Thursday, October 15, 2009

The preview

First of all, kalao ada yang bosan cita Beyonce nya konsert akan datang... tough luck. Heh!

Da nama pon blog aku, so I highlight stuff I do, and so on, and undoubtedly, Beyonce's concert ni memang the concert of the year.

For the next few weeks, benda lain ada aku kisah? Memang pudar la sinar pada apa saja yang kuar skang, biar filem ke lagu ke apa pon.

I'm sorry, but Beyonce's the real deal here. And finally she's here. And plus, I get to see her live again for the second time. Yeay! Kira aku tak penah la miss tour dia.

Yang pentingnya, ada kengkawan tolong usahakan pas berkali kata tak dapek nolong, finally malam tadi kata dia akan pastikan, aku dapat jumpa Beyonce. Yeay! Mintak mintak la menjadi.

Anyway, earlier this evening aku da awal awal pacak kat Zouk.

The Beyonce Pre Party lah, apa lagik. The event by invite, so dalam 1,000 orang je. Memula tu ada la hiccups sikit sana sini, tapi sebab kita seb baik awal awal da kat sana, dapat la iron out whatever thorny issues.

Thanks so much to all the parties involved, from Marctensia - the concert organisers, to Hotlink - the sponsors as well as Nasty, the event organisers. Not to mention the great people at Zouk yang made our stay there so fun.

Tapi yang penting nya, aku nak ucap tima kasih (macam sesi anugerah lak) to my J² team - which includes all the dance crews yang make up my agents for the dance mob.

Tadi kita wat preview for the mob we're organizing for the concert. Berdebar gak resepsi orang camna. But after we were done, damn, was I relieved. So many people came up to me and said what a great thing we were doing.

Ramai impressed sangat. Syukur. So if you guys yang going for Beyonce's concert (and there's a lot of you out there sebab tiket pon dengar da nearly sold out), tunggu apa lagi. Learn the moves now from the video we uploaded.

Again, if you don't know, you can find it at the Hotlink Beyonce KL Tour website, the hitz.FM website, the J² website and of course on Youtube.

Just quickie, apart from getting latest new on , you can also join our Facebook Events page and tell us whether you want to join (plus tell your other friends about the event) as well as on Twitter.

Ni some pics from being at the club about 4pm. Set up lagi katanya masa tu.

The club

The set up process

Owh Miss Sasha.. you ARE fierce! And so grayscale!

The location

Ok, so my pics are crappy. You want some real good pics of the event, head over to the Facebook Events page all courtesy of Josh. Aku sibuk gila nak coordinate everything so kelam kabut tak sempat amik pics sangat.

Dia siap sempat amik video of our dance mob preview. Watch it below and imagine this in Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil. Meriah ok! So kalao you don't want to be the only boring person not joining in at the concert, cepat belajar step!

Now that the pre party is done, it's back to auditions and rehearsals. Esok siap ada special celebrity friends training session tuk kengkawan artis yang akan ke konsert tuh.

Nanti je aku post pics. Got to catch some sleep...