Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Umie gets a ring on it

I wanted to update earlier, but balik pon da lewat sangat so tak sempat. Still rushing about tomorrow as usual, so aku bagi korang pics je la.

Oh by the way, something very exciting is happening. I'm going to Shibuya, Japan next year!!! Adalah... kalao korang nak pon leh ikut. But of course you got to do something lah.

Had two events to cover, first was the launch of the Golden Awards by ntv7. They're doing local Chinese version of the Emmy Awards next year. Felt so lost at the event.

I mean everyone was speaking Cantonese and I had no freaking clue. And there was so much tlk it gave me a headache because I had no idea what was going on for most of the time. Heh. I feel like such a banana!

Later in the night, there was Umie's engagement. Suka sangat majlis pertunangan dia. Kengkawan ramai, and it was between the families of both side, as well as friends. Tapi in the duplex (penthouse kot) just near my place in Mont Kiara, it was a little cramped.

Aku malas nak type pepanjang. So many emails to send out. Korang layan pics kang aku story panjang sikit.

Thanks anyway Umie for personally inviting me. Hugs luv. And congratulations!!!


So many people

Umie looked stunning

Zahida and Erra were her 'sidekicks'

Dengan bakal mother-in-law

Tengok Erra tuh.. emo! Amik ko! Matilah aku kena carut Erra pasni!

The rest of the majlis


The hantaran

Erra... she loves happy moments like this

Nasha sibuk amik pic semua orang

Umie and her lovely boys

With my big sis Nasha

Fugly picture - but Nora looks so cute as always

Lisa... wind in hair moment

Cupcakes! I like!

With the soon to be bride!

Yes, in case you're wondering... my hair IS platinum now. Nak putihkan sampai ala uban. Saja je nak menggila. Da lama tak wat.

By the way, Umie's engagement ring is a Chopard. I like! Nice and simple and not over the top. Ok lah... nanti je post entry baru.



congrats umie. simple but very meaningful. wahh joe mcm vokalis my chemical romance pulak.

sukenyer rambut baru ko joe!

feeling gwen stefani ka?? *larikss*

sukenyer rambut baru ko joe!

feeling gwen stefani ka?? *larikss*

cantiknya kak umie!!!! joe daring giler... go go go! hehehhe

woohhoooo congrats umie. and joe, i love ur hair

diamond ring simple and not over the top? are you crazy??!! berapa ramai artis ko tau yang dapat batu besar tu from chopard? it IS over the top. tapi very elegant and tasteful.

which is what i meant when i said not OTT. not from the brand, or the cost - but by the design of it. simplicity! not tacky sebab mahal.

and thanks guys for the kind words but rambut aku tak siap agik. nak putih silver platinum. ehehehee... on the way there.