Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An idea

Baru balik dari opis. Tired as all hell. Finishing some work, and yes, putting an idea to paper.

Remember when I blogged about an idea I have just a couple of months ago?

Well, that idea became J Squared's first major project since it started about three months ago. With over 14,000 views in a month, and still growing, and it being the talk of people in advertising - I have now moved on from the standard flash mob idea.

I may do more flash mobs as promised - but dengar sekarang ramai merancang nak wat after they saw ours, so I wanna cool it for now.

Now I have one major idea I got just a few weeks to go. I have talked to several people, and this idea seems to be the biggest and the most ambitious I have had so far.

And strangely enough, PEOPLE LIKE IT. More than the flash mob idea in fact.

And this is bigger in terms of logistics to organise, and cost.

So hari ni spent a portion of my time putting the idea down to paper. It will take quite a bit of technical assistance to get this one going, not to mention financial.

But so far it's looking good.

Happy. Nak tidur dengan nyenyak malam ni. It's always like this when I put my ideas to paper. A sense of accomplishment sangat.

PS - Word on my TV show is that again, it has run into complications. Dah pindah stesen pon problem. Sabar je lah. Camni lah since I wasn't born to someone with pangkat. Ish ish ish...

PPS - Remember this entry. Nanti when you guys see the idea executed, you'll know you were in on it first. I'm talking BIG!.



menarik lakonan bor dlm rumah terbuka kg kilang berapi...bersahaja...i yg baru tgk citer tuh...huhuh