Monday, October 26, 2009

Major moolah!

Today is runaround day for me. With stories done over the weekend, I had the luxury to chill a little.

That's if I didn't have to run around to go to the bank, to sort out a problem with my cheques and all. Damn banks. Seb baik ada member sekolah keja bank, so sabar je... tak stress langsung. Thank you to CIMB Bukit Tinggi for providing me with the best experience a bank has to offer.

Anyway, nak handle payment pada bebudak aku. So one of my contractors for one of my projects kena bayar RM25,000. Pening gak sebab dah la lama sangat nak masuk payment, plus so busy takde masa nak sort things out.

Nak tak nak kena sort out payment in cash to get things done once and for all.

Menggigil gak pegang RM25,000 in cash. And this is how it looks.

Doesn't look like much right? But that's 100 pieces of RM100, and 300 pieces of RM50 (100 in each bundle). The most money I ever held was when I withdrew RM15,000 last year. Damn! Rasa macam kaya... padahal duit keluar. Heh!

Elok-elok aku withdraw, I put it into my bag. Had to attend to a call just outside the entrance of the bank, when a woman frantically dashed back into the bank.

When I when back in, turned out the woman was a snatch thief victim. Aduh... peluh aku. I can imagine if I lost the RM25,000.

Settle stuff and all and tomorrow sorting things out in the office. I have an article and a column to finish, and I want to do it now so that I have time for the noon meeting tomorrow.

Owh, if you guys want to read my full review of Cuci The Musical in Malay Mail just CLICK HERE.

Until tomorrow peeps...



Hoi - that's what Check books are for la dey! - your sis

not when you can't sign your name the same repeatedly and cheque gets returned. LOL!

hahahaha...gelak guling-guling nih...muahahahaha...and still gelak guling-guling lagi....muahahaha