Friday, October 23, 2009


The day started out crap for me. Rushing about... a couple of problems cropped up and sent me frantically running around like a headless chicken, not knowing which to attend to first.

But then things settled down, and it was ok.

By evening, semua da ok. Went to Mid Valley to my sis's office after some things sorted out. Passed about some concert tickets to Akon. Gross! Have no idea why that loser can be allowed into the country even, let alone to perform, but Beyonce has to deal with so much shit.

Honestly, I think Pas are just a bunch of sexist MFers.

They really need to stop judging people superficially. I think all the see about Beyonce is T&A (tits and ass) while they think it's ok if some topless idiot humps a teenager onstage. Oh well.

Anyway, on tickets, I got tickets for Michael Jackson's This Is It premiere on Wednesday.Thanks so much to Steph from Sony Pictures. I also got the imported double sided theatrical release promo poster - nak frame kan and hang... collector item ni.

Can't wait to watch This Is It. Worldwide release is on Thursday (29th here) but I'm watching it a day before. Very, very, very tak sabar.

Anyway, caught Cuci The Musical. Amazing. I often think how overrated Puteri Gunung Ledang and P. Ramlee musicals are, and sadly enough, I think something like Cuci will be so underrated in comparison because it's contemporary, and has a lot of pop culture references.

Anyway, if you guys wanna watch good local musical theatre, trust me, Cuci The Musical is SO worth it.

The show is running from now until November 8, so get your tickets fast. Congratulations to everyone in the movie - everyone did great! To Afdlin, Awie, AC, Hans, Vanidah, Harith, Adibah... you guys rock!

Just hated Ramli Hassan who overdid the Tan Sri character, the irritating ensemble cast.

Apart from that - still worth a watch. Planning to buy tickets to watch again. Yeap, it's that worth it.

Muka berminyak, letih... and sebelah Vee lagik tuh. Aduh!

Was supposed to rush to The Loft for another event tapi sebab Cuci ended late tak sempat.

So lepak NZ mengadap KLCC sampai 4 lebih pagi menganyam ketupat ngan kengkawan.

Need some sleep....



oit oit frame jgn x frame!!!!

cisss .. jeles nak mamposs aku!!!

Cuci & hanz nyer team never dspnting me!!

Vanidah is so beautiful.

i hate akon too. and he was topless yesterday. tp arini cam senyap je semua...takde lak bising2 berdiri luar stadium ke hape

hey u! im watching MJ's This Is It movie too on this 28th October in UK..

in US the premiere will b on Tuesday, while it is on Wednesday 1 a.m in my place here :) luckily i managed to book the ticket since a month ago.. damn selling too fast now..

anyway, cant wait too!!! xx

frodo : jeles la tu!
edzlin : akon sucks big time!
ja : me anticipating!