Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time to quit

Yes, perhaps it's time to quit.

Bukan pasal blogging la. Perlu ke? I started this blog for myself, no one else. Dari takde orang baca pon, sehingga satu hari nanti takde orang nak baca blog aku ni pon, aku sanggup nak blog still. It's my indulgence.

Anyway, yang aku kata nak quit ni pasal ni. Semalam... well... way past tengah malam so kira early morning tadi, gi Uptown kat Shah Alam ngan beberapa orang kawan. Check out what I got from a friend yang berniaga there.

What is this contraption, you ask? Senang je... it's called the Health E-Cigarettes.

The bottom part of the ciggy leh cucuk USB to charge. What you do is when it's fully charged, you stuff the fuse thingie into the filter (it comes with 10 filters which hold a liquid compund) which is diffused the moment you inhale, and the fuse heats up.

It simulates smoking.

If you think that's uncool, think again. The end of the ciggy has an LED which lights up exactly like a real cigarette with a glow - and dims out as you release.

And the bestest thing? Siap ada asap bila ko hembus! I like!

I don't know if it works but hari pertama ni aku pakai pon I prefer it over a real cigarette.

The advantages : no smell (actually it smells good cam shisha) , no ash, no fire hazard, no cancer... and it's cheaper too. One pack - RM70, which is equivalent of about eight packs of 20s. Since I smoke a pack a day, and this will last me sightly longer - I think this is a good alternative.

Pasni kalao beli refill lagik murah. I like!

Yang pentingnya, I can even smoke indoors now, because it's not ike real smoking anyway. Yeay! Now I can finally smoke in the office, in malls... freedom!!!!

One of my friends bought something interesting, but erm... not as hot.

Kind of tacky. But I think it's cute in a way. Amik ko...

Kesian though bebudak kalao dapat yang paket cover RM50 tapi isinya RM1.

Amik ko... kelakar. Actually I would love to see a kid get the package that the contents doesn't have a value even close to what it looks like outside.

Heh... nasty.



haha i love the envelope. my dad have that e-cigarettes. but he seems to be hold to that thing for a month or two before back to dunhill. huhu. i hope u stick to this one.

eheheheh.. so far cut down banyak gak. sampul tu kelakar.. but jadi keam kalao bagi budak. ekekeke

joe ...kat mana nak beli e cigarettes ni yer? pls help.