Monday, October 12, 2009


Aku lom post any pics of how auditions and rehearsals of the mob we're putting together for the Beyonce concert, so here are a few of the hardworking hundred plus earlier today who rehearsed their asses off.

Yes, these are some of our agents. Different ages, backgrounds, races, orientation etc. Very 1Malaysia!

Some are not professional dancers, some are the best in the country from the most awesome dance crews and some just came to have fun to try to audition, and some just came to rehearse with us.

Whatever it is, it's all fun. Layan pics sikit of these beautiful people who are so dedicated to make this dance mob happen.

Negaraku or Zombieland? Dalam gelap pon practise

Take a 5



Sempat lepak jadik cyber cafe lak. Pakai Mac lak tuh

Another group

And another session

Happy jerk

Honestly these past few days have a lot of drama to deal with, but these guys and gals are the best. Lupa segala tiap kali berkumpul nak berlatih. Almost makes me forget how nervous I am because after the KLCC flashmob, I know a lot of people looking at how this one will go since it's bigger than the last.

But I guess, right now, at this moment, the only thing I'm really stressed is how my hair looks. Belakang pink patch tuh disturbing gila! See my last entry if you're wondering why I coloured my hair like this - sebab memang not out of choice.

Bad hair day!!!! Rambut paddle pop!

The hair is a problem. Tomorrow sibuk cam hari ni... but may find time to fix it. Tengok camna...