Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The truth is...

I'm hitting my head repeatedly trying to bash something out that's witty and funny and interesting so you guys can have a fun read.

But the truth is, right now... I'm channeling my creative energy into making an audition video for something. Will fil you guys in on that.

Apart from that a meeting just ended, after a hard day's work at the office, so I'm kind of drained.

One major project in the making (which means weeks of sourcing out contacts and endless meetings to follow, not to mention rewritten proposals and more paperwork to justify it all to non-creative folk).

Esok lak janji nak bawak kawan kakak aku ke Nilai 3 for her to scout some household stuff before a session in the evening to tape the video.

Busy preparing a little script now, so... nanti je la aku posting entry panjang sikit.

Biasalah. Time Raya lagi ni, everyone's still rocking away festively and no one has the mood for anything else.

By the way, before any of you ask, no, I am not sure on attending the Black Eyed Peas concert on Friday. Though I'm sure it will be awesome, I also have a wedding do for my cousin on both Friday and Saturday, which I look forward to - as much as having my toe nails pulled out.

Owh.. enough already. Be blogging soon. Bagi can aku sikit ek hari ni nak slack off.

Until tomorrow...