Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boo Zouk!

Spent Halloween at Zouk KL. So what did I think about it?

Like many of my friends who dressed up... there was only one thing on my mind.

Where the FUCK was the Best Costume prize? They offered RM1000 for the best look, but sadly enough, by 3am, there was no announcement. Even the staff who were asked didn't know how to answer.

With so many rooms within Zouk, no one knew where it was supposed to take place, and by the end of it, no one knew where the RM1000 was or who it went to.

That made the night a lot sucky - cause you would think Zouk would live up to its endless promotion for Halloween. Instead by the end of the night, it just looked like Zouk had put up a con by not announcing anything. And because of that - Zouk sucks big time for me for Halloween. Next year, there will definitely be a change of location on where to celebrate Halloween.

Oh well...

I had fun anyway, not because of the place, but because of my many friends who went dressed up for the occasion. Seronok tengok kengkawan nya effort. I mean honestly, it's not about celebrating Halloween, but more of just having an excuse to dress up (or down). And it was nice to see my friends all in their creative element - not just rent an outfit or go Toys R' Us for a cape (which I spotted on many people... one guy even had the tag still on it)

So here are some pics of my Halloween choice this year. Yes, I love zombies. Last year I went as Kurt Cobain back from the dead. This year, my theme is more of a local flavour. Think rempit knock up.

Fresh off the meat factory - just complete make-up effects

This is what happens to you when you don't wear a helmet

Only thing good about Zouk come Halloween - is its location which is creepily in front of a cemetery

Camwhoring in the dark

Having dinner at the Terrace at Zouk - what... you lost your appetite?

Steak? Definitely raw

There are a lot of details in the effect which doesn't show up so much on pic. Thanks to much the only qualified special effects artist in the country, my old junior from ACS, Ed. We talked about what we wanted, and discussed how to apply it all. Dulu wat seorang without proper guidance, it was ok. But this year, I seriously managed to scare a lot of people.

So thanks to Eds Creative Studio. Sapa sapa nak wat filem nak memacam effect, contact aku. Aku kenalkan.

But those who were there were grossed up big time and I have so many people who wanted to touch my face to feel it - before they ran screaming. Heh... I think my torn ear was a favourite.

Yang pentingnya, I think I was definitely the most photographed person in the club. From the moment I sampai, all the way to crossing the road, people just kept taking pictures with me.

I think if I had been paid a Ringgit for every photo, I would have made a few hundred from being in the club.

So there wasn't best costume or whatever offered. It's ok. Zouk sucks.

But I had fun anyway, without any help from them. Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Hari ni wat keja kat luar. Ada 'conference call' and had to send out a bunch of emails, and also make a lot of calls.

Had to sort out one ongoing project for company, as well as another for event I'm managing. Pening gak sebab nak deal ngan ramai orang... this period of my life is really a learning experience for me sebab banyak aku belajar nak handle stuff I used to hate (simply because I was afraid of it cause it was unfamiliar territory)

So operation base? Starbucks.

Ngan kengkawan sekali.

Tengok la memasing hard at work. Amik ko... teka semua laptop in operation tu laptop apa?

Laptop 1 - Mine!!

Laptop 2 - Kawan nya

Laptop 3 - Wait a minute... bentuk je... tapi.. erm... camna tuh? Ada Kenny Rogers lak kat Starbucks (banyaknya macaroni and cheese)

Yeap... it was busy, walaopon online je.

The gloomy and very wet weather made it cooling, so we managed to get quite a bit of work done.

Owh by the way, just to share, for you guys yang know what's happening with J² (J Squared), we've moved to a new home online. Thanks to Paan - our home site is now at - same place, just new address.

Another thing, siang tadi sempat lalu sekolah rendah lama aku. Saja amik pic for our Facebook group sebab my batch nak wat reunion Ahad ni. Yeay! So for those yang class of 1983-1988 (jangan carot ok.. memang semua da tua) at SRK Taman Klang Jaya yang kini dikenali sebagai SK Taman Klang Jaya (or zaman kita SRK Taman Goodwood) di Klang, join up, tak kisah kelas Anggerik, Mawar, Cempaka or Dahlia. For more info - join us at Facebook by CLICKING HERE.

Sempat snappy pics ni.

Burok siot rupa sekolah sekarang. Colour scheme ala ala dipilih orang rabun warna! Matilah!

Si Helmy kata cam scout jamboree, aku lak rasa cam melangkah masuk Sunway Lagoon.

But apa pon aku excited aku nak jumpa my OLD mates. Memang tua! Memasing umo da 33 dah.

And most of us have known each other from Darjah Satu, while some of us dah berkenalan sejak umur 5 or 6 from kindergarten. Some of us haven't met since Darjah Enam in 1988, for me - since aku tukau sekolah, some I have met since Form One in 1989... and some after habis sekolah tak jumpa langsung.

Some I haven't seen in years, and some, for almost two decades now.

To all of you, I miss you guys, and I hope most of you can make it, even though most of us are scattered all over. Tak sabar aku...

Belah malam lak (jauh lari topik), aku gi Banting. Ada urusan. Plus on top of that, God willing, aku akan start belajar silat. Ask me no question, and I will tell no lies. Merasalah misteri.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dhani the man

Aduh..tension nya! Semalam da la balik lambat, pastu gegas nak abihkan article nak kuar cepat.

Bajet nak tido puas-puas before getting up in the afternoon.

Sepanjang pagi, berduyun SMS dan call masuk kacau lena aku nih. Memang tau.. time aku lebih dari larat nak layan, takde plak nak call atau mesej aku. Tau je bila aku nak hibernasi ni ada yang ganggu. Hish!

Anyways, finally got up at noon - tak puas tido. But headed to Bangkok Jazz kat Chulan Square for the launch of Ahmad Dhani's new album, Muhammad Dhani & The Swinger - The Best Is Yet To Come.

