Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy birthday Vee

Can you believe it. At this hour, I am in my second meeting and pas nih one more to go before I call it a day.

In between sempat selit nak gi usha rehearsal Cuci The Musical. Merasalah. Damn, I am so tired. Tapi sebab hidup aku takde orang sponsor, kena lah usaha carik makan sendiri. Hah! Actually, bukan sebab cari makan... sometimes it's not only about the money...

Anyways, am so happy today.

Jap! Before I go on, ni saja nak share pics of the main cast of Cuci The Musical. Ni time meka semua posing sakan cam whore feeling bagai.. heh.. hamming it up for the camera.

Cake tuk sapa ni? Baca bawah

The stars of Cuci The Musical - Harith, Adibah, Reefa, AC, Afdlin, Zahim, Hans, Vee and Awie

Dengar oiiiii... yes you!

Aku da cakapppp... dengarrrrr!!!

Band apa lak ni?

Trying to make a hit?

Ni lah dia... kumpulan Old Boyz... matilah aku kena carot pasni!

Vee and Awie borak

Sempat pose tuh, si Vee

Oh yes... the cake? Kak Vee nya birthday, so brought a cake for her. Love her to bits. She's so down to earth and humble. And I have to say, pas tengok dia keja set Jalan Lama on location, she is one of those talented sorts yang tak banyak songeh, unlike a lot of names these days.

Dia ngan Shidi memang pala rock gila.. selamba kodok - to borrow Afdlin's phrase of choice.

Anyway, today's meetings was to finalise the details for flash mob project. Not just any flash mob. We're aiming for THE BIGGEST flash mob in the country.

Yes, if you will be in Kuala Lumpur at the end of October, you HAVE to be in on it.

Especially if you are going for the CONCERT OF THE YEAR!

Will start releasing details beginning tomorrow, but if you are interested - again - spread the word and add us on Twitter and get your friends to do it too! Just go to or CLICK HERE and follow us.

All I can say is, if you didn't get my earlier clues - it's got something to do on this event!

Get the picture?

If you don't, then tunggu for 15th of September, where the official announcement will be made, and you'll see and hear about it on TV and radio - also blogs, and online in several major websites. Yes, we're going BIG this time around.

So again - RING THE ALARM, and CHECK ON IT, cause BABY BOY, we're going to mob the NAUGHTY GIRL and the DIVA will definitely have SWEET DREAMS after we're done. So if you're CRAZY IN LOVE with the IRREPLACEABLE one, get your FREAKUM DRESS on - and everyone, not just ALL THE SINGLES LADIES, and LISTEN up for more info coming.

Agent recruitment for the flash mob begin tomorrow! Keep up to speed by adding us on Twitter and join the BIGGEST Malaysian dance flash mob in style.

Heh... promosi abih! But worth it... I'm damn excited about it.

Ok lah... need to check out some party locations (lucky me) tomorrow for a related event. I love it, love it, love it!

Being busy has never been so much fun!