Thursday, September 03, 2009

Please read this if you are a proud Malaysian

Yes, our Home minister says don't blame those cow stompers and spitters. They did it because they were 'victims' apparently.

Tak percaya? Here's what Hishammuddin Hussein had to say.

Kesian kan these people. No one wants to layan them because it's inhuman to call them racists or bigots just because they can't tolerate the building of an Indian temple in their area.

Yes, let's all believe Hisham too. It really is that simple, isn't it?

For fun's sake, let's just watch a video of the demo last Friday - which strangely enough I haven't been seeing enough of on all TV stations.

Owh, and we can all thank Rais for that.

Don't make any hasty judgements now... let's just refresh our memories.

Mmmm... maybe... maybe it's just... well coincidental evidence.

If you think that, then DON'T CLICK HERE to read ABOUT THIS at all because NONE OF THIS is probably TRUE anyway.

“Jangan dicabar. Anda kata kami tidak pulang di Seksyen 23, namun kami tetap pertahankan 23 daripada dinaiki kuil.”

"Jaga-jaga! Kami cabar kamu datang ke Seksyen 23 andai kata kamu ingin melihat berdarah."

Yeap.. sounds like victims to me. Of bad Bahasa Malaysia.

Yes, that statement on video by Ibrahim Sabri really proves they're REALLY victims. Just watch that video and compare to Hisham's statements and then, go to that link if you want to read allegations of who's who in the protest.

Korang tengok la sendiri video diatas nak nilaikan mana benar dan mana tidak. Maybe Hisham should watch the video of the protest before he speaks in the capacity as a miniter.

Pay special attention to the protest video minit 3:05

Have fun!



I'm disgusted to da max. He thinks we're sooo stoopid issit??

Adoi laaa... am very ashamed with these people yang macam katak bawah tempurung.

First, dorang tak paham macam mana orang yang beragama Hindu nak bina kuil. Bukan macam orang Islam, boleh buat kat mana-mana saja.

Kalau takmo kuil tu dibina berhampiran sekolah atau surau/masjid, mintak la tolong kat orang-orang yang beragama Hindu tu carik tempat lain yang auspicious. Mesti ada punyalah. Dah jumpa tempat baru, bagitau kerajaan kat mana tempat tu, then pegi buat kat situ. Problem solved.

Tak perlu nak berarak bagai bawak kepala lembu ke apa ke.. tak hormat langsung! Don't they know that cow is sacred to the Hindus? Konpem tak tau.

Tapi sebab apa dorang berarak? Sebab orang atasan takmo dengar. Balik balik toleransi sesama kaum. Fine, tapi lokasi kena tengok. Even nak buat surau/masjid pun dorang kena tengok lokasi.. apsal takleh buat benda yang sama?

P/S: Aku seorang Muslim tapi aku bukan macam katak bawah tempurung.

Penting tu perasaan hormat menghormati agama dan hak orang lain...... Jangan kerana perbuatan kita nanti....ramai orang lain yang tidak bersalah menjadi mangsa......

Lihat post chekdee tentang pendet dance.....bagaimana kesannya kepada anak chekdee salah seorang pelajar diindonesia..... berasa takut kerana iklan pendet yang entah siapa-siapa yang bertanggungjawab mengiklankannya di iklan melawat malaysia.......

Apa yang kita buat...kena fikir juga kesannya kepada orang lain.

mutual respect is the key. 1malaysia is a reality - but these people are the ugly side that destroys it.

Mutual respect it is... both side not one sided ya. I think we've been so patient with non-muslims radical acts. I call for all of you to respect Islam too. This is not the one and only case, for the info to all that think they are not katak bawah tempurung..

With all due respect. i m all for racial tolerence but but patience do have its limits.

The other races plays victims but in reality the majority and muslims r at lost.

Hindraf told the world that the malays oppressed them, ministers in penang said that being a practicing muslim is an extremist and the opposition in perak have no respect for the law and the sultan.

we have been very patient with these cases. but now just a simple request to remove the temple to where it is convenient for both muslims and hindu seems so hard to be accepted. WHY?

yeah, we've been tolerating with all their dogs shitting all over any place, fireworks, paper burns in open spaces, their babis, their irrespectful bad manner on the road, spitting all over, their temples everywhere along the roads, their don't even know how to speak their own country's language, their being given everythign including school and news papers in their own language, keep their names, languange, religion, simply everything, but still not even grateful and show a little respect. To all of you, who doesn't know, Azan is syariat Islam and must be loud and clear, and don't you know Islam is this country's formal religion? Owh please..

Also, have you listen and watch the VC carefully? The cow's head is sent by muslim to the MB, another muslim, to convey the stupidity the MB has shown in handling the matter. Please don't spark any fire ya, for goodness sake!

i think all the video clips says it pretty well. thank you for your insight. i think we get a clear picture where you're coming from.