Saturday, September 12, 2009


Aw man. This weekend is where I get some ME time, so sorry for the delay in updating.

Semalam gi buka puasa kat Pavilion, hosted by kengkawan corporate communication from Media Prima TV. Thanks guys, so much for your hospitality.

Yang pentingnya, walaupun merata aku buka puasa, this was one of the coolest place in terms on locale. It's on the sixth floor of Pavilion, tapi yang aku paling suka, the outdoor area which has like a 180 degrees view of the surrounding area.

And it's like right next to the main entrance, so you can just watch the world go by. Excellent!! Nama tempat tu Al-Amar tak silap aku kalao korang nak check it out.

The food there was great too - tapi kalao tak suka makanan Arab ni takyah la gih... nyesal kang. Yang penting aku suka.

The view from my table

To my left - the Pavilion main entrance, from the sixth floor view

The outdoor area - I like!

The indoor area - boring!

Round 1 (pecah lobang lak banyak round)... ni snap pas da mula makan

My view behind me as I smoke after my meal

Lepaked a little with friends. Trying to enjoy the weekend. A little stressed...

Saturday pun lepak day with friends. Tak jadi tengok Final Destination in 3D. Nak sangat... esok je lah.