Monday, September 21, 2009

Still missing you

Didn't know whether I should post this or not. I did go somewhere earlier yesterday. Memandangankan Raya kedua, I had already delayed something I wanted to do pagi hari pertama itself.

So finally, ajak Muzaffar, and we met in Subang to visit the grave of a dear friend who passed almost two months ago.

Sedih sangat... and I couldn't even find her favourite tuber roses too. Smiled when saw a jar full of them, which I think must have been brought by her family.

Said a prayer, and just as finished, it started to rain. Which was a good sign, I suppose.

Wherever you are kak Min, we're missing you dearly.



Hey Joe,

Missed her too... Al Fatihah and to you Joe, may God bless you really hope you will achieve your dream for you are a good person.

Selamat Hari Raya


Mona, Kuching

thanks for the wish mona. i am like everyone else. nothing more.

we all have something inside use that makes us all uniquely special. just sometimes we need that push to get it out.

I just saw a vid of her talk for And am reminded of the treasure we all, as Malaysians, lost.


I miss her too, albeit only knowing her from her works.