Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boo Zouk!

Spent Halloween at Zouk KL. So what did I think about it?

Like many of my friends who dressed up... there was only one thing on my mind.

Where the FUCK was the Best Costume prize? They offered RM1000 for the best look, but sadly enough, by 3am, there was no announcement. Even the staff who were asked didn't know how to answer.

With so many rooms within Zouk, no one knew where it was supposed to take place, and by the end of it, no one knew where the RM1000 was or who it went to.

That made the night a lot sucky - cause you would think Zouk would live up to its endless promotion for Halloween. Instead by the end of the night, it just looked like Zouk had put up a con by not announcing anything. And because of that - Zouk sucks big time for me for Halloween. Next year, there will definitely be a change of location on where to celebrate Halloween.

Oh well...

I had fun anyway, not because of the place, but because of my many friends who went dressed up for the occasion. Seronok tengok kengkawan nya effort. I mean honestly, it's not about celebrating Halloween, but more of just having an excuse to dress up (or down). And it was nice to see my friends all in their creative element - not just rent an outfit or go Toys R' Us for a cape (which I spotted on many people... one guy even had the tag still on it)

So here are some pics of my Halloween choice this year. Yes, I love zombies. Last year I went as Kurt Cobain back from the dead. This year, my theme is more of a local flavour. Think rempit knock up.

Fresh off the meat factory - just complete make-up effects

This is what happens to you when you don't wear a helmet

Only thing good about Zouk come Halloween - is its location which is creepily in front of a cemetery

Camwhoring in the dark

Having dinner at the Terrace at Zouk - what... you lost your appetite?

Steak? Definitely raw

There are a lot of details in the effect which doesn't show up so much on pic. Thanks to much the only qualified special effects artist in the country, my old junior from ACS, Ed. We talked about what we wanted, and discussed how to apply it all. Dulu wat seorang without proper guidance, it was ok. But this year, I seriously managed to scare a lot of people.

So thanks to Eds Creative Studio. Sapa sapa nak wat filem nak memacam effect, contact aku. Aku kenalkan.

But those who were there were grossed up big time and I have so many people who wanted to touch my face to feel it - before they ran screaming. Heh... I think my torn ear was a favourite.

Yang pentingnya, I think I was definitely the most photographed person in the club. From the moment I sampai, all the way to crossing the road, people just kept taking pictures with me.

I think if I had been paid a Ringgit for every photo, I would have made a few hundred from being in the club.

So there wasn't best costume or whatever offered. It's ok. Zouk sucks.

But I had fun anyway, without any help from them. Happy Halloween!



That is a bloody cool make-up. Props to the artist.

haha joe ur look was waaay better than mine! i baru only blogged about halloween, my look was gothic lookin gurl with bloody slashes and crying tears of blood frm my eyes :)

and YAY thank god i didnt go zouk

glad you guys liked it.

see my halloween 2008 pics to see my obsession with zombies. LOL!

cool giler ur make-up!!! thumbsup!

fuuhh cool gile! kalo saya, saya pun nak amik gambar ni. nicely done joe! love it!

ahahahah... tahun depan nak tema apa lak ek.