Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cyril, Halloween... simply magic!

Wow! Today has been a day where I run ragged!

Gila dowh nak lari ke sana sini camni. And tomorrow's not going to get any better.

Whatever it is, hari ni was worth it gila to go crazy, to park my ass in central KL to get some work done.

Yang pentingnya, my first agenda of the day, was a luncheon interview with one of my idols.

Yes, I love magic, and, I am a pathetically amateur magician (all theory, very little practical).

My favorite magician of all time is undoubtedly David Copperfield.

The current crop of magicians, or more appropriately - illusionists, that I adore are Wayne Houchin and Cyril Takayama. They are among the greatest minds in magic today, though maybe they haven't been able to achieve the Copperfield following.

Blaine? Angel? Not interested.

So anyway, my luncheon interview today was with... Cyril Takayama!

In town to promote his new series premiering on AXN titled Cyril : Simply Magic on November 19, I have to admit, being face to face with Cyril made me feel like a damn groupie!

I was starstruck! I rarely get that way, but he is amazing, and I can say a lot of Japanese will agree with me too as they have seen Cyril's magic in numerous TV specials for ages now.

The rest of us only have Youtube to thank, but soon, AXN is doing all of us a favor by producing their original program featuring Cyril's magic.

Anyway, Cyril was so cool! Aku terbodoh gila serious masa sembang ngan dia. Had a good interview with him. And yang penting, photo op tak lepaskan. Segan dowh nak amik pic ngan dia.

With Cyril!

There was also a bonus! I asked Cyril if he was still keeping in touch with his American based group, Magic X - and he said he was and pointed out that in fact, group leader and co-founder Enrico de la Vega was there. Damn... I was so excited that I didn't notice Rico sitting a table away.

Cyril sweetly went in while we were smoking on the balcony, called Rico - and I became a major groupie again! FYI for those interested - Rico is also the magician and creative consultant for Cyril : Simply Magic.

And the best part was, the nice AXN folks invited me to come for the Sony Ericsson event later in the night to watch Cyril's performance.

Needless to say, I accepted the invite and gushed on. Seriously if Cyril didn't have another appointment, I would have pulled out my Bicycle cards and begged him to teach me a few of his tricks.

After that excitement, had to head to The Weld. Met Janis, my colleague there. Was showing her my favorite costume shop cause both of us were preparing Halloween stories.

I love this shop. Honestly guys, if you are looking to rent a costume, or plan to make your own, or like me, just need some extra stuff like prosthetics and liquid latex o indulge in your amateur special effects work, this is the place. Their rental fees are the best in town, and they have a wide variety of stuff.

The best store for your costume needs

Make-up and stuff

Body and hair paints

Spirit gum

Prosthetics and latex stuff

The nice staff

The nice stuff!


The best thing is, kinda forced Janis to go into costume to model for some pics to accompany her story.

She did a witch first, but my idea to make her Wonder Woman, I must say, looked BEST!

Janis as Wonder Woman!

I swear she is so going to kill me for publishing this photo.

Anyway, since Halloween is next week, you guys better go and grab your costumes fast cause this shop is a favorite and you don't want to miss out on getting your favorite look for Halloween. The shop is open from Monday to Sunday between 11am to 8pm on weekdays and 11am to 6pm on weekends.

Costumes 'N' Parties are located at The Weld, L2-09, Level 2, 76, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur and if you need to contact them, call 03-21648184 or fax them at 03-21648185 or surf to their site at Costumes 'N' Parties.

After we were done, I just had enough time to head to KL Live at Life Centre to make it for the Sony Ericsson event. They were launching the new Satio, Aino and Yari phones, but like I gave a hoot!

I was there to catch Cyril's show only.

I recorded his segment where he did a short performance. I'd seen most of his illusions and tricks, but it was fantastic to see him do it live, including the Matrix levitation.

Will post the video as soon as possible.

Meanwhile... need some rest. Long day tomorrow again... oh well...


2 comments: him so much....the magic he do so real...paling gempak ms dia wat magic yg dia tukar baju after taking a bath..pergghhh superbb..