sebab ingat nak cepat cilok masuk jalan melalui Universiti Malaya - tapi instead caught in a campus flash flood - senyum je. Tak rasa pon masa berlalu.

More stuff in the office yang good.

Pastu lak gi rehearsal. After a good night's rest, everyone was in a happy mood, and we had a DAMN AWESOME rehearsal night with the selected top 50, who will preview our dance mob in Zouk tomorrow night for the by invite only Beyonce preparty.

No drama, no friction... instead semua gelak ketawa because so many things happened yang gave us more reason to smile.

Sorry cause the last couple of posts ago, I gave crap pictures. Ni some pics courtesy of Joshua of our rehearsals tonight.

All pics courtesy of Joshua. Part of the top 50 in action practising for the Zouk preparty tomorrow

If you want to be part of the fun (since so many of you left comments after our KLCC flashmob saying you wanted to be part of our next) - come to Kompleks Sukan Bukit Kiara 3959 Jalan 1/70d, Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Kiara 60000 or just call my co-choreographer and head dance coordinator Boojae at 012-2500608. You can also call me at 017-2025900 (yes, in case you don't know I am the co-founder, co-partner and creative director of J Squared which also organised the KLCC flashmob and is in charge of the Beyonce Dance Mob)

How else do you get more info or get news and updates?

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And finally, learn the steps through our video tutorial by CLICKING HERE!

Oops... and I nearly forgot! J Squared has a home online now. Just go there by CLICKING HERE!

It's going to be crazy...but fun! See you guys who are going to Zouk tomorrow. Remember t say hi to me - trust me, you'll see me as I will be addressing the partygoers as well! Time to sleep now...

I'll leave you with the tutorial video. Remember, if you are going for the Beyonce concert, start practising NOW!