Monday, September 28, 2009

If you like it then you should have put a ring on it!

Before I complain about what a hectic day this has been, this is the update for the upcoming flash mob I promised you guys. Korang la the first nak tau sebenarnya.

I won't reveal much, cause for me, the best updates you can get is by joining J² (J Squared)'s Twitter by CLICKING HERE.

All I can say is, it has something to do with this NAUGHTY GIRL.

I won't say much more.If you wanna join our flash mob in KL sometime in October, and you love this IRREPLACEABLE icon, then RING THE ALARM and CHECK ON IT, cause we're all going to be JUMPIN' JUMPIN'.

Aiyo... after all those clues, I can just bloody say the whole thing out kan?

But not yet. Wait for it. Things are still in discussion as plans are being completed. But again guys, join our Twitter and get info and updates there.

Nanti lambat sangat, you'll regret it. And I mean it... rugi! This is THE MOTHER of all Malaysian flash mobs, and this is the way to go if you guys wanna feel what a flash mob is really all about.

Ok ok... now that's done with... time to complain about my day. Well, actually nothing to complain about. Happy! Tired.... busy... but so freaking happy.

Ran some errands and stuff. Got full day tomorrow with one more meeting, and two assignments, not to mention have to send in my column and several articles.

Even the freaking jam in KL didn't faze me one bit.

What a beautiful sunset... yes I am having a good day!

Oh speaking of which. You know in traffic jams you see the strangest shit. I mean, not just people having a full meal at the wheel, or digging their noses, or falling asleep at the wheel.

Check out this guy. Someone call SPCA already! Animal cruelty!!!

What IS that?!

Torture for that doggie!

Ok so it's not a real animal but a stuffed one. Still looks painful though. Don't know what's so cool about putting a stuffed animal there, to drag it all over town. Maybe I'm just too old for fads.

One more thing. Forgot to post up these pics. Ever wonder how going to the nearest pizzeria can be wholesome family fun?

Here's how.
First the kids...

Then Mom, Dad and grandpa join in the fun

Well, if it's Domino', you look into the display window to see people preparing your meal. Ok, so it's not that interesting. Sue me!

Ok... need some dinner and sleep! Tomorrow another exciting meeting. Possibly for a trip to Shibuya, Japan in February!

Will let you guys know more about that tomorrow. Until then...