Saturday, September 05, 2009

When five hours is fast

Ni a quickie little update.

Arrived at Belum forest reserve dah. Sempat two hours rest semalam pas sampai, and then it was the move to location in a while for the shooting of a new movie called Jalan Lama - a film by Afdlin Shauki for Tayangan Unggul.

Gerak dari KL about 9.30am. Stopped for lunch (dengan alasan musafir kan?!) and resumed journey. Sampai about 2.30pm.

Staying at Belum Forest Resort. Terus lah snappy snappy kan?

Me likey!

Will update later. Internet sini ada.. but have a feeling not much time nak update blog ni (masa ada time lak mesti tengah hutan so... sabar je la).

PS - Don't like the room number!