Sunday, October 18, 2009

The beginning of another killer week

Yeay, we wrapped auditions today for all the hopefuls who wanted to join our dance mob at the Beyonce concert.

And it was a crazy turnout. We had more people than we thought we would, and right now the dilemma is picking the right agents.

So, for all of those who auditioned over the past week, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

You guys rock. Not all of us are dancers, so it's not easy to get in front of public to shake your thang, that's for sure.

Apapon, callbacks have begun. Good luck to you guys who tried out.

Rehearsals start for real tomorrow for the hundreds of selected agents.

And for everyone else going for the concert, don't forget to learn the steps. Ajak kengkawan, your friends who are also going for the concert, and learn as many of the steps together. It'll be fun. And then at the concert, wait for the cue when we hit just before Beyonce takes to stage and dance with us. Let's set a record for the biggest mob in Malaysia.

The tutorial - lean the moves

Esok going to be hectic, butoh so much fun!

This is just a quickie entry, so just wait for tomorrow's entry.

PS - We also have a celebrity training session tomorrow for friends who are going to the concert and just want to train with us. Yeah... party!

PPS - Enjoy the parody of Single Ladies below. I think it's better than the SNL Justin Timberlake one. Who says Australians have no sense of humour.



It's gonna be a dancey weekend - morning with Michael Jackson's Thrill the World and evening with Beyonce! Ole! :-)