The fun part of all this, is apart from respecting Dhani as a fantastic musician, a genius basically - hari ni aku jadi emcee bidan terjun (eh betul ke... ke bidang terjun.. malunya BM aku ni leh tak sure)

It was a good experience, thanks to Nur Iman Tang (aku masih panggil dia Tang sebab da terbiasa) and Anne for calling me up for this, and also everyone on the Warner Music team tuk mengajar budak baru belajar nih (bab emcee ni hado aku pengalaman sangat).

Takde la panic attack, tapi from someone with public speaking problems, it's good for me personally. Each time I get a chance to speak in public, I try and improve myself. Sori ek pada kengkawan kalao hasil keja aku bab ni not up to par... baik aku carot diri sendiri sebelom kena carot. Ha!

Dahlah aku sampai lewat (takde la lewat sangat tapi cukup nak panikkan Anne and geng la). But then again so did everyone sebab KL sesak tak pasal pasal. Aiyo.. apa tak kena trafik KL skang. Sampai aku nak kesian polis trafik bertugas dalam ujan pon takleh sebab cam tak perasan je belah jalan mana yang betol-betol sesak. Aku dok depan Times Square nya traffic light tu, ada tukau lampu sampai empat kali!


But glad when it was all over too. Relief. Didn't get to speak too much with Dhani. But memang besh la dia. Nampak je aloof, but he is one cool dude.

The men

The man

Dia siap perform Madu Tiga live. Layan le music video for that kat bawah.

Ok.. need to recover balik tido. That's all for today.

PS - Aku da awal-awal update sparuh jalan. Pastuh line Internet aku tetiba down. Aku tido, terjaga kol 3 baru ok. Apa kes Streamyx? Aku potong kang!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This is it

I have been dying to watch This Is It.

So finally the day arrived for me to catch the premiere of the movie.

Sampai Cineleisure with more than enough time to spare. Even had enough to scream obscenely at this stupid woman, who didn't see where she was going (makan angin sort) with her hubby, cause not only did she walk into my path (silap la langgar aku kena steamroll terus) - she had the cheek nak jeling kat aku, like really stare me down.

Like she was expecting some apology. Which I wouldn't have minded if she hadn't got this bitchy look that was like I'm in her way or something.

I walked off initially, but saw some friends just a few steps away, so started talking to them. Ten seconds later, I notice the couple staring at me still. Tak puas hati siot walaopon ko jalan tak tengok... matilah ko!

Aku sabar mula-mula... tapi da noya tahap gaban, I finally turned towards them. They stared at me with really ugly looks (could have been their natural expression). I held my tongue for two seconds, before exploding, "WHAT THE FUCK YOU LOOKING AT? NEXT TIME, FOCUS ON LOOKING WHERE YOU'RE GOING INSTEAD! Stupid bitch!"

Geram dowh. Serious... I could have been the gentleman and turned the other cheek and apologised. But being stared at like I was dirt, is instant redemption for kena maki abih da. So too bad.

Anyway, lepak depan Cineleisure for a while with mates about, and waited for everyone to group up.

Anyhoo, finally went up to the cinema. Well, fuck me! Terkejut sial! Ramai gila orang.

Amik ko.. merchandise on sale. I liked the t shirts - before I saw every Thong, Dev and Harith buying it. Erm.. nevermind.

I thought it was tasteless to be hawking stuff like this. Camna la orang tak kata trying to profit from Michael's death...

But oh well...

Pastu gi beratur. Mak aih.. panjang nya line.

Thanks to some nifty maneuvering, got in Hall 1 where we were in the batch of five five people. Slowly everyone came in. Yang bestnya ramai kawan bloggers dok dekat-dekat. Alamatnya, while waiting for the movie to start.. kecoh lah.

Spent 112 minutes watching it.

What can I say. I loved it.

If any of you want anything sensational - you're going to be disappointed. Nothing remotely referring to Michael. In fact, watching it, you wouldn't have imagined he was gone.

One thing for sure was that the This Is It show - had it gone on, it would have been his biggest show EVER.

The scale of it is amazing, and from the performances and the stunning visual delivery, it only hits home how rugi he didn't get to finish what he started.

I had so many favorite moments. Michael being funny with his quips occasionally. The dance sequences. The performances. The choice of songs. Everything.

If you are a Michael Jackson fan - you MUST watch this. In the cinema. Not some crap download or DVD. Trust me. You need the final experience.

Yes, no doubt you'll have to berebut with every idiot who wants to jump on the bandwagon with the hype surrounding the movie, but it's worth it.

This Is It celebrates Michael and his work.

Only by the end of it, did I actually tear up. Because at that point - you realise all the genius and brilliance you've witnessed, is now gone.

Yeap.. I guess even he didn't suspect when they coined This Is It, that it would really be it.

For me however, This Is It, for every real Michael fan, is closure. How to finally come to terms that he has left us.

I could see many people not appreciating the movie - and I had a friend who actually slept through a good part of it (sabar je lah). And a lot of people walked out of the cinema the moment the credits rolled.


Because I stayed. Singing along. With many other fans. We sang to the end. And there was a little bonus clip at the end of it.

And it was worth it.

So trust me guys, if you are fans... get your tickets... because this is really it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Alright. I have decided.

I now know what I want as my theme for this Halloween. Even though I have yet to decide exactly where I want to go and party - my theme this year is confirmed - zombie rempit yang kena langgar lori balak.

Amik ko! Vivid imagination katanya. Yeap, I decided to go out for full gore fest after last year's milder Kurt Cobain returns from the dead.

While last year, my prosthetics and techniques for application of the effects was DIY, this year, I have learned a lot more courtesy of Ed, who actually learned this stuff in London.

Am so excited to apply what I picked up from him. Memang tahun ni aku nak menakutkan orang.

Mana tau kalao ada rempit insaf pas tengok aku. Kata kau...

Anyway, this is going to be a pretty short entry, cause aku nak melatih some new magic tricks I got. Lama da tak wat kang karat....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Major moolah!

