Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Whoa! Today set a record! I have never sent out so many emails in a short period of time. And I don't mean like mass emails. I mean lik replying back and forth.

Ada krisis sikit, so I actually had my email on standby for six hours - until contingency plans came through and approved. Sakit siot nak wat event besar besaran. Aku pon masih belajar, so really had to pick up fast between endless emails and phone calls.

I thank my team for their dedication and time, as well as their patience and understanding.

So now, for the flashmob you've been hearing so much about (which you'll hear more about over TV and radio in a week) - let me introduce you two members of my team. The head choreographers - Boojae from Floor Fever - the baddass band of bboys yang memang perform everywhere (Boojae himself has served as judge for quite a few local dance events) and Boboy formerly from Glitters Dot Com (he is also the one I commissioned to choreograph for Nikki's Pop Rock semifinal for Caramu and Ning, Nikki and Yanie's Drama).

Stressed - Boboy and Boojae

If you are following us on Twitter, you would know we have had a change of plans. The earlier target was to use All The Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) for our performance.

But now we've gone another direction due to unforeseen circumstances.

Rugi sebenarnya cause All The Single Ladies was so happening. Want to watch the two head choreographers in action? This is both of them saja-saja menggila on the dance floor.

Ampun guys kerana curi record korang!

All in good fun. Aduh.. letih. Long day tomorrow with an event, and maybe rehearsals. Be posting more.

By the way if you guys are still not in on it - join us at Twitter for more up to date info by CLICKING HERE, or head over to our Facebook page by CLICKING HERE.

Ok.. ciao.



i love the video..
org baju grey tu mmg bestlah..