Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Jika anda gembira tepuk tangan


Aku exhausted. My brain has been working overtime - if you can believe it. Cracking my skull wide open to try put together some new proposals. Syukurlah rezeki mencurah bagi company, plus on top of that, been planning some work related stuff.

Petang tadi, abih je send in keja, aku headed for Astro's buka puasa kat KL Convention Centre.

Sampai a little late because of the traffic.

But still happy and feeling accomplished. Especially since hari kedua aku da stick to my little exercise regiment. Yes, jangan gelak. Dalam bulan puasa ni, bought some weights (I hate gyms, and I know I can never discipline myself to stick to going to one despite endless free memberships thrown at me) and devised a little workout plan for myself.

My plan nak tone myself up, and not so much lose weight - but to achieve a better more buffed p look (muscle weighs more than fat - so tak kisah la kalao berat pon).

So far stuck to it so memang endorphin rush kot sebab all happy and positive.

Even when sampai KLCC pun rilek lagik - walaopon rasa nak hempuk orang. Da la lepas waktu berbuka da, about 7.40pm when I arrived.

The open air carpark sebelah the convention centre rupanya ada sistem baru. Bayar masa masuk. Kinda like an autopay machine - but you pay on entry.

Kena bayar RM7, and only RM1 and RM5 notes accepted. Baru masuk dua je sangkut. Tekan intercom hado response? Five minutes later of being patient and jabbing frantically at the intercom and trying to stuff notes, ada la mamat jaga parking ni sampai.

He couldn't do shit, so he intercommed (leh lak ada respon time dia tekan.. sial je), and waited another five minutes for someone to arrive to 'fix' the machine.

Needless to say sampai je, both of them didn't know what to do - which wasted a few more minutes, and finally they just collected the money from me and let me in. Erm... couldn't they have done that from the beginning? Stupid!

But my endorphins were buzzing about and no time nak upset. Dari jejak kat ballroom sampai HOURS later, dari ujung ke ujung, ramai sangat kawan aku jumpa.

From my company client in the Maxis heads, to friends within various media and PR organisations, to kengkawan artis. Sebab sibuk borak merata (the whole range of the crowd wa because it was an open event for media, clients and such of Astro), tak sempat snappy pics sangat.

Dapat la gosip hangat!!! Heh! Takleh cita sini... tapi memang terbukti statement aku selama ni. Bangkai kalao nak cover berliter perfume pun lambat laun orang terbau gak kebangkaiannya (pepandai je pepatah entah haper ntah). Yang penting, something is going to happen soon, yang indirectly orang akan tau betapa bangkainya subjek carutan aku ni.

Dapat work out basically I have two more proposal to submit, with one major event to handle in October.

Also coaxed by some friends to join a regional reality TV series coming out. Aiyo... aku selalu tulis pasal reality TV, can't imagine myself in one. Mmm... sounds fun though. I'm sure kalao dapat, I'll be the series punya bitch and clown. Matilah censored tak abih bahasa aku nih.

Fun like hell for sure. Thanks la Astro for a buka puasa bash yang memang happening this time around. The food was good too. Tak pay attention entertainment because I think we all provided enough on our own.

Sempat snap dua pic je sebab these people lepak paling lama I think apart from me. At least time aku tak distracted sempat snappy lah.

Mawi and Ekin in orange

Liyana Jasmay - looking a little like Stacy

Got some ideas buzzing, got some potential upcoming jobs... tak sabar. Things are good. I hope the momentum keeps picking up.

Maybe despite all the bullshit happening... maybe, just maybe... my dreams are coming true.

Lepaked and sahured at Pelita - biasalah time puasa ni, itulah second home again, walaupon skang da kurang port kat sana.

Nak tidur skang. Esok lots to do. Hugs to you guys. Hope you back in the working mood after the long weekend. Me raring to go go go... if I can these aching muscles to function. Rasa cam bengkak satu badan walaopon baru dua hari.



Errr Joe....ko masuk Biggest Loser Asia ke? Kalo ye....congrats! aku dah tak sabar ni nak tgk...what with kak mah being the host....sure best giler kan :) Biggest Loser mmg favourite program aku..hehe

siot je. eeee.. aku tak gi pon audition tu ok. tak cukup besaq. huahauhau.... aku mungkin try out for something else.