Today is runaround day for me. With stories done over the weekend, I had the luxury to chill a little.

That's if I didn't have to run around to go to the bank, to sort out a problem with my cheques and all. Damn banks. Seb baik ada member sekolah keja bank, so sabar je... tak stress langsung. Thank you to CIMB Bukit Tinggi for providing me with the best experience a bank has to offer.

Anyway, nak handle payment pada bebudak aku. So one of my contractors for one of my projects kena bayar RM25,000. Pening gak sebab dah la lama sangat nak masuk payment, plus so busy takde masa nak sort things out.

Nak tak nak kena sort out payment in cash to get things done once and for all.

Menggigil gak pegang RM25,000 in cash. And this is how it looks.

Doesn't look like much right? But that's 100 pieces of RM100, and 300 pieces of RM50 (100 in each bundle). The most money I ever held was when I withdrew RM15,000 last year. Damn! Rasa macam kaya... padahal duit keluar. Heh!

Elok-elok aku withdraw, I put it into my bag. Had to attend to a call just outside the entrance of the bank, when a woman frantically dashed back into the bank.

When I when back in, turned out the woman was a snatch thief victim. Aduh... peluh aku. I can imagine if I lost the RM25,000.

Settle stuff and all and tomorrow sorting things out in the office. I have an article and a column to finish, and I want to do it now so that I have time for the noon meeting tomorrow.

Owh, if you guys want to read my full review of Cuci The Musical in Malay Mail just CLICK HERE.

Until tomorrow peeps...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

As promised... simply Cyril

The original video was almost half an hour, which exceeds Youtube limits. So I cut the video to one simple coin trick (nothing's simple in Cyril's vocab) and also his fantastic Matrix levitation. Awesome!

Taking the day off to enjoy the weekend. Been a long time since I did that. Be updating soon.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Conversation overheard.

Lelaki Berangan : Jadi, memang macam ni ye. Ada tak (tak dengar apa diminta - tapi dalam nada berangan)

(Awek dok muka bangga laki so forceful)

Waitress : (Tak dengar, tapi explaining something)

Lelaki Berangan : Owh macam tu... ok ok.. takpe. Mintak bil.

Lima minit kemudian, pelayan kembali dengan bil. Si lelaki buat aksi keluarkan wallet, penuh drama, hands over a RM50 note, dan pandang kiri kanan untuk pastikan orang perasan kemewahannya.

Waitress : Encik... bil...

Lelaki Berangan : Here... keep the change (sambil senyum bangga)

Awek senyum bangga lagi dan berdua keluar restoran sambil bangga.

Matilah ko! Aku malam tadi gi melantak Kenny Rogers Roasters, meja sebelah tu feeling drama swasta sangat. Mamat tuh memang nampak nak show off sangat ngan awek dia, sampai entah dari kebun mana dia amik cuti, dengan bangga nak exclaim loudly... nampak sangat jarang kuar ke public places.

Bangga RM50 ko, bagus la. Hasil titik peluk ko sendiri. But perlu ke nak show off camtuh. Aiyo!

Yang si awek lak melayan laki poyo dia. Lagik encourage ngan perangai. Euwwww!!!

Banyaknya dua orang ni makan dating.. memang mewah! Patutlah bangga!

Jamban sangat perangai orang camni. Eh jap... sebut jamban, ada something related.

Petang tadi gi Aeon Bukit Tinggi nak lepak. Point was to grab a quick latte, dok wat keja sikit sambil watch people go past for inspiration sebab konsep writer's block, nak abihkan keja, sangkut sangkut sebab otak jem.

Tu yang episod atas terjadi time tu, before we moved to Starbucks to lepak.

Anyway, much later, gi balai polis sebab si Ed esok ada shooting kat Sarawak. Mangkuk tuh lak ilang IC hari tuh, tak wat polis report.

So takot sangkut tak balik balik, or worse still, tak dapat masuk Sarawak kang kalao IC takde, dia ajak temankan kat balai.

I headed for the loo, sebab memang the call of nature was getting pretty hard to ignore.

Balai polis Klang ni memang renovate nampak grand lah. Tapi bab toilet, fail! Ni bukan toilet yang dalam process renovation ok. Ni memang functioning toilets sedia ada yang nan ado!

Sinki atas lantai, I can deal with.

Clogged toilets, yang penuh ngan erm... memacam yang dah KERING dan KERAS... I can't

Balai Klang. Ada duit nak wat block baru cantik gila. Toilet cleaner tak mampu ke?

Harap harap takde sesapa yang tengah makan sambil layan entry ni. Kalao ada, sorry ek kalao rasa loya. Sila alamatkan apa apa aduan ke Balai polis Klang.

Euwwwwww!!!! Aku rasa nak muntah... tapi sebab takde tempat yang nak muntah, rasa loya tuh reverse masuk balik tak jadik kuar.

And that, my friends, was my eventful Saturday.

Eventful la sangat...biasa la kalao nak bertapa kat rumah kuar dekat-dekat je sebab malas jalan nak abihkan keja...

Friday, October 23, 2009


The day started out crap for me. Rushing about... a couple of problems cropped up and sent me frantically running around like a headless chicken, not knowing which to attend to first.

But then things settled down, and it was ok.

By evening, semua da ok. Went to Mid Valley to my sis's office after some things sorted out. Passed about some concert tickets to Akon. Gross! Have no idea why that loser can be allowed into the country even, let alone to perform, but Beyonce has to deal with so much shit.

Honestly, I think Pas are just a bunch of sexist MFers.

They really need to stop judging people superficially. I think all the see about Beyonce is T&A (tits and ass) while they think it's ok if some topless idiot humps a teenager onstage. Oh well.

Anyway, on tickets, I got tickets for Michael Jackson's This Is It premiere on Wednesday.Thanks so much to Steph from Sony Pictures. I also got the imported double sided theatrical release promo poster - nak frame kan and hang... collector item ni.

