Saturday, September 26, 2009

I gotta feeling

I rated the Black Eyed Peas' last concert here at Genting Highlands, as one of the best I've ever been to, next to Beyonce's The Beyonce Experience.

Tapi kali ni azab! I don't know why, but it doesn't measure up to even the most mundane of concerts.

After the horrible experience at the press conference (where the slight consolation was how lovely the band was), I hoped so much for a good show.

The hour plus to get to Sunway didn't break me. Neither did the snarling traffic in the vicinity of the venue itself when I got there. Though the 45 minute search for parking was a trying moment.

After out at 4pm. and since it was about 9pm, I decided to grab a pizza and a Coke and took time to observe everything around me.

Cup! Before I go on, here's the pics from the press conference.

Those were the pics during the Q&A session. Yang ini lak during the photocall.

Going back to the story. Aku terhibur gak tengok orang-orang yang datang. Main observations... how come some girls dress like skanks, or ovrdress like they're going to the prom, when hakikatnya, they're going for a hot, sweaty, open air concert!

They don't look hot! Well, not in the attraction sense. The only hot in the reference to their looks was how sweaty they are.

Aku sempat gelak Ah Lian semua yang feeling pakai kasut tumit tinggi, when they bloody well know the place is sandy. Akibatnya, ramai sangkut sambil jalan. I had a good laugh, so that made me a little cheery. Stupid women wearing heels getting stuck in sand... yeap... worth a laugh.

When I got there, Reshmonu was performing. Boring!

Fast forward. Joe Flizzow was well, interesting. MC Hotdog or whatever his name, and his sidekick was, from Taiwan was a bigger bore.

And since I had moved to the front in the pit area, I could hear the crowd making rude remarks about the performers. Oh well. Not too hard, since everyone was there to watch the Black Eyed Peas, and no one else. And since it was almost 11, everyone was getting restless for obvious reasons.

Finally they came on. They opened with Let's Get It Started and ended with I Gotta Feeling.

Done in about an hour, no encore, lackluster performance, it was surprisingly... bad. For the Peas standards it was horrible. After being so blown away at the Genting show they had last,the night ended with me being so disappointed.

I had a bad time to start with at the press conference, and the night was disappointing. Oh well.

But then again I can't blame the Peas. They were paid to do a show that wasn't theirs. I suppose persembahan very the cukup syarat.

But had fun anyway, thanks to friends who were there in Halim, Dawn and gang.

One major disappointment was that Moots (hitz and Pop Shuvit) had told me they had shot something with Cyril Takayama a day or two ago. And apparently, Cyril was there at the concert. Moots and Co. brought him over to the VIP section.

Since Moots was busy emceeing the concert, didn't want to bother him. Bumped into DJ Uno and chatted when midway I went to chill at the VIP area, who told me Cyril was was inside when we were smoking outside.

Tapi sebab ramai orang in the VIP area, didn't get to meet Cyril. Boo!

By the way, if you don't know who Cyril Takayama is - he's only the greatest magician in the world (fuck Blaine and Angel). And hope he's not leaving KL soon, because I have to meet my idol!

Owh now I'm ranting. Enjoy the pics at the concert.

Joe Flizzow in action

Backed by Floor Fever

Awesome lighting

And then they appeared...

The Peas


The lighting and stage was impressive

Fergie the Duchess!

More of the Peas

Their 'transformer' dancers who became 'speakers'

The view later from the VIP section. Not so VIP huh?

To be fair, I still love the Peas. And the lighting, and stage and overall setup were impressive (big budget usually guarantees that) Though that didn't do much for their sound system though. Acoustics were just horrible and their sound engineer must have been comatose for most parts of the night.

Maybe Arthur's Day was just a big mistake and the Black Eyed Peas should have only come down for their own concert and not a circus like this. It just didn't work. And I know they're so much more better than this.

But I bet a lot of people who downed one too many yucky stouts won't remember that.

Hopefully Beyonce - who rocked in Bangkok when I saw her for The Beyonce Experience won't disappoint when she's down here for the I Am... tour. But I doubt that since she's going to 'tone down' her show.

Oh well...



i agree wif u.
beyonce is the greatest perf0rmer!

yeah yeah!!!

actually i never thought much of her vocals, until i saw her live.

and let's nt even talk about her showmanship. unlike rihanna, she didn't lip sync her way through those dance routines.

beyonce is a goddess!!!

i hope she will not wearing any panties bcoz Msia is hot you know.. and i really hope that she 'll use two tempurung kelapa to replace her bra..just to feel at home in Msia..