Saturday, October 03, 2009


Just a quick note sebab hari ni rest day aku tak ke mana....

Tomorrow, if you guys are going to be, or can head down to Subang Parade, sometime dalam kol 2pm, and am interested to get a glimpse of what Cuci The Musical is about - please do go there.

Ada apa?

Well, let me just say, with my upcoming flash mob happening (dah add ke lom kat Twitter tuh... - CLICK HERE to add for info of the flash mob), you can get an idea of what a mob will be like - Cuci style if you head on down there. Courtesy of my small talk with Afdlin masa rehearsal hari tu. Cayalah Flin!

Can't say more, but to meet the cast of Cuci, and also get first hand look into the musical which will be staged at Istana Budaya, just go there. Sapa kat sana jangan lupa lambai atau tegur.

Kalao segan, setakat nak senyum kang, aku ingat ko gila lak... heh... atau perasan kang ingat ada orang usha aku. See you guys and gals there!

PS - Aduh... esok one event, two open houses, and first major prep for flash mob. Pening. Monday morning da lah awal pagi ada meeting... ish ish ish.