Can't wait to watch This Is It. Worldwide release is on Thursday (29th here) but I'm watching it a day before. Very, very, very tak sabar.

Anyway, caught Cuci The Musical. Amazing. I often think how overrated Puteri Gunung Ledang and P. Ramlee musicals are, and sadly enough, I think something like Cuci will be so underrated in comparison because it's contemporary, and has a lot of pop culture references.

Anyway, if you guys wanna watch good local musical theatre, trust me, Cuci The Musical is SO worth it.

The show is running from now until November 8, so get your tickets fast. Congratulations to everyone in the movie - everyone did great! To Afdlin, Awie, AC, Hans, Vanidah, Harith, Adibah... you guys rock!

Just hated Ramli Hassan who overdid the Tan Sri character, the irritating ensemble cast.

Apart from that - still worth a watch. Planning to buy tickets to watch again. Yeap, it's that worth it.

Muka berminyak, letih... and sebelah Vee lagik tuh. Aduh!

Was supposed to rush to The Loft for another event tapi sebab Cuci ended late tak sempat.

So lepak NZ mengadap KLCC sampai 4 lebih pagi menganyam ketupat ngan kengkawan.

Need some sleep....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cyril, Halloween... simply magic!

Wow! Today has been a day where I run ragged!

Gila dowh nak lari ke sana sini camni. And tomorrow's not going to get any better.

Whatever it is, hari ni was worth it gila to go crazy, to park my ass in central KL to get some work done.

Yang pentingnya, my first agenda of the day, was a luncheon interview with one of my idols.

Yes, I love magic, and, I am a pathetically amateur magician (all theory, very little practical).

My favorite magician of all time is undoubtedly David Copperfield.

The current crop of magicians, or more appropriately - illusionists, that I adore are Wayne Houchin and Cyril Takayama. They are among the greatest minds in magic today, though maybe they haven't been able to achieve the Copperfield following.

Blaine? Angel? Not interested.

So anyway, my luncheon interview today was with... Cyril Takayama!

In town to promote his new series premiering on AXN titled Cyril : Simply Magic on November 19, I have to admit, being face to face with Cyril made me feel like a damn groupie!

I was starstruck! I rarely get that way, but he is amazing, and I can say a lot of Japanese will agree with me too as they have seen Cyril's magic in numerous TV specials for ages now.

The rest of us only have Youtube to thank, but soon, AXN is doing all of us a favor by producing their original program featuring Cyril's magic.

Anyway, Cyril was so cool! Aku terbodoh gila serious masa sembang ngan dia. Had a good interview with him. And yang penting, photo op tak lepaskan. Segan dowh nak amik pic ngan dia.

With Cyril!

There was also a bonus! I asked Cyril if he was still keeping in touch with his American based group, Magic X - and he said he was and pointed out that in fact, group leader and co-founder Enrico de la Vega was there. Damn... I was so excited that I didn't notice Rico sitting a table away.

Cyril sweetly went in while we were smoking on the balcony, called Rico - and I became a major groupie again! FYI for those interested - Rico is also the magician and creative consultant for Cyril : Simply Magic.

And the best part was, the nice AXN folks invited me to come for the Sony Ericsson event later in the night to watch Cyril's performance.

Needless to say, I accepted the invite and gushed on. Seriously if Cyril didn't have another appointment, I would have pulled out my Bicycle cards and begged him to teach me a few of his tricks.

After that excitement, had to head to The Weld. Met Janis, my colleague there. Was showing her my favorite costume shop cause both of us were preparing Halloween stories.

I love this shop. Honestly guys, if you are looking to rent a costume, or plan to make your own, or like me, just need some extra stuff like prosthetics and liquid latex o indulge in your amateur special effects work, this is the place. Their rental fees are the best in town, and they have a wide variety of stuff.

The best store for your costume needs

Make-up and stuff

Body and hair paints

Spirit gum

Prosthetics and latex stuff

The nice staff

The nice stuff!


The best thing is, kinda forced Janis to go into costume to model for some pics to accompany her story.

She did a witch first, but my idea to make her Wonder Woman, I must say, looked BEST!

Janis as Wonder Woman!

I swear she is so going to kill me for publishing this photo.

Anyway, since Halloween is next week, you guys better go and grab your costumes fast cause this shop is a favorite and you don't want to miss out on getting your favorite look for Halloween. The shop is open from Monday to Sunday between 11am to 8pm on weekdays and 11am to 6pm on weekends.

Costumes 'N' Parties are located at The Weld, L2-09, Level 2, 76, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur and if you need to contact them, call 03-21648184 or fax them at 03-21648185 or surf to their site at Costumes 'N' Parties.

After we were done, I just had enough time to head to KL Live at Life Centre to make it for the Sony Ericsson event. They were launching the new Satio, Aino and Yari phones, but like I gave a hoot!

I was there to catch Cyril's show only.

I recorded his segment where he did a short performance. I'd seen most of his illusions and tricks, but it was fantastic to see him do it live, including the Matrix levitation.

Will post the video as soon as possible.

Meanwhile... need some rest. Long day tomorrow again... oh well...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Resistance is futile!

Indeed resistance is futile. Finally after all these years, of loving PC, I have now joined the cult of the berangan hebat apple logo bearing machines.

Why is my Macbook on my bed? Because after fiddling with it for a while, I knew I sought the comfortof something more familiar. My lovely HP Compaq laptop, yang aku beli dari hasil titik peluk aku sendiri.

Well, that and the fact that I didn't have any place apart from the floor for it (a Mac on thefloor??? Shock! Horror!) Crowded sangat da my bedside table.

So decided to pack in it its box. Pasni aku usung Mac aku ke sana ke mari je. Laptop PC dok umah je (leh torrent terusan... merasalah!)

Don't know much about Mac yet to really judge (sebab sebelom ni penah pakai light light je), whether I'll be switching over for good. I am so way behind technology (biasalah kalao beli ngan duit sendiri... motif asik stress bab tuh?)

Anyways... gonna call it an early night. Busy running around the whole day. Tomorrow's no different.

Except tomorrow is going to be amazing! Why? Because amateur magician me, is going to meet my idol - the world's best magician (please don't even think Angel or Blaine or I'll puke). The one and only Cyril Takayama.

If you guys don't know who he is, here's three of his videos to give you an idea of what his magic is about.

Oh, by the way, I know it's been some time since I update my schedule in the lower right hand corner of my blog... so dah kemaskini. Apa apa usha sana.

Night for now peeps.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A WTF moment

Just back from supper with my business partner and crew, where we also bumped into some of the girls who are part of the dance mob. Honestly, am too tired to blog.

But I know a lot of questions are bouncing around at the moment, so I guess I need to back up a little and tell you guys more or less what happened today.

Began early at the bank, nak settle some stuff. Rushing about here and there, I think I started getting SMSes sometime about 3pm on about the 'cancellation' of the Beyonce concert.

I made a few calls, and got confirmation that it's NOT canceled.

Within an hour or so, I got official word that it has been postponed. I didn't know what to say, and I guess I was pretty stunned myself.

But what I dreaded was breaking the news to my crew who had rehearsed for our mob tirelessly over the past week or so.

Everyone's put so much effort into everything, that I didn't want to break their hearts to tell them the Beyonce show is postponed.

Reached the training ground about 6pm. Over a hundred of our dance mob agents had gathered by then.

I pulled Boojae and Boboy aside separately to let them know of the official news I got. Endless text messages and ignored phone calls later, it was time to face all the kids totaling hundreds at about 7pm.

Waited respectfully for the Azan, and when it was over, Boojae gave an opening speech and all to thank everyone for being there.

Then I took the mic. I was nervous.

I told everyone, I had good news and bad news. From their faces, I knew some of them had heard the rumors.

Everyone wanted the good news first. Sort of.

"The good news, guys... is that rumors I know some of you have heard, about Beyonce's concert being canceled is, nothing but bullshit".

I couldn't believe how happy everyone was. They cheered, applauded, whistled... you could tell everyone wanted the Beyonce concert to go on bad.

"The bad news is... the show has been postponed."

When I said that, everyone just went dead quiet. No one was angry, upset or even anything even remotely close to those emotions I may have expected.

In fact from the hundreds of faces before me, it was nothing but sheer disappointment and sadness.

Oh Miss B... now look what you've done. If my agents feel like this, I can imagine how thousands more out there feel.

It didn't break my heart that I was not going to see Beyonce this Sunday. But it broke my heart that these kids were disappointed.

I know some of them, are not even Beyonce fans. They just wanted in on this, for the togetherness and the time together in a mixed crowd where everyone was different.

I just didn't know what to say.

Except, since we're all here, let's go for one round of the routine.

Everyone joined - for the first time, since most had been training on their own before this.

In the beginning, most just seemed, lethargic, bored and simply too depressed to dance. By Jumpin' Jumpin' everyone WAS jumping around and screaming - either to let out whatever frustration they had pent up inside, or simply because they were really enjoying themselves.

When we were done, half of them decided to stay back and learn the choreography more.

I didn't know what to say. Again, I was at a loss for words. Thank you everyone, from the crew management, my awesome team, and especially, of course, the mob themselves. I love you guys!

Beyonce may have decided for whatever personal reasons to postpone the show, of which we'll definitely get the PR version from her management soon. But damn, she owes her fans one hell of an apology for pulling this stunt.

I guess sometimes, divas are just too big to realize, how much they disappoint their fans when they do this.

When we were done, that's when we adjourned for supper.

We all talked a lot about what happened. Truth to be told, we all hope things will be ok.

News started popping all around the new organizations about the postponement. And it was as I expected. Everyone has made Malaysia sound like a pathetic bunch of losers big time, thanks to the stupid politicking of entertainment for some cheap mileage by losers (thank you PAS)

E! Online reported that, "Beyoncé has called off a planned concert for culturally sensitive Malaysia after facing some pretty fierce objections from Islamic critics upset over her sexy stage outfits and dance routines."

abc News reported that,"U.S. pop star Beyonce has postponed a planned concert in Malaysia after the nation's opposition Islamist party raised concerns about her performance, citing moral issues, concert organizers said."

NME reported, "Beyonce has postponed a planned show in Malaysia following protests from the country's Islamic opposition party."

AP said, "R&B star Beyonce Knowles has postponed a planned concert in Malaysia, the event's organizer said Monday, following accusations by Islamic conservatives that the show would be immoral."

This is truly, an embarrassingly WHAT THE FUCK???!!! moment for our country. Millions of Ringgit trying to build the image of our country, FLUSHED down the toilet thanks to political desperation.

Have you guys had enough yet of this fucking crap?

I know I have.

And to Beyonce, stop being such a whiny (choose your choice of expletive/nastiness and insert here)

PS - Go to J Squared for more info and updates.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The statement


Kuala Lumpur, 20 October 2009 – The Organisers regret to inform you that Beyonce “I am…” concert originally scheduled on Sunday, 25 October 2009 at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur has been postponed to a future date, to be announced shortly.

The official postponement press statement by Beyonce’s Artiste Management, Music World will be released by this week. The postponement is solely decision of the Artiste and has nothing to do with other external reasons.

The Organisers sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Fans whom have purchased tickets but can’t wait for the announcement of the new date, may proceed to refund starting from 26 October 2009 to 14 November 2009 at Ticket Axcess head office in PJ. For more details on ticket refund, please contact official ticketing agent Axcess hotline at 03 7711 5000 or log on

For media enquiries, kindly contact:
Goh Yoke Leng
Media PR Liason

Marctensia Sdn Bhd
(T) 03 2092 1199 (H) 012 3162883


Just as an announcement to everyone, rumors that the Beyonce I Am... World Tour stopover in Kuala Lumpur is cancelled, is NOT TRUE.

What is true is that the event has been confirmed to be postponed.

No reasons have been given at this moment from Beyonce's management, nor has there been an alternative date as to when the concert will go on.

The show will go on - including for the dance mob welcome we're holding for Beyonce. When, we're not sure yet.

Word has it that due to the time difference, Beyonce's management has yet to respond as to when the date will be, but unlike the postponement of Rihanna's concert, it will indeed go on in the near future, according to my sources.

Again, this is a postponement, not a cancellation.

I don't understand why some people decided to announce in blogs and Twitter that the show has been called off without checking. I guess, being the concert of the year, there are those who just want to see it not go on.

Will give you more info when I get it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The beginning of another killer week

Yeay, we wrapped auditions today for all the hopefuls who wanted to join our dance mob at the Beyonce concert.

And it was a crazy turnout. We had more people than we thought we would, and right now the dilemma is picking the right agents.

So, for all of those who auditioned over the past week, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

You guys rock. Not all of us are dancers, so it's not easy to get in front of public to shake your thang, that's for sure.

Apapon, callbacks have begun. Good luck to you guys who tried out.

Rehearsals start for real tomorrow for the hundreds of selected agents.

And for everyone else going for the concert, don't forget to learn the steps. Ajak kengkawan, your friends who are also going for the concert, and learn as many of the steps together. It'll be fun. And then at the concert, wait for the cue when we hit just before Beyonce takes to stage and dance with us. Let's set a record for the biggest mob in Malaysia.

The tutorial - lean the moves

Esok going to be hectic, butoh so much fun!

This is just a quickie entry, so just wait for tomorrow's entry.

PS - We also have a celebrity training session tomorrow for friends who are going to the concert and just want to train with us. Yeah... party!

PPS - Enjoy the parody of Single Ladies below. I think it's better than the SNL Justin Timberlake one. Who says Australians have no sense of humour.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


It's been a long time since I posted anything that was really personal. I stopped doing it, I mean like really kongsi bab peribadi, sebab malas.

Back then, bila berkongsi, it was a way for people to get to know a side of me, perhaps I don't show so much, or maybe just something that they overlooked.

Besides, all of us have our ugly side, and maybe with time, I tried to avoid pointing it out - not as a way to erase it, but more as a way to focus on what mattered, so that I could further better myself.

Hari ni, setelah sekian lama, aku nak luahkan sesuatu yang aku tak pernah kongsi disini. Bukan saja nak kata di sini... even kengkawan baik aku pun mungkin tak tau.

Aku dibesarkan dalam keluarga yang kecik jerk. There was my dad, my mom and my sis, and me.

We led a comfortable life. Nak kata mewah... boleh la tahan gak. Masa tu ayah aku keja memang stable, mak pon keja. Zaman aku kecik, aku ni jenis cuba sedaya upaya berkawan, but at times kekok and tried too hard. So in the end, most of the time, I withdrew into my own shell. I only trusted myself.

Yes, I had friends. Friends whom I would appreciate more later in my life.

But back then, it was me, alone with my thoughts that made me happy.

The late 80s, recession hit big time. Ayah aku antara ramai yang kehilangan kerja. Time tu aku paling nampak bukan senang menjadi an adult, with all the responsibilities. I never quite understood it, but I knew the pressure my dad faced.

Dengan semangat baru, ayah aku tried to make things better, and looked for other things he could do. Dapat la posting kat Penang... Singapore.... Setiap satu atau dua minggu or so, dia ulang alik to visit us.

Tak appreciate masa tu. Biasalah...bebudak. Kita rasa dunia kita la yang trauma dan susah sangat.

To cut a long story short, ayah aku, dengan berbekalkan banyak sebab, bekerja ngan adik dia.

Ni adik dia yang sama - yang ketika nenek aku meninggal meninggalkan harta termasuk rumah dan tanah pusaka, forged my father's signature to transfer everything to his name. Kalao ikutkan orang Cina (don't know if it's the same for other races - I am ignorant of that, I admit), ayah aku berhak sebagai eldest son for the biggest share, followed by me, and then baki nya dikongsi pakcik dan makcik makcik aku.

Tapi tajuk albumnya NAN HADO selepas pukimak tu kebas semua harta milik nenek aku, termasuk rumah dan tanah pusaka dengan memalsukan tandatangan ayah aku pada semua transfer document (yang ayah aku dapat tahu much later tapi tak penah bersuara)

Ko kena paham satu benda. My parents, jenis memang tak suka nak gaduh ngan ahli keluarga. Tapi disebabkan tu lah kerapkali, meka ni dipijak adik beradik sendiri.

So bab satu-satunya adik laki ayah wat camtu pun, ayah aku diam je... dan maapkan. I guess that's the moment I swore never to allow anyone, to in any way, put me down, or make me feel bad about myself that I had to give in and end up being the idiot.

Pendek kata, it was then that I became the hard-assed bitch I am today.

In short, sebelom aku melangkah sekolah menengah, aku da keraskan ati, and became full of anger about people who I believed were trying to shortchange me.

Anyway, sambung cita, ayah aku keja la ngan adik laki dia ni. Si pakcik aku ni memang licik. Belakang ayah aku, dia gunakan bisnes dia tuk bebenda tak elok. Ayah aku berkali nasihatkan dia, pon tak guna. Selalunya ayah aku mengalah dan jadi pak turut sebab sayangkan adik.

Sementara tu, my mom pun, walaopon kekadang tak tahan situasi, cuba la sedaya upaya mengajar aku dan kakak aku, ni soal hormat pada pertalian darah. Family is everything. I never believed that. For me, family (bukan my immediate family as in my parents and my sister), meant taking everything.

Masa time keluarga aku senang, sedara mara hanya tau rumah keluarga aku sebagai bank, tempat datang tuk pinjam duit... ataupon sebagai biro pengaduan tuk nak datang mintak ayah aku, sebagai the eldest son in his family and the second eldest among his brother and sisters tuk bertindak kalao ada yang tak kena.

Pas ayah aku stop keja ngan adik dia, he worked at opening up his own business. To cut a long story short, sepupu aku sendiri matikan business bapak aku - hanya kerana tamakkan keuntungan sendiri. I know everything that happened.

Time ayah aku sendiri turun padang untuk lebihkan tangan kat kilang dia sendiri, aku tengok ayah aku, yang tak pernah tolak kerja berat, walaopon dia management sort. Dia memang camtu... tak penah takot keja berat.

Anyway, pas ayah punya bisnes lingkup sebab keja sepupu aku yang lahanat tu dajalkan, keluarga kami tersadai dengan pelbagai utang.

Bayangkan... sampai tahap, jual rumah kami, pindah masuk rumah sewa, pun susah nak hidup. Dari rumah semi detached tanah besar, keluarga aku ended up sewa rumah teres kecik. Dari keluarga yang one car for each family member (ayah aku gemar tukar kereta dulu), kami bertahan ngan my parents sharing my sister's old car.

Never once did they complain.

Aku dan akak aku memang sukar nak tima keadaan. Tuk kita, family meant nothing but trouble.

Sampai ayah aku dapat EPF dia... semuanya tuk bayar utang je. Mak aku dapat pon, tuk settle utang ayah aku kerana bisnes lingkup tuh.

Pedihnya hati tengok orang tua aku yang bekerja selama ni, lose everything because of bastards who are fucking related by blood.

Today, my mom and my dad, are in their 70s. They are retired. Akak dan aku cuba sara kehidupan mereka sebaik mungkin.

Keluarga? Kebanyakkan anggota keluarga, aku tak kisah hidup atau mati pon. Belah mak aku ok sikit (walaopon sepupu lahanat aku tu belah mak). Belah ayah aku? Ada sekor makcik aku (younger sister ayah aku) suami da kaya, terus dia wat tak kenal family!!!! Padahal that bitch pon kaki rayu simpati kat pintu rumah kita dulu.

Yang paling teruk, pakcik aku, my dad's youngest brother. Memang pukimak.

Berkali kali dia dajal ayah aku. Ayah aku bertahan je. Dia tak penah burukkan adik dia. Sampai tahap kalao adik dia ketuk pintu rumah, ayah aku masih jemput adik dia masuk tuk minum dan berborak. Walaopon ayah aku sendiri sedar, kalao jenguk tu ada agenda. Mana taknya... masa ayah aku sakit teruk HARAM SEKOR PON NAK LAWAT DIA!

My sister and I took car of my parents. No one else.

Tak kisahlah berapa kali adik ayah aku ni wat dia camtuh camni, ayah aku selalu cakap... biar Tuhan yang menentukan. Kita hanya patut memaafkan. Anyway, it's all about family... yerlahhhhh!

Mak aku pon kekadang letih ngan ayah aku ni. Tapi dia nak ajar aku dan akak aku tuk hormat orang lebih tua.

Sampai tahap, tahun lepas, si pakcik lahanat aku mai rumah. Dia ngadu. Da cerai bini dia. Da memantat betina lain dan ada hasil. Dan juga masuk Islam sebab terus terang dia kata, kena tukar agama kerana kahwin ngan minah Sabahan tu, and plus dia kata bagus tuk bisnes ada nama Melayu. Apa punya manusia camni...

Dia jenis memang camtuh. Amalan takde... pada nama je. Tambah jijik aku tengok dia, sampai tahap dia da rasa agama pon dia leh main main. Tak kisah la agama apa pon dipeluk, tapi jangan bangga dengan kata-kata hina seperti tu. Tetap makan babi... tapi cakap punya la hebat.

Masa pas dia belah dari rumah, aku call my sis. We talked. Akak ngamuk. Memang tak suka bangsat tu mai rumah. Tiap kali dia jenguk, ada benda je dia nak mintak dari ayah. Apa lagi?

Dia da dok banglo besar, keta pon besar, wallet tebal. Semua hasil kerja haram dan merompak keluarga dia sendiri.

Aku dan akak aku dok slow talk ngan parents kita. Kini, rumah kita usaha bertahun beli dan bayar, milik dalam nama akak aku. Kita abihkan duit tuk sara orang tua kita.

Dengan itu, kita putuskan, dan bagitau orang tua kita, kita tanak tengok pukimak tu jejak rumah keluarga lagi. Walao apaon sebabnya.

Ayah paham. Dia tak kata setuju ke tak. Aku terangkan kat ayah. Keluarga kami selama ni susah, is especially because of this bastard, and setelah bertahun kami bertahan, kami akhirnya dapat kehidupan di mana kami tak rasa sangat kesempitan. Tanpa bergantung pada sesapa.

And because of that, memang we, my sis and I tanak dia dalam our lives. Our home.

Ayah tak cakap apa. Mak pon tak senang sebenarnya dia ada, tapi cuba nak pujuk kita.

Kita berkeras.

Lahanat tu menghilang seperti biasa pastuh.

Pagi tadi, aku terjaga dari tidur. Ayah aku ketuk pintu secara perlahan dan kejutkan aku bangun dengan memanggil nama aku berkali kali.

Aku terjaga ingat kenapa. Mana taknya. My dad has been having severe back pain these couple of days. Risau gak apa apa serious kang.

Dengan mamai - aku terdiam bila ayah aku bagitau pakcik aku tengah kritikal.

Aku tengok muka ayah aku. Sedih.. tapi tanpa any real notable expression. Ayah aku memang jenis susah nak tunjuk emosi. Masa aku kecik, memang ayah aku cam aku skang. Cepat marah dan cepat melatah. Semakin lanjut usia, semakin control.

Dia dan mak jemput makcik aku yang sulung tuk gi lawat pakcik aku.

Beberapa jam kemudian meka balik. Aku yang terjaga bunyi meka balik keluar ke ruang tamu.

My dad said in Hokkien, that my uncle da takde. Meka tak sempat jumpa dia. Sampai je dan ninggal.

Sebenci aku kat si pukimak sekor tu, dia tetap adik ayah aku.

Don't get me wrong, yes, I hardly feel anything now that the bastard has died. Aku cuma sedih sebab ayah aku kehilangan sorang adik. A spoilt, selfish, bastard of a younger brother, but nonetheless, his brother.

Aku terus berjanji ngan diri aku. Walaoapapon, aku akan terus jaga orang tua aku seperti aku penah janjikan dulu, and do the best for them.

As for my late uncle - wherever you are... all I can say is... FUCK YOU!

Bawaklah harta yang ko rompak dari darah daging ko selama ni ke dalam lubang kubor! Aku takkan maapkan ko sampai bila bila.

Anyone who hurts my parents, will never be deserving of any sort of sympathy from me.

God is great and will forgive. I'm only human, and I won't.

Aku tau... mesti ada yang kata tak baik.. orang da pergi... etc. Tapi aku memang terlalu sayangkan orang tua aku.

Aku pernah cerita all this to the late kak Min. She told me to forgive. I said I never will. She said don't hold on to the bitterness. I said, I held on it because I want to learn from the mistakes my dad made.

Aku penah pakat ngan akak aku. Orang tua kita adalah segalanya.

And I'm sorry if I so cold and unforgiving for those of you reading this. But I am. Now you know a side of me that I never wanted to share.

And kalao Tuhan yang Maha Mengampuni dapat offer the forgiveness to someone like that asshole, aku doakan dia akan maafkan diri aku yang hina ini kerana masih berpegang pada kemarahan yang amat yang terbenam dia dalam hati aku ni.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thank you

Yes, a big thank you is in order.

Hari ni we had a celebrity rehearsal session for our friends and supporters of the Beyonce flashmob project.

Antara yang join, Atilia, Yasmin Hani, Daphne Iking, Siti Saerah and Nikki. Thank you so much ladies. Sayang si Sazzy Falak tak dapat join cause she had her shoot for Galaksi which ended late. Apart from that Aishah Sinclair, Dynas Mokhtar and Ning Baizura pun masing masing couldn't make it last minute sebab their own commitments. Takpe... nanti mai ek minggu depan.

Just a bit of an update. Auditions for agents for the flash mob are extended. If you're interested to join and be our 'agent' for the concert - get more info at myjsquared by CLICKING HERE. Jangan tunggu lama lama...

Meanwhile, for those who want to see how easy and fun it is to join us (it's so easy to do it if you give it a chance), see these 8 and 9 year-old kids who showed up for our audition today.

Anyway, happy Diwali to all my friends out there celebrating the festival of lights, and everyone else, happy holidays and have a good, fun but safe weekend.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The preview

First of all, kalao ada yang bosan cita Beyonce nya konsert akan datang... tough luck. Heh!

Da nama pon blog aku, so I highlight stuff I do, and so on, and undoubtedly, Beyonce's concert ni memang the concert of the year.

For the next few weeks, benda lain ada aku kisah? Memang pudar la sinar pada apa saja yang kuar skang, biar filem ke lagu ke apa pon.

I'm sorry, but Beyonce's the real deal here. And finally she's here. And plus, I get to see her live again for the second time. Yeay! Kira aku tak penah la miss tour dia.

Yang pentingnya, ada kengkawan tolong usahakan pas berkali kata tak dapek nolong, finally malam tadi kata dia akan pastikan, aku dapat jumpa Beyonce. Yeay! Mintak mintak la menjadi.

Anyway, earlier this evening aku da awal awal pacak kat Zouk.

The Beyonce Pre Party lah, apa lagik. The event by invite, so dalam 1,000 orang je. Memula tu ada la hiccups sikit sana sini, tapi sebab kita seb baik awal awal da kat sana, dapat la iron out whatever thorny issues.

Thanks so much to all the parties involved, from Marctensia - the concert organisers, to Hotlink - the sponsors as well as Nasty, the event organisers. Not to mention the great people at Zouk yang made our stay there so fun.

Tapi yang penting nya, aku nak ucap tima kasih (macam sesi anugerah lak) to my J² team - which includes all the dance crews yang make up my agents for the dance mob.

Tadi kita wat preview for the mob we're organizing for the concert. Berdebar gak resepsi orang camna. But after we were done, damn, was I relieved. So many people came up to me and said what a great thing we were doing.

Ramai impressed sangat. Syukur. So if you guys yang going for Beyonce's concert (and there's a lot of you out there sebab tiket pon dengar da nearly sold out), tunggu apa lagi. Learn the moves now from the video we uploaded.

Again, if you don't know, you can find it at the Hotlink Beyonce KL Tour website, the hitz.FM website, the J² website and of course on Youtube.

Just quickie, apart from getting latest new on , you can also join our Facebook Events page and tell us whether you want to join (plus tell your other friends about the event) as well as on Twitter.

Ni some pics from being at the club about 4pm. Set up lagi katanya masa tu.

The club

The set up process

Owh Miss Sasha.. you ARE fierce! And so grayscale!

The location

Ok, so my pics are crappy. You want some real good pics of the event, head over to the Facebook Events page all courtesy of Josh. Aku sibuk gila nak coordinate everything so kelam kabut tak sempat amik pics sangat.

Dia siap sempat amik video of our dance mob preview. Watch it below and imagine this in Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil. Meriah ok! So kalao you don't want to be the only boring person not joining in at the concert, cepat belajar step!

Now that the pre party is done, it's back to auditions and rehearsals. Esok siap ada special celebrity friends training session tuk kengkawan artis yang akan ke konsert tuh.

Nanti je aku post pics. Got to catch some sleep...